#DWP Decision Makers Crying for Help or playing the #Tory Blame-Game?

Out of respect for you, I APOLOGISE in advance for my language because I’m LIVID

The ever excellent Benefits and Work website reveal welfare rights workers are experiencing DWP Decision-Makers calling up benefit claimants “‘in tears’ or ‘sobbing’“, pleading with them Not to appeal following a Mandatory Reconsideration !! HOW THE FUCK DARE THEY??

These unqualified low grade civil servants may well be genuinely feeling sorry for themselves, worried at how their bosses will react at their figures.. but, borrowing the much quoted line Frankly..I DON’T GIVE A DAMN.

If the Decision Maker truly feels sympathy for the vulnerable person who’s life they’re ruining, then they should do the decent thing and RESIGN and join the ever growing list of ‘Whistleblowers’, otherwise they have no right to attempt to push their agenda onto you or I. This behaviour is is keeping with the actions of their Bosses – we’ve witnessed plenty of pseudo-psychology tactics from the #DWP already and I can’t help feel this is yet another attempt to persuade us how to think?

IF anyone experiences this type of behaviour from a DWP employee I hope you’ll do one thing in return, Laugh and take tell them exactly how high to jump – and then APPEAL.

Yet another reason to STOP THE SPIN from #IDS & Co #ImpeachDWP