Time to Come Together?

I’m sure the majority of you are full aware of my personal Politics by now and browsing through the numerous campaigns I follow/am a member of, all without exception, are against one or more of the Policies/Reforms introduced into Law by this unelected Government; this is almost the same with my Twitter connections, blogging follows and followers & my Facebook Friends.

I follow a range of topics – Welfare, NHS, Freedom of speech, thought and action, Education, Justice, etc; and I have no idea of just how many people I’m ‘linked to’ via all these sites but it must be Thousands. Given this I couldn’t help think and do something I usually avoid – I assume many, if not most of you are in a similar place via your social media contacts; this probably means that between us all there are Millions of people campaigning on similar issues.

Any of you who comment here will know my regular way of ending my replies is – In Unity; and I am convinced if everyone of us came together under one umbrella we would be in a real position to make positive change;  not only getting rid of this Government, but replacing it with one brave enough to Act as we, the people want and need. Just for a moment, imagine the power we would have together – if every group fighting against this Government Policies and Acts worked together; that includes the millions of unemployed people, disabled people, redundant/retired ex Forces, Refugees & Asylum seekers, Older people, those against the dismantling of the NHS, those against the destruction of our Education System, people fighting for freedom of speech/Human Rights – I could go on.

I’m not suggesting the individual groups and campaigns should cease, the’re too important, but that their memberships should come together and recognise and accept the similarities – We are ALL estranged for Government and ALL striving for the same aim ultimately, a JUST & FAIR Society; ran by a democratic Government that was fully aware, we the people are scrutinising them.

This is my Dream, can WE make it a Reality?

We are all better as a group united
Then as separate groups who are divided
We’re more powerful in unity than alone
As we have combined power of all our souls

Chris Wayne – http://chriswaynepoetry.wordpress.com/2013/12/21/the-core-of-the-uk/

Dear Mr Miliband…

A letter to Ed Miliband that needs taking seriously – RT this to @Ed_Miliband & post on FB https://www.facebook.com/labourparty?fref=ts

Think Left

Thanks to Alderman Michael Poulter MBE for permission to reprint


From: Alderman Michael Poulter MBE

8th January 2014

Mr Ed Miliband MP,
Leader of the Opposition,
House of Commons.

Dear Mr Miliband,
Osborne’s Deficit Scam – The Excuse to Privatise, Outsource and Dismantle Public Services and the Welfare State

In his New Year Message, the Chancellor again exploits the alleged Deficit Crisis to trumpet a still imperative need for extended austerity and more severe cuts in Public Spending.  In William Keegan’s words (Observer 29.12.2013):

Coalition Ministers still proclaim the ‘Big Lie’ that it was all down to ‘Labour’s Mess’ 

From its inception, the Coalition claimed the National Debt was overwhelmingly large and that it must, therefore, cut public spending and public services dramatically in order to restore the economy to health.

But the Government’s claim is false.  The Deficit Crisis is a fiction and the British Public…

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Attending ATOS? WE Can Help – Update

As many of you are aware from the original post, I am the founding director of Disability Enabling and Empowerment Project (Leic’s) (DEAEP); this project came about from a discussion I had with my daughter and my best friend (both disabled) regarding how we three would manage to get through the ESA/DLA assessments and other such troubling appointments, without the mutual support of each other.

Currently we have written all the paperwork necessary to run a 10 week part time course, and have been desperately trying to find a venue to pilot this in Leicester, thanks to Unite community this is likely to start mid April ; we’re also investigating how we could offer the same as an on-line course. The course will be free for anyone willing to then, pass on the skills by supporting others through the trials of assessment or other similar stressful situations.

Like everything else, in this greedy age we currently live in, we’re unable to source funding for this Social Enterprise; despite the fact we’re contacted almost daily by disabled people struggling to get through. Therefore we’ve decided to take a chance on you.

From this post we’re looking for similar minded people who are willing to help us make the on-line option a reality. Are you brave enough to commit to meet with me on-line for three hours a week (day to be confirmed) and trial our course;  unfortunately this will have to be on wiggio.com & via email and there is currently no accreditation for this due to the cost. Having a proven pilot completed will give us the data and evidence we need to submit funding applications, potentially allowing us to gain accreditation and buy the suitable website to make this a reality.

If you are share our belief that we disable/vulnerable can help ourselves deal with the stress of ATOS/CAPITA etc. by passing on skills; and are seriously interested in either joining us at Unite. or to work with me on-line, please respond to either to this post or via our website by Friday 1 February.

I’m looking forward to all your replies 🙂 xx

Cameron a Christian???

