The cost of PIP? £35 less per week, Thanks #DWP! – This is A CALL OUT for Info

Well I’ve received my PIP award and hooray I’ve ‘scored’ more points than on my DLA and yet, despite this I’ve  been awarded ‘Standard’ rates for both Daily Living & Mobility Elements, to explain how this makes a real difference to me read on.

To get PIP at all, you must score between 8 – 11 points in both daily living / Mobility and to get the Enhanced rate it’s 12 points; the 2 elements are valued differently with

the Daily Living standard rate being £54,45 and the enhanced rate £81.30 per week,

for  Mobility, the standard rate is £21.55 and the enhanced rate is £56.75 per week.

This differs greatly from the old DLA which had three levels of award, the rates which are/were worth  for care

lowest rate – £21.55

middle rate – £54.45

highest rate – £81.30

and for the mobility component

lower rate – £21.55
higher rate – £56.75

I believe these changes clearly demonstrate how the government have reduced PIP spending by a total o£2.2bn?

Personally under DLA I received Mid Care & High Mobility, however under PIP I scraped in at a bare 8 in daily living and 10 for mobility costing me almost £140 per month!! I have reported my intention to ask for a Mandatory Consideration and will keep you posted; in the meanwhile…

…I’m trying to collect evidence of PIP being no more than another Government attempt to cut even more money from disabled people, further driving us into poverty; therefore I ask all of you to please share with me Your examples of PIP, have you received an award, was it worth more/less than before etc.

If you would prefer to share this info anonymously that’s fine and if you want to do so privately, please contact me at

THANK YOU in advance for your input Jxx


Footnote* From truthmeister – ”

As for saving money, the bungling incompetence of IDS has meant that a proposed saving of £1.2bn pa has actually turned into an increase in spending of £1.6bn pa to date, as per the IFS:” Thanks


97 thoughts on “The cost of PIP? £35 less per week, Thanks #DWP! – This is A CALL OUT for Info

    • Sadly, you may find it says indefinitley, which is not the same as for life, it will effect every one, find out what you can and the help you need in advance. Best of intentions x

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      • well l was awarded DLA for life, but l still had to go to pip, l was born with my disabilatys,
        so l got my medical records, and other records, armed with the truth, went to the medical and was very ill for 2 months, worrying, waiting for there verdict, l am 65 l am never going
        to get better now. thankfully, l got it ok. it dont make no difference, if you have it for life. etc, l was awarded it for life, still had to go and see them. try and get all the proof, medical records, etc, people tell lies about there condition, medical records dont lie

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      • After being on high rate of care and mobility have just had my pips assessment, I have been put down to standard rate on both, however I recorded the assessment and the report differs clearly from the answers I gave. I was 2 points short on the care component and 1 point on the mobility. I can’t use the tape but just listening to it there are 4 questions where I should have received between 4-6 points care and 4 points mobility. What’s the best plan, do I tell them I have this on record or go through the appeal route. So down at the moment just feel like ending it all.


      • I hate platitudes but I do understand what you mean – I too felt like this upon receiving my decision; the first step in appealing is to submit a Mandatory Reconsideration (MR), where you offer your rationale for disagreement. Contact DWP and tell them you are submitting an MR and you then have 4 weeks to offer them any evidence etc of your challenge, so in short this is what you can do at the moment it is only after you receive your new decision can you submit for tribunal. There are so wonderful sites around to offer in depth help with appealing, I suggest you try

        I hope this was useful and I wish you all luck.


    • I had it for life. Doesn’t mean a thing. They stopped my higher rate mobility and I’ve had it since 2001, so I’ve suddenly got better at 68 yrs of age???? I didn’t even get assessed by a doctor, just some slip of a girl. This government want’s shooting.


  1. Yes always thought that this was part of their tactic and although I’ve now beein waiting 6 months for an assessment I expect when I have it I will barely scrape the daily living and likewise the mobility component. When I was kicked off DLA (for my reclaim form arriving 3 days late) I was in receipt of low care and high mobility but will keep you posted….maybe in a year or so at this rate.

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  2. I am so sick of this government who say we will look after the disabled etc etc etc yet stab us in the back every which way they can. These people are all multi millionaires so have no idea what it is like to struggle financially let alone deal with illness and disability……I hope they all become sterile and never have any kids because if they do they will probably ask for every disabled person to be bumped off as soon as they try to apply for any benefits and I am serious about this view….so now we need to make sure that Labour will look after us and we need to lobby them nowwwwwwww!

