ESA SG – Invited to JobCentre Interview? DWP States – You Can Say NO

Last month I wrote DWP Breaks its Own Rules when threatening Support Group Members, today I can confirm that despite how the letter below, suggesting “your benefit could be affected” if you do not attend, the DWP state attendance is totally voluntary;


a FOI request to WhatdotheyKnow  states

It is not mandatory for claimants in the Support Group to attend a WFI when requested
to do so by their local Job Centre. All engagement for claimants in the Support Group is

Clearly the regulations show Disabled people in the Support Group can not be enforced to attend a Work Focussed Interview, despite how the invitations read.

If you receive such a request and don’t want to attend – file the letter in B1N

Don’t let the DWP bully you !

Fight Back – Join #Truth Campaign – New Project coming SOON

#ImpeachDWP #NOWPetition 


24 thoughts on “ESA SG – Invited to JobCentre Interview? DWP States – You Can Say NO

  1. Reblogged this on Britain Isn't Eating and commented:
    Being in the support group myself and after reading about “THAT” letter that came around demanding us to attend WFI, I immediately went on the hunt scouring my archives and the net to confirm my suspicions that this was not allowed. I’m pleased that this latest FOI request confirms that those in the Support group do not have to attend and I hope this will stop others from worrying about receiving what is only a REQUEST to attend, not an ORDER.


    • Hi, I attended 2 interviews, is it the work activity programme we are talking about ? if so the third interview they wrote me a letter and said they would be doing a phone interview, the interviewer was less then understanding and abrupt I have difficulties in walking to far am on blood thinners and suffer with COPD im 60 it can be quite stressful when feeling threatened about your benefit being stopped.I am glad this site exist and thank you I always share this page.

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  3. this was brought up on the dwpexamination forum slipmaster had cut and pasted the dwp issue on this it seems they can going by this but then emailed a few mps asking them about it no ones replied yet but post whot slip posted yet when ones appealing they give you to a bugger ive forgeten again but to those nice people who make you look for work and get you sanctioned its whilst there and you win at appeal and get put into the sg then it becomes a nightmare heres the dwp on this whot slip posted

    Duration of the Work Programme

    11.Once Jobcentre Plus refers a participant onto the Work Programme, you have 104 weeks to work with that participant to help them into sustained employment.

    12. Unless a participant completes early, you will be expected to deliver 104 weeks of continuous support regardless of whether a participant changes benefits, or moves into employment (Further information regarding participants who complete early can be found in Work Programme Guidance Chapter 10 – Completing the WP).

    13. This means that: • You remain responsible for ensuring that participants get the right support for the whole 104 week period. For example, you will remain responsible for the participant if they move out of your Contract Package Area, if there has been a breakdown in relations between you and the participant, or if the participant is imprisoned. It will be for you to determine the appropriate course of action, which might include using other parts of your supply chain, changing your method of delivery, or making arrangements with other providers to deliver support.

    Chapter 1 Work Programme Provider Guidance 4 Updated 12/12/2013 V4.00 • Where a participant changes benefit, or leaves benefit their participation requirements may change. However, their 104 week support period will continue. • Participants cannot be re-referred to the Work Programme within their 104 week support period

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    • If this occurred I would suggest printing off the DWP statement and submitting this to them with a letter insisting reinstatement of money in accordance with their own guidelines; I’d make this as a complaint simultaneously. x


  5. HI i have been attending these interveiws as i was told i would lose my benifit if i did not go and if i do i would receive £28 pound more in benifit have been sevral times for aprox one year and was told its not to find me work ?? its something the goverment said i have to do not the job centrue now how do i stand if i do not attend now sorry spelling not good many thanks


    • I would suggest printing off the DWP statement and submitting this to them with a letter insisting reinstatement of money in accordance with their own guidelines; I’d make this as a complaint simultaneously. This is the same as I said to Dominique earlier; ALL Very Best Anthony – keep me posted xxx


  6. My husband claims ESA and is in the support group and claims as a married man. I received a letter stating I had to attend a WFI. He received a letter stating his partner has to attend a WFI with a form to authorise Job centre and myself, to discuss his problems. I receive PIP with enhanced portion of care and mobility. I rang the number supplied on the letter and was told I have to attend face to face, I explained this was not practical and they interviewed me over the phone. They asked what were my ailments and said that in six months time I will expected to attend another interview that will be face to face.


  7. That may not be the case for the support group, but if you’re in the WRA group, and you miss one, you get slapped with a 4 week sanction. Thankfully, I’m moving to the support group soon, just been diagnosed with Ischemic Heart Disease on top of Severe Epilepsy. I will remember this 🙂


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