#DWP Review of #PIP A car crash waiting to happen.

So the ‘Honourable’ disabilities minister Sarah Newton stated in a press release (no questions people) the DWP is to review 1.6 Million PIP application forms; so the 220,000 claimants with Mental Health problems (of which I am one) should receive the Mobility element previously disallowed.

This simply Terrifies me. On paper I ought to be able to look forward to a point some time in the (distant?) future, my PIP award resembles a similar amount to that of my prior DLA – about an extra £35 a week. However  I share the fears of  fellow blogger  Joe Halewood ‏who said on Twitter “What sort of idiot thinks reassessing 1.6 m PIP claimants – and it will be a FULL reassessment not just MH aspects – is good news? PIP will go down as well as up and some will have it taken away. 1.6 m more stressed out claimants too!”

Given the Tories track record regarding Disability Benefits, I too am concerned this review will not merely identify claims with Mental Health elements to reassess, I feel this is more of an excuse for DWP to further slash PIP payments. In the aforementioned press release Ms Newton also stated ““We are working with stakeholders to change the PIP assessment guide so that we can implement the judgment.”

Oh dear, more ‘changes’ to the assessment guide? Whilst I  think some of the expected 220,000 claimants will have their benefit increased, I also concur with Joe “PIP will go down as well as up and some will have it taken away”. The outcomes of the original ‘changes’ to ESA, as well as the introduction of PIP, demonstrated the value the Tories have for disabled people; and it is for these reasons I Fear this review.

I am also slightly perturbed that this exercise will “take years” and whilst I agree priority for the upgrade should be given to “claimants who have since died, and those who had their benefits denied entirely“. But given this, it is more likely I will be reclaiming PIP before my claim is reviewed, therefore I will presumably not benefit at all from this whole carbuncle, and I know I will not be the only one.

Overall the only thing I KNOW concerning this situation is More Stress is guaranteed.


20 thoughts on “#DWP Review of #PIP A car crash waiting to happen.

  1. Oh, I had understood it to mean that those 1.6 million people would now automatically qualify and that any reassessment meant a reassessment of the form, itself, so that it implements the court judgement and better encompasses more appropriate questions for mental health applicants and minimises the possibility of Govt being taken to court again. Now I am not so sure. I shall be watching this space and trying to stay calm. x

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    • 1.6 million is actually every claimant in receipt of PiP, I watched the Q&A session, the wording is very ambiguous, I wonder why they would review either those that are in receipt of the highest rate available or those who don’t have MH problems? It will not benefit either group and it will add greatly to the time it takes to complete the whole exercise, I feel as uneasy as the author.

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  4. Thanks, Jayne. I thought of you as soon as I saw the news. I must say the questions that Joe raises occurred to me too, but then I thought, “Don’t be cynical, Bob!” But he’s right – given their record, they are likely to make this an excuse to reduce or remove payments while they’re “reviewing” the system. Also, when I saw the bit about not having to go through face-to-face assessments, I thought, “No, it’ll be faceless assessments, with no comeback.” But that’s me being cynical again! Let’s hope these worst fears are not realised.

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  5. Whilst we do not yet know exactly what they intend, there is enough evidence from their past actions to be confident that this is far more likely to be just a means to cut some other way. I can’t see it being good news either.

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  6. I have been down £500 per month for a year now, from full pip to nothing. At the court stage now, I have been told I could be waiting another 30 weeks for the court date. The struggle has been way too much now. I am in too much pain and exhaustion to carry on .

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  8. So then….Capita and Atos are losing money regarding assessments, so much so, that they have to reassess everyone again to claw back more cash.
    Not surprising really, the DWP and their bedfellows have traumatized almost everyone claiming PIP and ESA, a lot of claiments have dropped of the radar due to “psychological distress”.
    This has had a knock on affect with local councils regarding the blue badge scheme, Councils get thousands of pounds in revenue dishing out blue badges. ( that’s the other story).
    Another money making scam, Whats the betting blue badges will increase from 10 pounds to 15 or 20 quid.
    Kurching all round. Its all about the money, not your wellbeing or human rights.

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