PIP – Permanently Irritation Persecution?

Recent experience leads me to ask the question what does is PIP – Personal Independence Payment OR Permanently Irritation Persecution?

In February  I wrote about how following the DWP rules resulted in my health deteriorating, since then it has been one thing after another. The report from Capita following this assessment  was dire, therefore it was back into the Mandatory Reconsideration process once again, and duly into the request for Tribunal.

I duly received my date for tribunal on May 26th and whilst preparing myself to attend at 10.00 am that morning I had a call from the court telling me the panel had adjourned the event as they wanted further information from my GP. This stunned me and I was left dealing with the vast amount of adrenalin coursing through my body, but I tried to focus on how this delay might well be a positive thing.

In regular circumstances I should have heard nothing more until the information had been accessed and the new date set; however this is the DWP we’re dealing with. Last Saturday (and I’m becoming convinced all of these letters are posted to arrive at the weekend), I received a letter from Capita stating as a result of my recent application for PIP I needed to arrange an assessment!! Yesterday whilst I was at my mums, my partner phoned the DWP and eventually was told this new assessment had been requested by the tribunal; he also called Capita who arranged for the assessment to be next Monday 13/6/16 .

Today I received a form from the tribunal  requesting my permission for them to contact my GP, so I called them to ask about the assessment request; only to be informed by the court they had not, nor could they, request another assessment!

I immediately phoned the DWP and after repeating the information to told my partner, was informed by this call centre person (Colin) they could not understand why he’d  been told this, and as far as Colin could see a new case (claim) had been opened on 25/5/16 and this was the reason for the assessment?!  After informing Colin of my Capita appointment he agreed to email the case manager for an urgent call back.

This is just another episode in the ongoing saga of my PIP claim; this causes me to question if the competence levels of the DWP are diminishing ever lower or is PIP merely another way for those in Government to further persecute the sickest members of society? What I do know is this seemingly endless torment is seriously screwing me up.


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  1. It is beyond belief the way this has been managed. Unless of course, you are stuck in the same system, when it becomes the norm. Good luck, and keep well if possible.

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  3. This is mental torture – and of course it leads to physical problems. It makes me wonder whether there is no form of legal protection for us at all.

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  4. I would email the CEO of capita claiming harassment by demanding you attend another assessment when you are taking them and the DWP to a tribunal. Tell them if you turn up on the date for another assessment you will be recording every word. They may try the you cannot record PIP assessments BS tell them you don’t care if you turn up you’re recording. If they ask when you turn up you could have your partner recording but say No you are not recording, well your not your partner is recording it.

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  5. Disgusting Behaviour by the DWP Jayne, however I would just follow the instruction of the tribunal now being as it is now in there hands whilst still taking note and recording the DWP’s many mess ups for the Tribunal

    Take Care and Good Luck

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  7. Purposely Immiserating People.
    Their incompetence is legendary, however I wonder at what point we should call it criminal negligence? They know their reforms and constant mistakes in dealing with claimants are pushing people to the edge, or they would not have issued guidance to their departments on suicide risk-management.

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  9. i like to say this comes as a surprise but then it does not, having recently assisted in a pip case, just looking at the medical report made me wonder about who done the assessment and were they qualified, i cant go into details about this as this maybe going further, however for the role they were assessing for vs the qualifications they had the answer is they were not, at the same time this led to issues similiar to what i had with esa and atos healthcare, how the hell they can use the word healthcare is beyond me they should be sued for slander and misuse of the word, however in cases where your condition has worsened perhaps look up the rules on safeguarding of vunerable adults, check out who this assessor is and whether there qualified, as it is a pip assessment and capita after ch4 dispatches wont really want to be caught with there shorts down at the moment, if there a nurse it is the nursing and midwifery council, physiotherapist or other then it is the hcpc, there is a need to get as many of these unfit to assess wca assessors struck of or placed in supervision orders, then perhaps these companies that hire and train may start to think twice when they cant recruit and have the potential to face misconduct lawsuits

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    Stay strong Jayne, you inspire so many of us with you tenacious attitude at the unfairness of the entire system.
    It seems we have replies from supporters that may have been schooled in the Classic Languages lol but I was schooled in a local Comprehensive in Newcastle so I’ll say it the Geordie way:
    Divvent let the bastaads git yih doon!!

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  11. I am amazed at the incompetence of both the DWP and those who actually do the assessments. How the hell a midwife can know about amputations, serious illnesses, mental health problems etc I will never know.
    If a person has not got the knowledge or the experience then I will not go and see them. I used to be a medical secretary before having to leave due to ill health, I wonder if I could have got a job as a “healthcare professional”? It wouldn’t surprise me!
    You keep on being positive and make them turn in circles at your next assessment. You can do it!

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  12. The SNP spokesperson for Fair Work and Employment, Neil Gray, has just spoken in the debate in the House of Commons on the disability employment gap. He told the story of one of his constituents who seems to have been through the same horrendous experience that you have. The debate is still going on.

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