UPDATE – IDS WILL answer for misusing Stats

After some confusion about when the petition by myself  & Debbie Sayers will be submitted to Parliament; and maybe even more importantly if IDS will attend the Work & Pensions Select Committee – I’m really pleased to share an email I received from Dame Anne Begg chair of the Select today:

I can confirm that IDS will be appearing before the Work and Pensions Select Committee on Wednesday 4th September where he will be asked questions about the DWP’s Annual Report and the Department’s use of statistics.

Best wishes


I am thrilled to confirm that our petition with it’s current 100,433 supporters will be formally submitted into Parliament by Liz Kendall MP, after she receives it outside the Palace of Westminster on September 4 2013.

Many Thanks to all of You who signed, shared, tweeted & pushed for this & let’s hope Mr ID Smith is thoroughly held to account

23 thoughts on “UPDATE – IDS WILL answer for misusing Stats

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  2. he wont however for legal reason be talking about the many hundreds of deaths of those going through the welfare reform process to avoid being charged with corporate manslaughter


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      • their is no duty of care Linda my conservative mp looked into this only the appeal process that’s all and your mp’s help

        all benefit appeals should be run through your mp for guidance as it will be or she that will be guiding you through the process taking away the stress

        sounds OK in practise but in reality your mp is to busy and cant cope leaving you to fight for your life on your own


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  5. there will be no come upance, you will find that they will be covered by privilage or some sort of effing get out of jail free card. Nobody in the government is prepared to to do the honourable thing and fall on their swords, they do what they like and will not resign no matter what and the leadership will always back them up (well after all you’ve got to support your mates have’nt you)


  6. The slimey,failed PM, completely detached from reality, lower than a snakes belly, it’s a pity he isn’t on trial for manslaughter like he bloody well should be, but if he and his cronies carry on with their dehumanising policies somebody ( hopefully ) will blow their heads off. When they are voted out at the next election, the majority of the conservative MPs will have to go into hiding or leave the country, because if I happen to come across one of them who was responsible for the policies that is causing so many deaths and causing so much distress and bringing destruction to so many lives, I will have no problem in slapping him senseless.

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