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  5. Sorry Jayne but the amounts that you quote are wrong.

    The enhanced rate of PIP mobility for 2014/15 is £56.75 pw, not £55.25 pw. That is the same as the high rate of DLA.

    The enhanced rate of PIP Daily Living for 2014/15 is £81.30 pw, not £79.15 pw. That is the same as the high rate of DLA care component.

    The standard rate of PIP mobility for 2014/15 is £21.55 pw, ie the same as low rate DLA and the standard daily living rate of PIP is £54.45 pw, ie the same as middle rate DLA care.

    You are quoting the PIP amounts for 2013/14 v the DLA amounts for 2014/15.

    Whilst PIP has obviously been introduced to save money rather than to “better reflect today’s understanding” of disability as per Esther McVey, DLA was never assessed on a points system so saying you scored more points on your PIP assessment makes no sense.

    As for saving money, the bungling incompetence of IDS has meant that a proposed saving of £1.2bn pa has actually turned into an increase in spending of £1.6bn pa to date, as per the IFS:


    • Isn’t one of the main planned “savings” ie cuts arising from the total abolition of the lower rate care – which many have held? The conditions that allowed for this rate to be awarded are now no longer considered to need support. As BOTH care and mobility must score points to claim anything at all under PIP, then all lower rate care DLA recipients will lose ALL claim for PIP, unless they can re-apply and demonstrate their care needs meet the PIP lower rate / DLA middle rate.

      As I understand it, any change in circumstance that must be notified to DLA (such as change of GP, or home address, or health of course) will trigger an automatic reassessment and migration onto PIP, so anyone who receives the lower rate of DLA care will thus find themselves without any benefits at all.

      Perhaps someone could either confirm or deny this?

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  6. I am dreading the day that they call me in – I’m so scared! Although I live in Scotland (where if the SNP do enter a coalition with Labour, they have stated that they want full control over Welfare and in doing so would immediately scrap PIP) – I know that sooner or later I will get the call. I need the higher awards as I have to pay for people coming in, and I need a car or I am housebound 😦
    Life sucks with this government and I so hope that either a Labour/SNP/Green government, or even a rainbow government is voted for. It’s the only way to bring about changes in not only the way governments are run, but how the welfare system must be run.

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  7. Went from DLA (assessed mid 2012) awarded Mid Care / High Mobility.

    Assessed for PIP (late 2013) Standard for both = loss of £140 per month.

    No change in my condition. But saved HMG a few quid & makes my life just that bit more difficult.

    Really couldn’t face asking for reconsideration after trauma of ESA appeal in the past. Tug forelock & be grateful for their charity !!


  8. The goal posts have been moved considerably. In order for you to score a 12 on anything you need to be VERY disabled. The whole assessment process is bullshit. I have seen claims who’s assessments recognise the seriousness of the claimants conditions, and then they award 2 points, as if severe rheumatoid arthritis only has a minor effect on one’s ability to move, despite recognising that the claimant can only walk a maximum of 50 meters and does so in severe pain. If this only scores 2 points you have to be a head with no body to get 12 I think.


  9. I would be curious whether there was a correlation between those who have had their DLA reduced to lowest rate by a WCA and those now being refused PIP.


  10. there is also the point that people being migrated from DLA to PIP are losing out on vast amounts due to backlogs and incompetence, so yet another saving there, despite our estreemed ministers saying no one would lose out migrating from DLA to PIP… in my case i lost some £6.5k, It toook as per Crapitas own letter , ” capita’s part in the process took 42 weeks 2 days, and i recognise you have experienced significant delays in your claim” .. My award ran out in March, assessment May, decision awarding me enhanced rate for both mobility and care Nov. i also now receive SDA, had this process been sorted out within the limit of my DLa running out, (they first contacted me in Nov 2013) my award would have been made at the appropriate time and thus i would not have lost out on such a great amount of money. The reply thus far is well you were being paid.. yes at the wrong lower rate was my retort… i await a reply now to my official complaint and a claim for maladministration and an Extra Statutory Payment to cover the loss.

