ESA Assessments DO Have Targets?!!

At last, Kaliya Franklin,  has produced the evidence we all have been waiting for – Proof that ATOS & the DWP operate the ESA assessments against Targets!

This means People must both score the number of points required for benefit receipt and fall within the proportion of people the norms system will allow to receive the benefit. In other words it matters not how many points you might score if the target has already been met your claim will be denied!!

Read Kaliya’s post at – Benefit Scrounging Scum: and her full report here How Norms Become Targets

5 thoughts on “ESA Assessments DO Have Targets?!!

  1. Well done Jayne, it must have been an exhausting day. I think IDS has a personality disorder, he is a narcissist. Fights with narcissists are endless and exhausting. Their eyes look through you like you don’t exist, or they look at you with hate in their eyes. Sorry you had to go through this. Your right, we do not have 18 months. I feel like I am dying. I don;t think I can keep up the hard work of trying to make my ESA reduced pittance stretch to food and heating after bills to counsel etc. I have atos on my back right now, another assessment ahead of me soon. Its going to be a long winter. I am in pain as well, I understand how you must be feeling. We must never give in to the tyrants.


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