IDS goes to W&P Select – better late than never?!

After last week’s post where we confirmed IDS WOULD be attending  the W&P Select on Sept 4;  we now have yet a further update!!

Sheila Gilmore MP yesterday wrote

“I am afraid that IDS is now NOT coming to the meeting on September 4.  This was always going to be a session on the Department’s annual report as well as the statistics and apparently the Annual Report is not ready. A new date is being sought but this is now unlikely to be before October, which is extremely disappointing”

Clearly this is NOT what we want but there’s nothing we can do except continue with our plans to formally submit our petition to Parliament; actual date to follow; this is disappointing to say the least but it makes our petition all the more relevant as it reads –  “Work & Pensions Committee: Hold IDS to account for his use of statistics“.

Entering 100,492+ signatures into the Commons should help the members of the W&P Select ensure that IDS DOES attend in Oct & that he IS held to account. So we ask you all to continue to work with and share, Tweet ,talk about the petition and let’s do everything we can to make sure IDS DOES is made to answer for his Untruths and to remind Parliament WE the People Deserve the TRUTH!


19 thoughts on “IDS goes to W&P Select – better late than never?!

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  2. It’s a damned disgrace and IDS is just laughing at us all! The idiot ought to be thrown out of his position as he is getting more and more unstable each day. He now “believes” that everything he does is fine, his life is all fine, he is fine because nothing else matters other than his belief in himself! What an arrogant, selfish, disgusting excuse for a human being he is. He should be retired from his post due to mental health problems. He is not fit to do his job and is getting closer and closer to the edge. Something is seriously wrong with him and he needs help. Before you know it he’ll be spouting that he is God, and I am deadly serious about this. Gawd help us all if he continues the way he is with his discrimination and his utter hate towards the disabled, sick, unemployed and poor. Something is a coming………


  3. Posted to my F/B account and hopefully more people will add their names to make sure this self centered idiot WILL BE held to account. Needs to spend at the very least a couple of years jumping through the hoops that he & this very spiteful Government created. He would have no other means to access money when he runs out EXCEPT to do what millions of people do when benefits have been stopped for no reason or a sanction put in place for turning a few minuets late as the bus broke down and you were late. Maybe he will only then understand how cruel these policies are……but don’t think he would even admit to this.


      • You’re welcome, the more people working or not who know what’s really happening to people who are not as fortunate to be born or marry into the sliver spoon in mouth brigade the better. Methinks time will run out for IDS & hopefully it won’t be the happy ending he expects to get for all his hard work making war between ordinary people trying to get on with life as best they can due to circumstances they are in, be it in work/out of work/ sick/ disabled and of course not forgetting the many more homeless people forced to live rough or in hostels many of them with children.


  4. Yet again hopes are on the downward spiral. Just when you think he will do the “decent thing” he shirks and we are back to “wondering”. He’s a man of faith. (self professed” ) but no one has FAITH in him”


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