ESA: ‘The fiscal fire starter’


Take a LOOK at the FACTS behind #IDS LIES from #NewApproach
Have him #Indicted before #Election 2015

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A flame between two thorns

ESA: ‘The fiscal fire starter’

Chancellor Osborne has one heck of a problem…

IDS is burning a hole in the Treasury budget and no one can put out the fire.

In his final budget, Osborne delivered what you’d expect any Tory chancellor to deliver, the promise of tax cuts with a personal allowance of up to £11,000 by 2017/2018, beer duty cut by 1p a pint and cider by 2p, 2% cut in excise duty on scotch whisky and other spirits while wine duty frozen, Petrol duty frozen, first £1,000 interest on savings income to be tax-free for basic rate taxpayers and a £500 allowance for 40p tax ratepayers, plus enticing annual savings limit for ISAs increased to £15,240.  That’s not to mention a “fully flexible” ISA which will allow savers to withdraw money and put it back later in the year without losing any of…

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Just What is The F***ing Point???


So you SPEND #JSA on compulsory Interviews – Refused #DHP as Council determines you CHOSE to spend #JSA on things other than Rent!!

THIS is the cycle of #Oppression #Gov have Created

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I am on the Work program, it is now almost double figures the amount of interviews I have not had help to get to, I’m either told A) too far B) not far enough and on one occasion was told I’m getting too many interviews and it’ll reduce their profit to help me get to them!!! I’m now using all my benefit, I’ve had to travel 3 times over the past 7 days over 2 and a half hours each way for an assessment,a group interview,another assessment an individual interview and a group test, I have no money left now to pay rent,am on emergency electricity @1 day left, Little food, and can’t pay Council Tax, I applied for help from my council as they do crisis loans now, only to be told I don’t fit the criteria as I “CHOSE” to spend my benefit getting to these interviews…

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Affordable Housing


Affordable Housing A REAL Analysis of ALL Party Pledges on Housing @gordonlyew1 READ before you VOTE #Election 2015

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Here is something that we all should remember checkout this:

For well over a decade many have shared the view of truly affordable and rent-able housing which both previous and present governments kept on promising with just a handful are being built but nmtot enough to cater for demand and supply . Many who can recall during the 1970s council housing came to end and in its place came the dreaded Thatchererite policy to sell off council housing at discount prices in the hope many would take up the offer under the guise of right to buy scheme but in reality those who could afford to purchase their council house did so whilst the many who could not were left behind which is true of today.

The Right to Buy scheme is a policy in the United Kingdom which gives secure tenants of councils and some housing associations the legal right

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The Ancestors of Democracy in Ancient Iraq?


The Ancestors of Democracy in Ancient Iraq?
An interesting and intriguing Read from The Beast
WELL worth a read

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Ancient Greece is rightly venerated as the place where western democracy began. However, Daniel E. Fleming, in a book published in 2004, suggested that the origins of western democracy may lie even further back and to the east, in ancient Mesopotamia, now modern Iraq. In his book Democracy’s Ancient Ancestors, Fleming examined 3,000 letters from the archives of the ancient city of Mari, finding in them evidence for collective leadership and early democratic ideas and vocabulary in the city’s myths and literary traditions.

I haven’t read the book, but I think I can see where Fleming is coming from. The cities of the Babylonian Empire were ruled by three different layers of government. There was the governor, appointed by the emperor; the city’s local ruler, the mayor; and the karim, or chamber of commerce. This last could be the popular assembly of a limited kind that provided the proto-democratic…

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It’s not Welfare, it’s Benefits


From Argotina
THIS post is the Absolute truth – Something the Tories Can not Understand, or more likely CHOOSE Not To?!!

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It’s not Welfare, its Benefits. We have all paid National Insurance. Insurance policies give benefits. Welfare sounds like its some sort of charity, it isn’t. Its the benefits of insurance that we have paid into all our lives. So what if you have been unable to work all your life because you are disabled, are bringing up small children, become unemployed, become disabled, or get too old to work. Those who are lucky enough to be able to pay in from our salaries were (and are, mostly) happy to share those benefits with you. There but for the grace of god go I, etc.

The Tories are very clever with language. It’s not ‘Workfare’ (or compulsory unpaid work), its ‘Mandatory Work Activity’. Its not ‘Incapacity Benefit’, its ‘Employment and Support Allowance’. It’s not ‘Compulsory Work Training’, its ‘Work Related Activities’. They want us to call it welfare because they want…

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The Cost of PIP – Decision Makers – A Law unto themselves

In November last year I reported I’d received my PIP award and disagreeing with it I’d contacted the DWP;  due to the closeness to Christmas, the Call Centre staff member had put in my request for the assessment report and noted  it was “my intention to ask for a Mandatory Consideration” (MR), this was so as I would not run out of time if post was caught up in the Mail.  I duly waited for my copy of the assessment report, which arrived on December 23rd and  submitted my formal request for a MR along with the evidence on January 10th.  Five days later I received a letter dated January 11th, it had clearly crossed with my own submission in the post, it informed me the DMs had already carried out a MR and had, of course, upheld the original decision!

I duly phoned, well actually my daughter phoned for me as I was screaming mad, the next working day;  Nicki clearly informed them, that when I had contacted them back in November, it was to request the assessment report, and on advice from the call centre staff member I was advising them I would be asking for a MR, to keep within the DWP time scale. She went on to quote a DWP response to a FOI that states:

“While a request can be made for a Mandatory Reconsideration by telephone or in
writing, under no circumstance should an approach for advice be treated as a
Mandatory Reconsideration request. However should this occur, any erroneous
request can be withdrawn once the error has been identified and any subsequent
requests would be dealt with on their own merit.” 

The DWP call centre operator took down the details and said she would sent an email to the decision makers (DM), this is apparently the only way call centre staff can communicate with the DMs, the email requested they call me back and asked they review my initial phone call asking for my assessment report.

I waited to no avail until yesterday, when I received another letter stating, the DWP decision makers had determined my submission of evidence was a request to Appeal to Tribunal; this is despite the information in my reconsideration letter, the information taken during the phone call and their failure to phone me back!!

I immediately called them and spoke with a lovely woman at the call centre, she read the notes made, during the call with my daughter, and stated there were no further actions noted against it; she then whilst still on the phone with me, emailed the DMs explaining the situation and requesting another call back. More importantly she advised me. I now must initiate the Tribunal process within the next 4 weeks or lose my option to do in future!!

I now have to find the energy to complete a Notice of Appeal, and explain why a) it is out of time – it should have been completed within one calendar month of their MR (Jan 11) and b) I am actually asking FOR a MR?! What Fun :-(

From all of this the learning points are –

  • DWP DMs either choose to ignore the officials guidance from the top or, are instructed by team leaders to overlook such
  •  It appears DMs can force people to appeal, rather than undertake MRs with additional evidence; maybe because this is more likely to change the decision?
  • The DWP are a LAW Unto Themselves!!!

I for one am SICK of the whole Carbuncle of Welfare Reform?

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