Today’s Telegraph has an article by Damien Thompson on the death of Ivan Cameron & his (Thompson’s) seemingly shocked view that Ivan’s family loved him!! As a parent who’s second son developed leukaemia and died at 3 1/2, I’m deeply pissed off at this

Thompson finds it striking that “the tragic handicaps that afflicted their little boy did not lessen their joy in his presence” I find nothing remotely striking in this. I don’t remember having met many people either in real life and on social media who don’t feel exactly the same; and I am friends today in both worlds, with adults born with severe disabilities who will make the same claim.

What I find so offensive is this blatant attempt by Thompson, to humanise the man who as PM, has led the most brutal attack on disabled UK people in many years. He shares a front bench with Politicians who laugh and jeer as the life stories and deaths of disabled people are told by the opposition; and he supports a team at the DWP & the Treasury who knowingly are removing the financial lifeline from people who share the same illness as his son. If Cameron indeed held a “truly Christian attitude towards the sanctity of human life” he would not be allowing this.

This has to be the most blatant attempt to remove the tarnish from Cameron’s image I’ve seen to date, and all I can say is remember the expression “you can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter”!

“The poor cannot sleep, because they are hungry, and the rich cannot sleep, because the poor are awake.”

Yesterday I was in court (for the third time) because my Local Authority Housing Benefit (HB) Dept are inept; they have for the past 2 years been playing with my HB account suspending/releasing and finally after 14 month closing my HB account! payments. My supportive Housing Association officer has done everything she can to help sort this to no avail hence the Court involvement.

To cut a long irrelevant story short this was our third appearance in court and the judge had at the last meeting called the Director of Housing to come before her to explain the situation; we arrived to find HB had sent a Team Leader (TL) as a representative who in front of the judge could only reply with the obligatory “I don’t know”! To say the judge was unamused is an understatement and the upshot was yet another adjournment with an order that HB must prioritise my new claim (submitted yesterday afternoon).

It was at the point the fun started, as we left the court room someone said ‘if only my ESA was income related my claim would be passported’, which means an automatic entitlement to HB, and I admit I lost it; I stopped and very firmly stated “It is”, everyone stood still, the TL very quietly said “for how long” and at my reply of “3 years” his face dropped. He started to bluster about me having evidence of this, and both my rep & housing officer beat me to stating the on screen records of communication with the DWP would show this. At this I was ready to explode and my body’s response to real anger is I start to shake; my partner caught me before I fell and I was taken away to a quiet area to sit and breathe!

After I’d stopped shaking my rep said I could go to the local JobCentre+ (2 buildings away) and ask for a letter from them proving this, but, I had to pretend the court had sent me and I needed this immediately to avoid eviction; he then stated “DO NOT tell them its for HB otherwise they’ll refuse and say they should look it up” !

Entering the JobCentre we went immediately to the desk where I quietly explained to the person on reception what I needed, his immediate response was “you really need to phone for this information”, using the script from my legal rep, I said it was urgent and that I would really appreciate his help ; he began to bluster away about process, systems and staff not having time to do things immediately, and then said something so sincerely I had to bend over ‘coughing’ to cover up laughter  “we do get taken advantage of”. I forced myself to thank him and reiterated my appreciation and he said he’d go and see if someone could help me.

Waiting there, with nothing else to do, I started to count the number of staff chatting of the 25 of so staff I could see only 5 looked as if they were actually ‘working’ the others were in small groups laughing, nodding and talking; and it didn’t look like work; and this was whilst 9 people sat waiting!  If this is usual, I understand why claimants with regular appointments are angry, being met with either jobs worth attitudes or ignored!.  After around 10 minutes I was called by a woman who had provided a 2 line letter stating what benefit  I was in receipt of.

This snapshot of a small personal issue raises real concern  – if the behaviour of my HB Dept. is indicative of others nationally with them unwilling/incapable of using the current IT system which already links directly to DWP to determine benefits, and choosing to ignore DWP Policies such as ‘passporting’; and if the attitudes at my local JobCentre+, considering ‘customers’ as problems who take advantage or to be blatantly ignored is suggestive of others; I’d be really interested to know

The other outcome of yesterday for me was, the whole fiasco resulted in me going into shock and I saw every half hour last night because I know I’m to go through it again in another 3 weeks or so!

To conclude I rediscovered the quote I  used in the title that sums up the current UK & Global situation for me ““The poor cannot sleep, because they are hungry, and the rich cannot sleep, because the poor are awake.” Nigerian economist Sam Aluko  1999.

The Increasingly Authoritarian Character of Democratic Governments Across Europe

This reminded me of the old line of thinking that Politics aren’t linear but circular with the Far left & the Far Right meeting at noon!!

