Reasons for Supporting the TRUTH Campaign – IDS Time to Stop the Lies

Earlier this week Debbie and I started the latest stage in the TRUTH campaign, and launched a petition demanding Kathryn Hudson Parliamentary Commissioner For Standards investigate #IDS for persistently misleading both Parliament and the Public.

There are two primary reasons for our campaign; the ongoing misuse of statistics is not only a breach of the code of conduct #IDS is obliged as a Member of Parliament to abide by, but they result in the dangerous and inappropriate Policies disabled people are suffering from. The raft of Policies forming the Welfare Reform Act have been built on these distorted truths and the consequences are as numerous as the Polices:

The above examples are not the whole picture, particularly when we consider the negative outcomes on our health:

I could go on but I think you get the picture, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation got it right when they said     “our current welfare system doesn’t work“.

If any of the above offends, upsets or concerns you, might I remind you these real life issues are ALL the responsibility of one man Iain Duncan Smith, as the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions has overall responsibility for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP); I’m not suggesting he personally designed the policies but he DID sign then off, he DOES regularly defend them with Lies, and it is this behaviour we are challenging.

Please SIGN our Petition, SHARE, BLOG, and  TWEET #IDSTimeForTruth about this Campaign

We may have started it but…it belongs to YOU.

 Disabled DYING

22 thoughts on “Reasons for Supporting the TRUTH Campaign – IDS Time to Stop the Lies

  1. I’ll also be sharing – I really don’t understand why people of Britain don’t know what is going on – they all seem to be sheeple. We need to get these posts out and either in the newspapers or the TV – perhaps then people will see how we are all being conned by this so called “government”.

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  2. Hi Jayne,

    Would you mind if I include this in the next issue of Care To Share Magazine? I think it’s extremely important that the message gets out and Care To Share might help a bit.

    Of course you’d get proper credit and a backlink.

    Please let me know.



  3. After the dismal failure of the Work Programme a new pilot scheme for jobseekers is being rolled out in a number of Jobcentre Plus offices (here in the West Midlands in Dudley and Walsall) before being rolled out nationally.

    This programme will entail claimants being involved in jobsearch activity for 35 hours per week and will include attendance at a job club, online job search and cold-calling employers. The scheme will be run by advisors within the Job Centre. It is still unclear if all elements of the programme will be mandatory, whether claimants will be given targets for fortnightly activity, and whether benefit sanctions will be applied if these targets are not met. There is also concern that claimants will be given targets that are unreasonable and unrealistic.

    There is already concern that claimants who are not online at home and rely on computer access at libraries and job clubs will find it increasingly difficult to get sufficient computer time to meet their jobsearch targets.

    With regard to the cold-calling of employers it is still unclear whether there will be access to telephones within Jobcentre Plus or job club offices, or whether claimants will be expected to meet the costs of these calls from their benefit payments.

    I am already being contacted by concerned claimants. If any claimants who are adversely affected by this new programme want to contact me I would be happy to help if I can. I can be reached at or

    For those of us who are surprised to find that Iain Duncan Smith remains in his post despite an alarming catalogue of failures, let us hope that the failure of this programme will be the final nail in his political coffin.

    John Costello
    Activist for ‘We Are shadows’


  4. Hi Jaynelinney and all the great folks that post comments here.
    As many will have noticed the video that I gave a link to in my previous comment is now not available to watch in this country.
    Below is a Re-post from dwpexamination, explaining what happened and where you can watch it now…

    “In Memory Of…” Taken down by youtube.
    Posted on November 17, 2014 by stilloaks

    Reposted from (Post number 142)

    Just over a year ago this forum made a video about the poor souls taken from us too soon.

    It was called In Memory Of….

    There has been a recent resurgence of views on the video, partly I suspect because of recent articles, posted by Jaynelinney, Mike Sivier and Black Triangle.

    This Morning I went to check the number of hits the video had been receiving and was greeted with the message “This video is not available in your country.”

    I logged into the account to find out why.

    Youtube have removed it for copyright violation, because of the music used, (Barbers Adagio for Strings) This is correct the music is indeed copyright.

    So why did they leave it up for a year before removing it?

    The last video I put up on youtube that contained copyright material, was removed within minutes.

    The music that was used in the making of “In Memory Of…” was originally sourced from youtube and is still available on youtube as it has been for the last two years!

    Quite clear to me then, that the video was not removed from youtube, because of copyright on the music. This is the type of video that our corporate fascist rulers do not want people to watch.

    As always I had one of my severe allergic reactions, to being told what I can and can not do.

    The video is now available to watch here….

    I would like to respectfully ask the members of the forum to share the link with everyone they can think of. If this video has, as I suspect hit a nerve amongst our never elected rulers, then we owe it to those poor souls lost to the sadistic welfare cuts, to keep jabbing that nerve.

    Please share, please download and re-host it, anything you can think of.

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