IDS at W&P Select Committee – Was it worth it??

By now you’ll have all read many accounts of how IDS performed at the Work & Pensions Select on Monday; how ‘he got way with it’, his choice use of language, his need for bodyguards etc.

It’s taken me until today to write my account, this is due in part to initial feelings of fury and outrage at his behaviour and the seeming inability of the Select members to nail him down; also the trip itself – a 220 mile round day trip to London with complimentary train tickets courtesy of The Mirror, which in regular circumstances is relatively easy and enjoyable, has left me feeling as if I’ve physically and mentally wrestled with dinosaurs!

Prior to gong into the Select Committee I met with Kate Green MP to get her views on the persistent misuse of statistics by IDS and his junior ministers; I was impressed by her clear understanding of the complexity of issues around misusing statistics, and how this has resulted in a press witch hunt against disabled people and the clear links to an increase in hate crime; she also spoke of her desire ensure this behaviour does not go unchallenged in the future. We went on to talk about the issues we as disabled people have experienced under the Coalition and I left her hopeful that we have a shadow minister who not only understands how we have been treated but who is determined to listen to and learn from us when writing her part of the Labour manifesto for 2015.

Leaving Kate my long suffering carer & I went to the 1st floor to the Wilson room where the Select was due to start; as we came out of the lift I had to hobble past IDS, Fraeud, the 2 Civil Servants due to give evidence, and a further 10 bodyguards and junior aides, none of whom moved or even acknowledged my existence, to join with fellow campaigners and journalists queueing to access the meeting. As we patiently waited, IDS refused to look in our general direction, he stood amid the huddle of bodies as if trying to seek shelter, in total contrast Fraud persistently shot looks across the top of our heads as if he wanted his glances to be bullets.

Inside the room IDS demeanour changed, he was on his turf, the playground of Politics, ready to hit back at all and any claims he was in any way wrong; begrudgingly I have to admit that he knows and can play what he clearly sees as his game; I can only liken it to a sporting match with the opponents knowing they have the ability to win but…fail to believe it.

The worse thing with this is whilst the opposition continue to act in this way IDS will continue being the bully boy and WE will keep paying the price; having watched this spectacle unfold I’m convinced there is only one thing we can do, we must make the opposition fear us more than they fear him. This requires all of US suffering and dying under the Policies and Cuts of IDS & Co to unite; to cause these peacocks realise just WHO is in it together and that WE have had enough. The reality is we’re Dying because of their game playing, so WHAT do we have to lose?

The Petition we, Debbie Sayers & I started, asked for the “Work & Pensions Select Committee to Hold IDS to account for his use of statistics“; well they tried but, as I ask in the title of this piece, was it worth it? I think it’s time for us to decide; today’s Mirror contains Ros Wynne Jones account of Monday and closes with something I said to her outside the Select “We haven’t got 18 months to wait for an election. I don’t want to think what the figures will be by then of how people are living, and even how many of us will be left. We’ll keep up the fight and keep campaigning. It doesn’t end here“; I am absolutely convinced this is true but now it’s over to you – Was It??


45 thoughts on “IDS at W&P Select Committee – Was it worth it??

  1. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    I asked Jayne (on Twitter) for her thoughts about the Work and Pensions committee meeting on Monday, and this article is a clear summary of her thoughts on the matter. The closing remarks appear to be in agreement with the sentiments I expressed in a comment following my own article – that people who have nothing to lose need to realise there is leverage in that position and start making it work for them.
    It seems that we have tried playing this game their way, and fared poorly; how well well they manage, playing it our way instead?


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    I have long believed that, often, those who have nothing left to lose have everything to gain. My views have hardened since someone very close to me made an attempt upon their life, in large part, out of fear of the ‘reforms’ being undertaken by this pernicious Coalition. The Coalition was a grubby deal made by grubby politicians and has no mandate from the electorate. It is was made for the benefit of the parties involved and not for the people. It is causing harm and is a clear and present danger to the people of this country. We have played fair for too long, we have expected to be treated fairly but instead we are at best patronised. Enough is enough.


  3. Dear Jayne
    You may feel this was a waste of time but I think it was a real insight into how the game works and, in that sense, probably more of a bonus to your cause. I quote from your piece – “Inside the room IDS demeanour changed, he was on his turf, the playground of politics, ready to hit back…” Zoe Williams has written an article in the Guardian entitled ‘Make no mistake: IDS wants the end of social security (10 Dec), which touches on a similar theme. Considering we live in modern times we seem to have the worst of all worlds at the moment – media manipulation, ignorance, arrogant and uncaring politicians, unfair systems, lies, fraud, etc etc. the list is endless as everyone having to fight knows. The last 3 years have shown tremendous achievements by the campaign groups – they are brilliant in their efforts considering the obstacles. It may be necessary to make some adjustments and box even cleverer in order to ‘nail those asses’.


  4. Enough is indeed enough.
    We have enough people to tell them enough is enough. What we need, so desperately, is leadership. Leadership that can lead a genuine Coalition of Anti-caMoron Society, such that it is imbued with positivity.
    Ed Miliband is a pop-up leader. He appears, he speaks, he acts, we feel hope is on the horizon; then he disappears once more into the Westminster club-house.


  5. Wouldn’t it be great to see somebody do a comedy sketch where, in a parallel universe, being a Conservative meant being treated the same as being disabled does in this universe! Imagine it… bedroom tax on their mansions, income stopped for failing a WCA (for not having high enough IQ’s – Boris), verbal and physical abuse in the street just for being Conservative, etc. etc.
    It’d be even better if it was real!