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, I’ve been attending a course at the M Shed here in Bristol intended to better equip we unemployed to find and hold down a job. It’s an interesting mix of people from a variety of backgrounds, and it’s fascinating talking to them about their experiences and hearing their perspectives on the government and the current situation. One of the ladies on the course is Polish, and its interesting talking to hear about her country and the situation over there after the fall of Communism. Alarmingly, it seems that in both Britain and supposedly democratic Poland, the political elites are becoming increasingly suspicious and distrustful of their citizens.

We’ve seen this most recently in Britain in Ian Duncan Smith’s militaristic conduct before the Work and Pensions Committee. Smith appeared before the Committee accompanied by bodyguards and armed policemen, who pointed their weapons at the…

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Disability Enabling & Empowerment Project (DEAEP) Newsletter.

Issue 1:

Welcome to the 1st Quarterly newsletter from DEAEP; as this is our inaugural edition we thought we’d say a BIG Hello from the team:

Jayne Linney – Director & Training Officer: I’m a (long) time served Community Worker/Adult Tutor, who became disabled through developing a range of health conditions over the past 15 years. Interests are Equality issues across the board.

Nicki Linney – Director & Care & Support Officer: I’m a qualified carer with a back ground in Peer Support and Mental Health Support. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and a borderline personality disorder in 2012.

Tony Hamon – Director & Training Officer: I am a qualified TEFL tutor who also holds the City & Guilds Adult Education Award. With my Internal/External Assessor Awards this gives me with a broad knowledge base and understanding of teaching and assessing adults.

Wayne Naylor – Director & Treasurer: I have 18 years experience of volunteering and working in a number of Community Projects. Supporting people is vital in making the securing futures for people living with disabilities.

Peer Support Course:

Our first course will be starting the week of 03/03/2014 to 07/03/2014, time and venue to be arranged and will run for one half day a week for 10 weeks.

The course consists of 5 modules which will cover:

Module 1: Effective Communication & Active Listening.

Module 2: Understanding Disabilities.

Module 3: Understanding Self.

Module 4: Role of the Personal Advocate.

Module 5: Working with Service Users.

If you are interested in enrolling on this course please let us know A.S.A.P.

Email us @ deaepleicester@talktalk.net or call 0116 2624902.

Finally we will be attending the ATOS National Demo in Leicester. We hope to see you there.


Woman’s Safety worth £50 – yet steal meat and Go To Jail!

It says more about the state of the country than I can when stealing food and perfume sands you to jail but assault a woman – you attend a course and pay £50 !!

MrS (37),  was sent to prison for 12 weeks after pleading guilty to stealing four bottles of fragrance, worth £166, from Debenhams, Leicester, on December 12 and six weeks for breaching a suspended sentence. Ms F, , pleaded guilty to stealing meat and fish worth £66.24 from the Co-Op, Leicester, on November 29.She was jailed for eight weeks, plus four weeks for breaching a suspended sentence.

Mr M  (28), admitted assaulting a woman on November 30.He was ordered to take part in a domestic abuse programme, banned from contacting his victim or going within the boundaries of Ashby and ordered to pay £50 compensation

Can anyone tell me that #PovertyPrejudice isn’t  truly alive and kicking??

All Cases reported http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/undefined-headline/story-20426019-detail/story.html

Patriotism, Idealism and Cynicism in First World War Britain

It is this final paragraph that sums up WHY Gove is so wrong in this excellent post by Beastrabban: –

“Gove is wrong, often horribly wrong about the First World War, though others should certainly be free to share his views, if they agree with them. The danger is in the use of the power of the state to ensure that only the approved, Conservative version is taught. This must be strenuously resisted, so people can make their own minds up. This is the difference between education and indoctrination.”

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

Jubilant Crowd War

Photograph of a British Crowd Cheering the Outbreak of the First World War.

I’ve posted three pieces this week and reblogged others from Vox Political, criticising Michael Gove’s comments in the Daily Mail, trying to defend World War One as ‘a noble cause’, and the courage, honour and patriotism of the troops and the tactical expertise and competence of their leaders from misrepresentation by ‘left-wing academics’ and biased TV programmes like Blackadder and films like Oh, What A Lovely War! Far from the British public being alienated and cynical about the War, they actively supported it as a ‘noble Cause’, according to Gove. Mike, the Angry Yorkshireman over at Another Angry Voice, and myself have already demolished this, complete with quotes from some of the soldiers, like Harry Patch, Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon, were fought in the War. Now I want to go further, and examine where Gove…

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Government descends into inter-departmental squabbling over Universal Credit

From Jay’s Journal –

“When you think of the amount of money that has been wasted on ALL of IDS projects you have to ask yourself if another round of such drastic cuts would have been needed if IDS, and others in the government,  had not just thrown money at ham-fisted policies that didn’t deliver!”…

Read More –  Government descends into inter-departmental squabbling over Universal Credit.