DWP Breaks its Own Rules when threatening Support Group Members

Further to my post earlier this week, today another example of the most seriously ill disabled people being told they must attend work focussed interviews or else be sanctioned; never mind this is in direct conflict with the DWP’s own guidance which states :

Support Group

If you have a condition that severely limits what you can do, you’ll be in the support group. You’ll not be expected to look for work and we won’t expect you to take place in any work-focussed interviews”.

How the DWP are going to Spin this is yet yo been seen; what I do know is this is yet another time this unelected Government has deliberately broke it’s own rules and then Lied about it!

This ongoing Discriniation against Disabled People is  Totally Unacceptable & I can only hope people say ENOUGH

It is Time to Join the Truth Campaign and Sign the Petition  to STOP The SPIN.

#NOWPetition #Impeach DWP

14 thoughts on “DWP Breaks its Own Rules when threatening Support Group Members

  1. Reblogged this on Britain Isn't Eating and commented:
    No doubt its another one of IDS’s “I believe I am right” ideas despite it being laid out in contrary, in black and white. in the DWP’s own guidelines.
    This bastard, his department, and this unelected Tory dictatorship have broken, and will continue to break, every moral, legal and official ruling until they are ousted from government.
    And only we can make sure that happens in May 2015.

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  3. They beiieve they will get away with it due to using the word “Expect”


    verb: expect; 3rd person present: expects; past tense: expected; past participle: expected; gerund or present participle: expecting

    regard (something) as likely to happen.
    “it’s as well to expect the worst”
    synonyms: anticipate, await, look for, hope for, watch for, look forward to, look ahead to, have in prospect; More
    contemplate, bargain for/on, bank on, be prepared for, plan for;
    predict, forecast, foresee, prophesy, envisage, envision
    “I’m expecting a letter from him”
    regard (someone) as likely to do or be something.
    “they were not expecting him to continue”
    synonyms: suppose, presume, think it likely, think, believe, imagine, assume, conjecture, surmise, calculate, judge; More
    informalguess, reckon;
    “I expect she’ll be late”
    believe that (someone or something) will arrive soon.
    “Celia was expecting a visitor”
    require (something) as rightfully due or appropriate in the circumstances.
    “we expect great things of you”
    synonyms: require, ask for, call for, look for, wish, want, hope for; More
    count on, rely on;
    insist on, demand
    “we expect total discretion and loyalty”
    require (someone) to fulfil an obligation.
    “we expect employers to pay a reasonable salary”
    used to indicate that one supposes something to be so but has no firm evidence.
    “they’re just friends of his, I expect”


  4. Thanks for the link Jayne but in fact there is only one known example/case of this and it’s the Shirebrook JC case. It’s the same case linked by DPAC in their post earlier this week. You might like to rephrase the first couple of sentences of this post…


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