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  11. But the reality isn’t that PIP is different, the financial amounts are the same.. it’s that you’ve been reassessed differently. That could have happened on DLA in exactly the same way. And maybe PIP is more strict, but for many surely it needs to be.. I know someone recently refused and there is no way on earth he requires the same amount of extra money that I did prior to my move out of the country. My points score for mobility easily reaches over 30, care I’m not sure about anymore but I left the UK on middle care for 5 years and high mobility for the previous 8 years. (low care initially) Clearly people are conning the system, clearly not fair on the genuine claimants but seriously needed for some that have been scraping through on DLA without even being assessed properly… I never got lucky, I had 5 years before a clear neurological diagnosis for my leg pain so had medicals over and over.. all putting well into the DLA groups I warranted, but some people say they have a diagnosis of something serious.. like rheumatoid arthritis and get high rates in spite of being able to walk considerably.. but no one questions their responses because they understand what RA can mean. Questionable or unusual diagnosis and we are liars that need to be very thorough with in my experience. The minute my neurosurgeon diagnosed the problem it became easier.. suddenly the pen pushers could assign a code to me that magically told them I wasn’t a liar after all. You can’t deny there are many people out there lying, where i live now it is wonderful.. they believe me 100% about my pain and the limitations it creates whereas the DWP still thinks I lie. (ref the hoops I had to go through to get transferred to ESA. – 3½ years of letters from them to my doctors who couldn’t believe they were expected to fill in 40 pages of paperwork about stuff they knew little about.. DWP couldn’t just trust me to have explained it as thoroughly as I had. But they did eventually.. for now anyway. lol


    • Bullshit. There’s only two mobility questions on PIP – each with a maximum of 12 points. That’s 24 points. Absolutely no way you could get 30.

      The other thing is that if you’re income is that if you can’t afford to fund care even with PIP, you’ll be given extra support by social services. So it’s possible to have very different levels of severity on Enhanced Rate PIP by the very nature of it only being two levels. Home care costs are estimated at £10-15 an hour. On enhanced rate PIP, someone could purchase up to 8 hours of care. Obviously someone who needs just over one hour of care a day is going to be very different to someone who needs 24/7 support.


  12. I got an increase in my PIP when changing from DLA but I sent a request for the info as soon as I got home from the assessment I didn’t give them any peace. They gave me enhanced both parts for 10 years within 4 days so I will be after them again in 10 years time

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  13. Reblogged this on Lindas Blog and commented:
    I can Highly Recommend this website:

    For a very moderate and affordable subscription fee, a bunch of lawyers who specialise in Benefit Law and Human Rights Law, work day and night compiling factual ‘self help’ guides relating to all benefit claims, reconsiderations and appeals.

    They constantly update these guides due to the DWP forever editing and changing the forms/requirements etc.

    There are also (alleged) DWP guides for those carrying out the assessments and those making the decisions which can be extremely useful when making a claim.

    I have used them and will continue using them and always recommend them to my healthcare professionals and friends who may not understand the true agenda behind the questions they ask etc.

    They have an excellent PIP/DLA guide which also explains the differences and how to negotiate the questions etc, in order to achieve benefits you should be entitled to….

    There is also a ‘Group’ subscription, for organisations supporting individuals, which I believe include training packs etc….


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  16. ME sufferer. Fought to get DLA high rate mobility and low rate care just a couple of years ago. Despite being quite a bit worse on the mobility side PIP has meant the loss of my car, and thus being made housebound, and also any care money, which was because I was unable to cook.

    This latter loss is something that has not achieved the publicity that the change in mobility criteria has. Under DLA those who could not manage to cook a meal got lower rate care. Now low rate care has been scrapped and, despite there being a cooking activity in the new lower/standard care assessment, the criteria are tighter. For me it was the unspecified, “aid or appliance” that allowed them to avoid giving me enough points. I couldn’t manage to prepare a meal when I was assessed for DLA and I still can’t but now I don’t qualify. Cost to me: £21-55 per week. And now I can’t afford the (much more expensive than raw ingredients) ready meals I was using this for.

    I await my mandatory reconsideration with paaatttiiieeennnccceee… and will appeal

    Even Tireder-than-normal Git

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    • Brown DWP envelope. Mandatory reconsideration. Surprise, surprise – no change. Who would have guessed! Ah well, on with the appeal.

      I do wonder how many people go for mandatory reconsideration and then give up. Probably quite a lot of deserving folk for whom the whole process is just too much. Does mandatory reconsideration ever reverse a decision or is it just another ploy to wear down tired old gits like me?


