Scots reprieve but Tories still aim to profit cynically from referendum

Is this going to be the next big battle – will the Tories will aim to change England’s borders become the M25?
And Fuck the rest of us!


This morning’s announcement that Scotland has voted ‘no’ to independence is a narrow escape for the rest of the UK. While I have every sympathy with those Scots who want to put themselves beyond the reach of the predations of the right, a ‘yes’ vote would have been a disaster for every ordinary person in England and Wales.

The loss of 41 Labour MPs (and all but one of the rest from left-leaning parties) would have condemned the rest of us to longer and even worse periods of Tory-led government, with Conservatives feeling emboldened to accelerate and intensify their attack on the rights and support of ordinary people and especially the disadvantaged – and would have left Labour, the only realistic Parliamentary resistance, far less able to prevent them from doing so.

The loss of 41 MPs wouldn’t make a Labour majority impossible. But it would make it far harder…

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One thought on “Scots reprieve but Tories still aim to profit cynically from referendum

  1. I think we’ll find that, north of the border, Labour will be a lesser force. Call me Dave is likely to pass legislation to solve the West Lothian problem to the advantage of the Tories and Labour will find itself squeezed out. IMHO Labour has -once again- put party before people and will suffer for it. The left will fragment: TUSC; Greens; etc. Leaving Boris and Nigel in a coalition probably for… ever.

    More seriously watch the Corpocracy/ Establishment carry on as if nothing had happened.

    Again IMHO the No vote is the disaster. After the last referendum (1979) the Tories inflicted the Poll Tax rather than the promised “something better” of Alec Douglas-Hume.


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