Hope, whilst IDS Lies continue to Persecute the Poor

In this my last post before the festivities kick in I want to take a look at a quick overview of the Truth Campaign and our reasons for pursuing it.

It all began on April 14 2013, when Debbie Sayers and I wrote an open letter, to Esther McVey regarding her persistent misuse of facts and statistics, we sent this with over 800 signatures, including 4 MPs, a month later. On the back of this, we started our first petition (27/5/13) to the Work & Pensions Committee demanding they :Hold IDS to account for his use of statistics.

We eventually received a response from the DWP correspondence team to our letter, which failed to even acknowledge the questions we had asked, but she did reply to Michael Meacher  and Tim Loughton MPs, who had supported our letter with the same reply.

By June 12 our first petition had hit the magic 100,000 signatures, and between then and November, we played tag with IDS as he kept hiding from the Select Committee, missing him when we submitted our petition in November to Liz Kendall & Kate Green MPs; but eventually on December 11 2013 he ran out of excuses to attend.

After a long break,  it was in May this year Debbie & I decided to start stage 2 of our campaign, particularly in response to the Governments response to the recommendations of 3rd report from Work & Pensions select committee – use of DWP statistics; and this determined our next steps.

As today sees the nights slowly begin to shorten again, and the festive season is here, with its expectations of happiness and hope; it seems an optimum time to revisit our journey so far. It is especially pertinent as these feelings are irreconcilable with the ever growing tales of horror, resulting from the DWP’s and indeed Governments false Austerity Agenda, and the ongoing persecution of the poorest, most vulnerable people in our society.

Debbie and I are both committed to what we see as a marathon and not a sprint, we have cruised past the first check point and now feel we have ‘hit the wall’ as athletes call it, that time when you wonder if you can continue. But we will, because we as JRF said “our current Welfare system doesn’t work; we refuse to become ‘victims’ of  the Lies IDS tell to Parliament , as do the supporters of our Thunderclap and the signatures so far on our petition.

If you share our outrage at the injustices forced upon disabled, unemployed, vulnerable people, please sign, support  and SHARE the story of the TRUTH Campaign and together in 2015 the people will Demand IDS is Investigated for his Lies and for the Damage done by them.

This is OUR Wish for Christmas, Yuletide and most importantly for Justice & TRUTH.

#ImpeachDWP #TRUTHCampaign #IDSTimeForTRUTH #NOWPetition

20 thoughts on “Hope, whilst IDS Lies continue to Persecute the Poor

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  3. Zappy ripma and a Preposterous New Year to IDS DC GGO HMc and all the other creatures of the night that deserve to be cast out into the wastelands and darkness of never never Tory Coalish again land. May the wicked witch of the west come to claim them for winter fuel, although they would probably put the fires of hell out with all the P*ss and Sh/t they are full of. There I have had my rant.

    To all you decent people the most Happy happy Christmas and a successful and victorious New Year. Trust in the Lord and keep your bowels open God bless.


  4. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Despite Jaynel and her friend and collaborator, Debbie Sayers, feeling they have hit a wall with their campaign to get IDS and the DWP to release the figures of how many people have died after being signed off welfare benefits, their campaign continues to be significant. As long as there are people like Jaynel and Sayers pressing for this information, the government cannot claim that the British public are apathetic, or that there is somehow unanimous agreement that they are correct. Moreover, every lie, half-truth and evasion by Iain Duncan Smith and his minions reveals just how duplicitous and profoundly treacherous the government is. The pressure on the government and it’ consequent embarrassment continues.


  5. Once the general election is out of the way in May, the United Nations will return and begin again their investigation into early deaths caused by welfare reform.

    It is a simple equation.
    Benefit sanctions many months long,
    most claimants cannot gain a job yet their life depends upon it, and
    medicine tells us that people starve to death in about a month.

    DWP demand money spent on travel to go to the slavery of workfare, when insufficient money to do so and buy food. The poorest have suffered higher inflation in energy bills and food prices than any other income level. Workfare firms cannot feed worker as that would be payment.

    Welcome to the terror that will hit the working poor and those losing benefits over 60, able bodied or disabled, on and from 6 April 2016, when they find out they will never get a state pension, after a lifetime in work of National Insurance contributions or gaining NI credits for various reasons.
    So nil work, nil benefits, nil state pension, Bedroom Tax.
    Find out why under my petition in the Why Is This Important section:

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