      • I don’t know, I really feel for you. I’v just had a change costing me over £200+ a month from DLA to PIP, Yesterday I was suicidal, today I’m plain angry at being treated this way. I’m a tired old gitess and in the process of penning a letter to ask them to look at the decsion again. Do you think it’s worth asking for the criteria and paer work for an appeal if they do not change the decision? Good luck x


      • My guess is you’re probably correct, I know of several cases where the DWP have reversed the situation, it really is in the production of the response – ALL Best with the appeal and if you need any support get in touch xx


  17. Absolutely request the file and at the same time tell them you are lodging a Mandatory Reconsideration – this then gives you the time to review it properly and compose your best response – Good Luck Julie xx


  18. Jayne, are you saying; to ask for them to look at the application and the decision again, and say I am lodging a manitory reconsideration, and ask for for file they have for me? And if yes to all, how do I lodge a manditory reconsideration? You are a God send Jayne x


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  22. Like you I scored more points on PIP than I did on DLA but still they cut my money. They have stopped the mobility component completely for me and now I only get the care component at the higher rate. This is a loss of £86.00 a month for me. It is just criminal. My condition has not changed but the criteria has, this is yet another blatant attack on the disabled, it’s outrageous.

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  23. Given mid care 11points and12 points mobility ,Asked them to man recon after they have supplied how decision reached.Appear they ignored any physical help needed and 11 points given for using aids!!!!As this was dla to pip asked wether benefit would be stopped whilst man recon ,said no?.Anybody know any difference.


    • Mine didn’t, but I did recieve the lower payment that I had been awarded instead of what I was getting before their latest decision. I hope this makes sense.
      Good luck with the M/R


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  25. well had my assesement later than was agreed, and have still had no paperwork through stating what i am getting, but just had my first PIP payment in to my bank account which from the PIP website payments page looks like its a part payment of 3 weeks worth and looks like i have just lost £35 per week, however not cofirmed as no paperwork am going to phone them but i have no doubt i have went from middle care component and higher mobility rate to the standard living and standard mobility, so £140 less a month and now no idea how i am going to pay my bills which took every penny before!!!!!!!!


  26. Hi
    I have just received notification that I have been unsuccessful in my first claim for PIP. I have not claimed DLA OR ESA now or previously, can someone advised what steps I need to take to appeal this decision?


    • Hi Tracey, the initial step to take is to phone the DWP and request the assessment report from your ‘medical’; once you have that you are in a position to identify any errors/misrepresentations. Once you’ve got this and if you are still wanting to appeal get back in touch and I’ll take you through the process. Please do this quickly otherwise you’ll find yourself timed out under the one month ruling. Good luck x


  27. I was on middle care and low mobility I now get nothing for mobility and standard care I have lost just over £100 a month thanks to pip and now I have no bus pass


  28. well l took my medical records with me, and all other proof with me, and l did ok,
    l just told the truth, as best l could, with my speech lmpedament, but got there in the
    end. they were very nice to me, a friend came with me, just in case they could not understand me. l get both. for pip. even though l am 65 l still had to go to pip. it is a lot of
    stress for anyone to go through. maybe the goverment is trying to kill us all off. in our old age. ohh and yes l was on DLA for life. indefinite period. as well. but still had to go to pip


  29. I have been getting dla at high care and low mobility ,on a indefinite award for 10 years .
    I had my assessment for pip less than 2 weeks ago . Today I received the decision.
    I have been told I no longer need any care even though my condition as deteriorated since my dla award . I have been awarded low mobility for another condition and nothing for the original one it was awarded for on dla?
    There’s now £314 a month difference to my dla award .
    The person doing the consultation left out a lot of the conversation and ignored things I told them to influence the outcome.
    Can anyone advice me to overturn this decision.
    I am at my wits end with all of this and Unsure where to go next .


    • Hi Ray firstly you must submit a mandatory reconsideration request, you can do this over the phone; in this raise the issues above and emphasise your true difficulties. If this fails you can then apply to tribunal.


  30. I have M.E. and other illnesses after my Mandatory Reconsideration I was awarded low rate PIP in both components, (when I was on high rate mobility and care for DLA.) My health has worsened with all the stress and I have told DWP of a change in my circumstances as I am a lot worse. I am not well to attend any assessment and I have told the DWP that I do not consent to another assessment as I am too sick and the stress makes me relapse, today I have been told they will stop my PIP if I don’t give them a good reason why I said no to assessment. Is being too unwell to attend not a good enough reason?


