How shall we sanction..?

Julijxtaposed asks How shall we Sanction?

Lets Ensure #IDS undergoes His Own #WCA

By Forcing #IDS to undergo his own #WCA


How shall we sanction
self-inflated MPs,
tanked-up banksters,
coked-up traders
and puffed-up,
hoarders & raiders?
Who does destroy us?
The perilously ill
the unskilled
or employers at the mill
and the kleptos on their high hills
dishing out their poison pills
scattering morality
upon the disaffected
and rejected
and dejected
not because they really care
for a poor and troubled soul
(even those who ask for help
find an undermining climate
so compassion ain’t the goal)
but because it suits them better
to have scapegoats ‘over there’
to persuade those
who wish it true
that all we have to do
to restore the economy
is arbitrate autonomy
and offer empty motions
about services that bare exist
because of neoliberal pish
that utterly refutes
the abuse
of serfdom as its fuel
won’t compute
that its all-consuming cause
is ridiculously
tediously cruel
in its correlating flaws
for, those who can afford

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