What would you do? Because this how #DEAEP responds.

An example of the work we’re doing with DEAEP – could you help us fight #IDS the ‘#DWP and their murdering policies?

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I have been working with a client for the past few months who has numerous medical conditions. This person also looks after his wife who also has numerous medical conditions.

When I first started working with this gentleman it was to advise him on the ESA tribunal that he was going to attend. As I was unable to go to the tribunal with him that I had to arrange for one of our support team to go with him, which also meant introducing him at another meeting.

The tribunal was a success and our client was extremely happy. After a few weeks I had a phone call from this client in reference to three letters he had received from the Job Centre informing him that he had to attend these mandatory interviews.

This gentleman has like numerous other people has developed “Brown Envelope Phobia” and was in a state of…

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4 thoughts on “What would you do? Because this how #DEAEP responds.

  1. I would love to help but I’m so busy with my own claims. Last year was an absolute nightmare just because no one from HMRC, DWP or the Council were in sync. It starts again with the latest HMRC debacle, our Council have “suspended” our council tax benefit and rent benefit because HMRC have sent them incorrect information and I can’t get anyone to come out to the house. We have until 3 March to give them the information they want. The HMRC letter we have and sent to them they will not accept and yet that’s what they asked for. It clearly states what Tax Credits we get and how much. Sorry to ramble. I have a serious heat conditions and my partner is very ill too, so I am afraid that at the moment I couldn’t be of any help to you. I’ve been in hospital twice in the last month through the stress they are causing us. I wish you all the best and thank you for all the help you are giving others in the same boat as myself and my partner. Kindest regards Lauretta Pearson

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