Most jobseeker agreements ruled unlawful – and the DWP doesn’t care

ESSENTIAL reading for all JSA/ESA-WRAG claimants – “Any jobseeker who can demonstrate that s/he has taken 3 steps a week to find work has complied with the law.” Share this widely for all our sakes


A reader of my blog has written to me with an update about a case that I referred to her for her expert help some time ago. The appeal against draconian sanctions that she helped our mutual contact to conduct was successful, with the judge ruling that the ‘conditionality’ imposed on a jobseeker was unreasonable – and that the benefit sanction (immediate stoppage) used to punish the supposed miscreant was therefore unlawful.

But the Tory-led government is so single-minded in its determination to penalise benefit claimants for failing to find jobs that don’t exist that it is knowingly ignoring the judicial ruling and the precedent it sets, in order to continue what can only rightly be called persecution of the disadvantaged and vulnerable.

Here’s what she wrote to me:

I am a keen follower of your blog and thought you may be interested in this story…
I have recently helped…

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3 thoughts on “Most jobseeker agreements ruled unlawful – and the DWP doesn’t care

  1. Hi Jayne, thank you for sharing this important news. Disgusting isn’t it, and like the post says, many won’t appeal out of fear, awful! Hope that you’re ok. Have shared the post on the page. All the best


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