    • Hi Ellie, unfortunately I do not think DWP will accept your truth as a ‘reasonable reason’; I do suggest you find a group in your area who can support/represent you at assessment; and ask for it to take place at home if that will help. Sorry to not be more positive with my response but I would expect them to stop your PIP unless you can demonstrate you are terminally ill (the only time they don’t insist on assessment). Good luck whatever you do xx


  31. Thanks for your reply, I gotta admit this whole situation is extremely stressful for us all disabled. I live in a rural area and the nearest support group is forty miles away. Would a new letter by my doctor be of any help? I have contacted my local MP for assistance too.


  32. New medical evidence, including a letter certainly couldn’t hurt, neither will support from your MP; I have heard that DWP are only responding to Politicians so….this is unofficial though. Again I wish you every luck x


    • I have just re-read the letter I received yesterday and it actually says I did not attend a consultation on particular date of last year, when in reality I have never been given an appointment on this date and also my PIP/REF No is not the same as on my other correspondences.


  33. i have dla high rate and low rate care im about to have the doctor come round to asses me
    i have slipped disk that keeps slipping thats pushing on my spinal cord also depression and
    artritus and ibs if i lose my motability car im house bound im so scared dont know what i will do if they refuse me 😦


      • After three days of waiting for the doctor to phone, I have finally spoken to the medical secretary and I have reiterated I need a letter from my doctor to state I have a diagnosis of M.E. and that I am too ill both physically and emotionally for an assesssment. I have also my MP contacting the DWP on my behalf and I have joined the M.E. Association for further support as their medical advisor and doctor will also write me a letter of support.


    • I have received a letter of support from the M.E. Association medical advisor and doctor, in actual fact he seems more alert than my own physician. Talking of my own doctor, I am still waiting for him to call me back, my mother has taken in my letter to the surgery to say I request another letter from my doctor but so far almost a week later no response. I will keep you all posted on any news.

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  34. It is now a week since my mother took my written request to our my doctor for a letter for the DWP and still no letter received, I have been told that the surgery will call when the letter is there but at present I feel at the end of my tether as the time limit is nearing for me to reply to the DWP. I feel at present that the GP and DWP are in cahoots together to stop the disabled continuing to receive PIP.


  35. I have just written my reply to the DWP on my own piece of paper because if you write and sign their reply form that is another way for them to get consent from you. While having my daily sleep this morning my mother phoned the GP surgery only to be told that a doctor would call after 2pm. It is now after 5pm and still no call.


  36. Just to let everybody know early this morning my mum received a call from the surgery to say that the letter I was waiting for has been posted to me and it has been written by the senior partner doctor at the practice who has never seen me so I am hoping it is good news, and also I have received this morning a text message from the DWP thanking me for my claim form that has been received by them, when that was mailed back to them months ago, I tried to text back by asking when did they receive it but it was a non-reply text message. Is this good or bad news?

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  37. I have the exact same problem. Dla i got high mobility middle care. Swapped to pip and now get standard on both meaning i lose out almost £150 a month of the only income i have. Its disgusting


  38. Any advice on what to do next, Capita have arranged for me to have an home assessment (the last time this happened:- I scored zero and suffered a major relapse.) It says in the PIP handbook, assessments are not needed with neurological conditions, so I definitely need help.


    • Could you ask for a recorded interview or have a reliable witness with you, I vicar or priest would prick their conscience to do the right thing. focuss on the criteria . Maybe qote the criteria in you answers it; can you walk more than 20 metre, answer according to if you can do it regularly, safely with out causing harm to yourself or others, (I can’t remember off the top of my head the exact desciptors, but hopefully you get my drift. Good luck


    • Hi Ellie
      You really would benefit from a rep being with you; do you have anyone you can rely on to be there and take notes (in an obvious manner). Also have you referred Capita to the reg on Neuro conditions?

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  39. Hi Jayne, would it be worth it for my mum to email Capita on the regs in the PIP handbook regarding assessments are not needed when suffering a neurological illness?


    • I believe it is well worth any and all interventions, so yes and when Capita flounder and say they have to do the assessment as they answer to DWP at least you’ll have the evidence you have informed them they are acting against the regs ! Copy the email to your cllrs (if they are trustworthy) and send a copy to DWP Complaints about the department:
      If you have a complaint about the Department for Work and Pensions itself, write to:
      Department for Work and Pensions
      PO Box 50101
      SW1P 2WU
      This is because there is no where to send pip complaints to ???

      Hope this helps, keep me posted and as always Every Best xx


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