Committed to sharing the Truth about State Discrimination of Disabled people

Former Community Worker, F**ked Up, Feisty & Proud of it


Disabled via

#Fibro #Sjorgens #ChronicIllness #MentalHealth

and having run the gauntlet of ESA & PIP assessments, Mandatory Reconsiderations and Tribunals I write on what matters to me and anything I think others might find useful.



when I get old

Fed Up, Fuc*ed Up, Fifty(ish) but still Fiesty


#DWP #Equality #ESA  #ChronicIllness  #DWP  #Government #PIP  #Policies



9 thoughts on “Committed to sharing the Truth about State Discrimination of Disabled people

  1. I love this poster, I’m reblogging it also. I have a tad bit of following on twitter and my blog too, I would like to reblog your posting along with Tom’s Pride’s Purge posting and a story about BBC covering up the knowledge of the Child Molestation. if you look at my blog you will see a “page where large images highlight the postings. Each image is only used there normally and proper credit given. I would like to use your header image in this location to go with your post. I is likely only to be there a few days, I rotate them out to go with the new headlines. but I would like your permission to use your blog image for this location for the post. Please let me know. as soon as you could, so I can get started with the posting. It’s always best to strike while the fire is hot.

    thanks 🙂


      • Thank you Jayne, and for replying so promptly. I just did not want to use such a unique image as your blog’s main page without first asking. And if we could get any evidence together, actual evidence, maybe we could get some interest for human rights violations.I wrote at least one rather lengthy postings on Tom’s page. If you folks need any technical resources to help your quest ( i.e. mailing lists, or web space or something let me know K?.. I hate corruption.

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  2. Hi Jayne, That poster-how right the sentiments it expresses are. On another important issue, is IDS still going to appear in front of the select committee as scheduled? or is he going to find some other excuse not to attend?


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