Leicester against #Maximus – the Demo

Yesterday’s Demo against #Maximus was Excellent, despite the cold weather (we even had a small snow flurry) and a relatively small attendance; we had representatives from Unite Community, Student Union, Left Unity , TUSC, PCS and DEAEP along with individuals as far from Coventry and Birmingham.

Rather than go into detail about the excellent performances from Leicester’s Singers and poets, and the uplifting and/or heart rendering speeches; here’s the video of these courtesy of Tony Hamon – another of DEAEP’s Directors:

One of the most optimistic things to come from the demo was, apart from annoying someone into throwing water from a window above! Everyone there agreed, we wanted and indeed needed to, carry the momentum forward; therefore I’m pleased to say that I’ve been invited to speak for DPAC & DEAEP at Unite’s National day of action against benefit sanctions in Thursday 19th March, 12-4pm

Look forward to seeing all there

14 thoughts on “Leicester against #Maximus – the Demo

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    Here’s Jaynel’s account of the demonstration against Maximus in Leicester by a coalition of Socialist, working class and disability rights organisations. Congratulations to Jaynel herself for being invited by Unite to speak on behalf of disabled people fighting the cuts at the National Day of Action on the 19th of this March.

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    Congratulations, Jayne and to all those who braved the cold!

    I think it was Chomsky who said that it was disgraceful that the disabled and poor had to lead the fight for truth and fairness. But how amazing you all are leading us on!

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  4. We see these small socialist parties standing with the victims of welfare (and soon even worse to come with pension reform aka abolition fron next year, 2016) out in the cold, even with snow flurries.

    But the media give absolutely no coverage of these parties that offer the only hope in this Vote or Starve election.

    Because there are many Tory and Lib Dem marginals
    where the unemployed /
    working poor on tax credits /
    poor pensioners /
    working poor about to be denied most if not all of their state pension
    (payable even if remain in work older than 60 / 65),
    outnumber all other voters,
    and the sitting Tory and Lib Dem MP has only a slim majority.

    Perhaps blogs could reblog my little personal website (am not a member of anything)
    to tell the poor how much power they have this year,
    the Vote or Starve election on Thursday 7 May.

    Because all the pundits say Labour and Tories will be in the worst hung parliament ever and so the Tories could continue to rule for another 5 years.

    If a group of paries, the pundits inform, gains between them 323 seats (out of the 650 altogether) then they can rule in government.

    The Scottish SNP will gain about 51 seats and Plaid Cymru could gain a few more.

    So small left wing parties in England could well win big in Tory and Lib Dem marginals, of which there are a great many, if only the majority of the poor in their voting areas came out to vote.

    But using the words, vote, election, election makes the public go deaf. What is needed is to say go to where the card sent you by the council and put on the paper given you by the staff there, next to these logos, your cross in pencil provided on the string, if you want food for your kids, yourself and your granny and grandad on Thursday 7 May.

    You might care to share on your social media, like Facebook and Twitter my little website (I am not a member of anything, just a victim of welfare and pension reform like millions of others:


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