We are governed by a false narrative that everything is predicated on wealth

Real LIFE in UK 2019

“Britain is among the top 10 of the wealthiest nations on earth and the big question is, what good is that doing us, the millions of ordinary people living precariously and/or in poverty [10]? The answer is none. Few of us have any access to wealth.”

Fear and Loathing in Great Britain


The accumulation of wealth for its own sake is responsible for poverty because it is unnatural and false. It is anti-life.

Human kind are the only creatures who have this imposed false narrative of being, every other creature and, indeed, most humans, merely want enough and having enough will get on and do other things, like play, raising young, exploring, being creative, home building of whatever. Obsessing on grasping an excess of wealth is not just sick, it’s stupid and makes no sense, whereas the constant worry when beaten down by the violence of poverty is both reasonable and inevitable.

There is a reason why poverty is not some moral, ethical or genetic failure in poor people and is, in fact, violence. Poverty is the inevitable consequence of the polarisation and accumulation of obscene wealth into the hands of a very small number of people who…

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“Reversing Brexit will damage the credibility of democracy!” Folks, Brexit itself has already done that.

Damn YES – “The foaming-mouthed demands for #Brexit’s enforcement are about a selfish, ill-informed wish to leave the EU for its own sake, and the cries of, “You don’t believe in democracy” are an ugly attempt to silence honest opposition with emotional blackmail.”

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

‘Every silly bastard’

“The trouble with democracy… is every silly bastard gets a vote.”
Rimmer, Red Dwarf: Backwards, by Rob Grant, publ. 1996.

I tire of hearing many a relentless chorus of unthinking protest from Brexit supporters.

What part of ‘we’re leaving’ don’t you get?!?!?

We won! You lost! Get over it, Remoaners!

We want control of our borders back!

We want to make our own laws!

We hate Europeans because we’re racists and xenophobes!” (NOTE: This is not one they really say, but in a lot of cases, that is only because they have no wish to admit it.)

The one I am most fed up of hearing at the moment is that, “If we stop Brexit, it will destroy the credibility of British democracy.” I have heard many euroskeptics on…

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Neoliberalism – a terminal man-made disease

‘#Politicians Brag of being self-made YET they couldn’t do it without us BUT they utterly despise us – and that is everything that is wrong with Britain and the world today’ via @KeithCameron5

Neoliberalism – a terminal man-made disease https://fearandloathingingreatbritain.wordpress.com/2019/08/23/neoliberalism-a-terminal-man-made-disease/

Fear and Loathing in Great Britain

Over the past few years I have run a gamut of feelings about neoliberalism, anger, rage, despondency, futility, vengefulness, hatred, but lately all that has congealed and what I feel more than anything else is a virulent hatred for the appalling reality of the casual deaths neoliberalism not only takes for granted, but which is predicated on the millions of deaths of ordinary people.

Milton Friedman saw neoliberalism, unfettered markets, corporate power and a one-size-fits-all economic model, as the perfect force of economic liberation and the ultimate economic solution through the elimination of the public sector, total liberation for corporations and catastrophic cuts to social spending.

The USA has, in its global military adventures, justifiably earned a reputation for what’s known as collateral damage and killing by ‘friendly fire’. Such casualties of war are at least, even in such a derisory and cursory a way, acknowledged. Not so the victims…

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Together these Women Changed their Childrens World

This week we have witnessed a real example of the type of #Activism necessary to challenge the past decade of #Discrimination.  The group of mums who decided they were not going to tolerate their children been cut off from each other have shown us what it takes to create Change – Inclusion & Collaboration.

The story only broke this Tuesday with The Guardian’s ‘Too poor to play ‘  an article outlining how developer Henley Homes had literally isolated the children from playing in the ‘Home Owner Playground’.  In the following 4 days the mums, and I’m not assuming dads too, came together for the Rights for the children to mix and the barrier was literally opened.

These women have demonstrated in the best possible way of HOW to really make a difference; you come together forgetting all of your differences because the Goal is more important and you CAN create the Change you desire.

I am fully aware this may seem simplistic when comparing privet to Brexit,  #Disabled People Dying or ChildPoverty, or indeed any of the myriad if issues we survive today; and yet the basic principles remain the same.

I hope this example of True political engagement gives us something to hang on to when we despair and thin our Single Voice can not make a Difference – It Can and it Does

The Tories are cheating – again

Read @havetstorm aka Martin Odoni take on the latest #Tory Shenanigans

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

The Tories are clearly gearing up for a General Election. Theresa May probably sees it, however reluctantly, as the likeliest way out of the unending Brexit logjam at Westminster, as others have been warning since the last Election that it would be. I will not waste time going into the reasons why an Election is so necessary, as I imagine anyone who has not spent the last three years in seclusion on the moons of Neptune will have a more-than-passing familiarity with why. However, I wish to point out that the Tories are engaged in a form of Election cheating once again.

The indicators that a snap Election is imminent are three-fold.

Firstly, returning officers up and down the country have been put on standby.

Secondly, the Conservative Party has released a (very disingenuous) Party Political Broadcast (PPB).

Thirdly, Tory campaigners have started leafleting their constituencies.

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The real reason the smaller parties are pressuring Labour to table a Motion of No Confidence in the Government

Want to know Why Parliaments Minions are trying to puxh Corbyn into a Vote of Mo Confidence?

Read this from Martin Odoni, @havetstorm

The real reason the smaller parties are pressuring Labour to table a Motion of No Confidence in the Government

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

I see a lot of people on social media at the moment – especially supporters of the Scottish National Party – have still not figured out the real reason many of the smaller parties are pushing for Labour to call a Motion of No Confidence in the Government. Jeremy Corbyn did call a Motion of No Confidence in the Prime Minister last night, but only such a Motion in the whole Government can trigger a General Election.

Some are trying to argue that Corbyn is being either cowardly or indecisive, and that he lacks the courage of the leaders of the smaller parties, like Nicola Sturgeon, Vince Cable, Caroline Lucas et al. In reality, these other leaders are being no braver or more decisive at all, and nor are they, on this evidence, noticeably honest. That is a particularly sad reflection in Lucas’ case, who historically…

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