Claiming PIP – watch out for 20 metre discrepancy!

Are you in the process of claiming PIP or asking for a mandatory reconsideration? I had an email just before Christmas from Tired Git who has experienced precisely this, he offers the following advice:

“I wondered if you were aware of the discrepancy I have found in how the DWP interpret distances when they determine how far we are capable of walking to set the level of PIP awarded. In the application form for PIP the tick-box options for distances applicable to deciding the awarding of high or standard mobility are:

  • Less than 20 metres
  • 20 metres to 50 metres

However, Schedule 1 part 3 (2) of the Social Security (Personal Independence Payment) Regulations 2013 (as it appeared 16/12/2014 on the website) contains the following definitions:

  • d. Can stand and then move using an aid or appliance more than 20 metres but no more than 50 metres. 10 points
  • e. Can stand and then move more than 1 metre but no more than 20 metres, either aided or unaided. 12 points

‘Less than 20 metres’ is completely different to ‘no more than 20 metres’. One definition includes 20 metres, the other doesn’t. DWP have introduced confusion over whether a distance of 20 metres qualifies claimants to extended or standard mobility by introducing an application form that does not mirror the regulations. So which definition are DWP using to determine eligibility? Doh!

The difficulty is that I have been given standard mobility award because during the assessment  I used the term “up to 20 metres” According to the case manager, if an applicant mentions 20 metres, e.g. says ‘up to 20 metres’ like I did, the assessor will automatically put him/her into the longer category. Another bit of benefit saved!”

He closes with a suggestion that we ought not to say “up to 20 metres” but clearly state No More Than.

I’m going to try exactly this with my MR request as I’m 2 points off the higher rate and this has cost me £120 a month!!

Good Luck if you try this and please let me know how it goes





21 thoughts on “Claiming PIP – watch out for 20 metre discrepancy!

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  2. Reblogged this on Britain Isn't Eating and commented:
    You know they (Atos,DWP,) will try and screw each and everyone of us six ways till Sunday so this is excellent advice from Tired Git.
    Thanks Jayne for bringing this to our attention.
    Hopefully TG’s mandatory reconsideration will be successful.

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  3. No matter what the question weather it be 1 Metre or 19.99 metres or 49.99 metres or holding an empty box or kettle or 1 pint of milk!!!…. The answer your looking for is “Not Reliably at any time” They can not define or Deny….. Reliability or the lack of!!!….. Appeal Appeal Appeal!!! There just trying to wear you down, well F–k them… Wear Them down…..straight back at them!!! Don’t give in don’t back down!!!… Best of luck in the War and specifically on the battlefield!!! (medical assessment) … Keep ya Chinz Up Peeps and best of luck.

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  4. The trick most assessment centres use is putting the examination room more than 20 metres from the reception area. I attended my PIP assessment, had to stop twice on the walk to and from the examination room and got 0 points on mobility!

    There is one way and only one way to get HR mobility, be a double leg amputee with only one arm or to be related to Iain Duncan Smith!


    • Definitely, I’m not related to IDS, thank heavens. I’d heard of this test of 20 metres. I demanded an assessment at home since I couldn’t have got from Mansfield to the assessment centre in Nottingham on even a good day (ME/CFS). So their second attempt was 9am at an assessment centre in Birmingham. Doh!. Finally got a home assessment, much good it eventually did me!

      I really would advise anyone hoping to get HR mobility, you have to be disabled enough to have an assessment at home and you must fight for it. There’s still little chance as aturtle05 says!

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  5. I never got disability nor chronic sick benefit from first try and gave up as feared travelling as my chronic sickness makes me exhausted all the time, so could fall asleep at the wheel beyond certain distance.

    But I have always put on anything disability that I hurt from the very first step. To me back, me knees, to my feet. And get out of breath with the effort of walking. I cannot use a walker due to the exhaustion thing.

    Walking with a crutch does your hand in beyond a few paces with the weight you are applying to offset a pained foot, knee, but does nothing against a back complaining bitterly.

    Standing in a queue or a counter is no fun. Your back plays havoc.

    No Jobseekers, no disability / chronic sick benefits and now found out my lifetime in work paying National Insurance has left me with the beginning of the end of the state pension as I get
    NIL STATE PENSION FOR LIFE even after decades of NI.

    See why under my petition in my Why this is important section:

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  6. I was assessed as walking 30 m from reception to office ,unfortuanately I know the building and it is 18 m long at best so unless I zig zagged uncontrolable to increase distance was just a lie also assessor knows the distance of 30 m and when asking claimants to walk further than they are able is a failure of duty of care and can be seen as unusual punishment of disabled persons causing knowingly pain and distress breaching HRA .


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