DWP Admit one metre rule for PIP is “Unfounded”

Anyone dealing with an incorrect mobility award for PIP – Take Note:

A FOI request has revealed the DWP admit the One Metre Rule is  unfounded and  agree ” it is time to review this figure” .

Read the full response below:


In your DLA1A Adult January 2014 form, titled Disability Living Allowance Notes, on page 10
question, 26 titled: Getting around outdoors:

You state: ‘the average adult step is just under one meter.’

I would like to be provided with the source of this statement.

Thank you for contacting us and bringing this to our attention.

Information published online quotes: ‘The average person’s stride length is approximately 2.5
feet long, although this is dependent on age and health. It’s difficult to find a source of this
information which is typically quoted without reference.’

Investigations show that we have used this figure for many years and it has not been reviewed
recently. Discussions with a DWP Medical Policy Advisor have resulted in an agreement that it
is time to review this figure.

Thank you once again. It is feedback such as this which helps us improve the service we
provide to our customers.


21 thoughts on “DWP Admit one metre rule for PIP is “Unfounded”

  1. So, if this is for DLA, i wonder how many disabled people they surveyed for stride length, as remember this is used for gauging disabled people. ! i’ve just done mine from back heel to front toe, and it’s 1’10”, far under even “The average person’s stride length is approximately 2.5 feet long,”. As ever, only the dwp could make this piffle up

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  2. Ah the department of lies has spoken one metre rule
    isnt this rather strange now coming out in a foi
    I wonder how many failed this at this point you
    bet they wouldn’t be looking at em again anytime
    soon jeff3

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  3. They will reconsider it but will still use it as fact on any paperwork either until and possibly still after any reconsideration. Until they are shown up to be the lying scum they are and made to pay compensation to every person they will harass people saying they have normal walking ability (1 Meter per step). Who in their right mind thinks a 6ft. person can step over half their body length in one step (1 Meter is over 3 ft) my step on a good day is 18″ or less, 6″ or less on bad days which are the majority of days.

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  4. I’m 5′ 2″ (don’t know what that is in new money ‘cos I still use old 🙂 ) and even when I had both my legs I couldn’t step over a metre unless I was in the ministry of funny walks! Hubby is 5’ 10″ and doesn’t take steps like that either, if he does he looks as though he is exaggerating he walk.
    I also hate the term “average” – NO-ONE is average, everyone is unique!

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  5. 1 metre is a garbage generalisation. I used to be a backpacker** (long-distance walker, not gap-year stoner – they just pinched the name!), and my carefully-measured stride (to set my pedometer), was 18 inches (I’m on the small side at 5′ 5″). The only person I knew with a 1-metre stride was over 6 feet tall.

    **Note for DWP snoops – don’t get too excited, this was almost 40 years ago – these days my stride length is zero – I’m a wheelchair user.

    Oh, and a 1-metre stride means nothing unless you have the fitness and stamina to utilise its potential. The normal stride of most people is substantially less than their maximum.

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  7. A soldier, marching in a parade, is expected to march with a pace of 30 inches (Royal Corps of Signals criteria – Guardsmen may have had different rules). To maintain this pace over any distance requires a lot of momentum and a fair deal of stamina. I know, I was that soldier! A “normal, healthy” human being should be expected to walk comfortably with a pace of between 20-22 inches. Basing a decision on whether a person is disabled on a premise that a “Just Under 1 m” (39.37 inches) stride is “average” for a human being is laughable.

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