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  8. Why did he have bodyguards? Isn’t this an admission of guilt? I know he’s running scared but to leave everything to February, (if he turns up!), is wrong. We need daily reports in newspapers, on the radio, on TV. We also know where he lives and we could have daily protests outside his homes. Wherever he goes some disabled people could be there, in his sight at sometime in the day, so that he feels surrounded by us.
    Send daily letters to him and daily texts – hound him as he is hounding us!


  9. Hi Jane, I was waiting at the door of the Wilson Room when IDS turned up, I saw at least 3 or 4 machine guns which were deliberately pointed at us, they weren’t being carried in the usual way slung on a belt with hands well away from the guns, they were being held and pointed. It was very upsetting and intimidating. I wanted to take a picture but for obvious reasons didn’t dare to. I have brought this up with Parliamentary Complaints because I want to know who authorised IDS to bring so many machine guns and point them at unarmed and security checked members of the general public in the House of Commons. Their response is that they cannot discipline individual ministers, it is the responsibility of the Cabinet to discipline their members (oh was that a pig I just saw flying past my window?). It is a highly dangerous precedent, if he is allowed to get away with it then other ministers will follow suit, a terrifying thought


    • That cannot be right. Someone, somewhere, has both political control, and security control at Westminster. The police, or whoever the armed goons belonged to, are simply not allowed to walk around pointing guns at people. Even in Westminster . Especially in Westminster.

      Everyone in the cabinet has armed security that blends in, and the use of the jackboots and guns is intimidating, and points the way the coalition will go if we do actually try to unseat them. I fear if this is the first sight of the attempt to use of armed force to silence political dissent. I certainly think this is another and very powerful reason for IDS to be gone from the government.

      The disingenuous reply about “individual ministers” is wrong – security is NOT about individual ministers and their body guards, but about the security at Westminster. Can I suggest you take your complaints and the replies to Glenda Jackson, Ann Begg, and Michael Meacher, Nick Clegg, the Indie & Grauniad letters page, and copy in number 10, too?


  10. The lack of respect of law and order is obvious in both this government and the press, unless of course it impacts on their own playground. I notice the press did not consider the hate crime aspect when reporting the car park murder over a disabled parking space. Neither was it considered in the sentencing of Bijan Ebrahimi’s killer despite a disabled man being victimised and bullied systematically for years before a yob decided he may be a paedophile, and then decided to beat the man to death. The police merely confirmed there was no evidence of wrongdoing by the victim. Persecutors shout from the rooftops and the slur spreads, the police investigate but do not broadcast the fact they find no evidence. As a result the mud sticks, these are but two examples of hate crimes against disabled people out of many, but when the sentences are handed down they are never treated in the same way as more provocaative and headline worthy examples of hate.


  11. First of all, you should be proud of yourselves for getting this far, its quite an achievement. I also agree that Kate Green will be a wonderful ally for sick and disabled people but we need many more. Labour really need to up their game in terms of grasping the debate and being in control of the issues. There’s no reason why Cameron should keep getting away with misleading the House on the bedroom tax for example: these misdemeanors should be slapped down as soon as they happen. Too many open goals have been left unchallenged by Labour. Is it that they simply don’t get adequately briefed by their researchers? If so perhaps we should come together to organise briefing sessions and seminars so we, the real experts on all aspects of Welfare Reform, can provide them with all the ammunition they need before they go into these debates and committee meetings. I suppose it’s lobbying really, but done in a concerted way with groups of sick and disabled people coming together to organise properly. I have high hopes for what we can achieve: 2014 could be very interesting.


    • Proud of your mum too, she’s a brave woman. And Jayne I have copied and pasted all the various articles that I have found on this meeting and this outrageous use of armed police to as many politicians, charities and a leading disabled peer, I hope that I have circulated it to enough people that maybe just one of them will confront the right people with the right questions. What a total injustice, a despicable way for our own politicians to treat us.


      • Hi Jayne

        I just have a contacts list and i go through it and forward articles that i think may be of interest to as many of them that i think may be interested in the article as possible, it’s a good job for me that there are people like you who write such interesting stuff.If you have an email address i could forward your article on to you and i think you would then see who the other recipients were,Have you seen the piece by Sue Marsh on esa and how Professor Harrington did not want the Government to migrate IB claimants across to ESA, it’s very enlightening.




  12. I thought IDS seemed rather awkward at the meeting- he kept clearing his throat, interrupted other speakers several times and generally seemed irritable. I agree that it was completely unacceptable for there to have been armed guards with guns pointing at members of the public who attended- I very much hope that the opposition will have something to say about this.


  13. It is worth it, I did find that the committee where pitiful to say the least and they all want a pay raise, yeah right.

    I have to comment on the attempt to intimidate and or make themselves feel important with the armed police etc.,- if I’d have been there I would have bust out laughing and commented ” you are a pitiful lot” or “you have got to be kidding me”, something along that line. They are a poor excuse as human beings and a complete waste of oxygen.

    They are wrong and they know it – money is the root of all evil and it has never been more obvious then it is when looking at the Tories and there cronies.


  14. In the light of the Judges ruling that the ESA/WCA process is discriminatory against people with mental health problems ISN’T IT ABOUT TIME disabled people and their families and friends wrote to Iain Duncan Smith demanding their assessment be revoked. These assessments have proved to be a violation of our human rights. We should all demand compensation for past wrong doings and demand a cessation of the assessments until something more worthwhile is put in place. Imagine 6 million letters jamming up the DWP postal service? Imagine the public outcry? Where are the lawyers when you need them?


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