Sickness worsening? Beware following DWP rules

Before Christmas I attended an emergency interim appointment with my psychotherapist, (I’m still waiting regular appointments 2 years after referral); this was due to my continuous depression and dissociation becoming dangerous, I was constantly fighting thoughts of suicide . Because the S word was used, my therapist was obliged to write to my GP, which then led to my carer being compelled to inform the DWP of a change in my circumstances; what amazed me was, this reported change resulted in me having to complete a new claim!

Why the DWP feel a deterioration in mental health would be helped by having to go through the process of a new claim I’ve no idea? Anyway my carer duly filled in the form, and on page 31, other information, he stated HE was both my full time carer and would be acting as my representative, this was then sent off along with the appropriate report from my therapist.

I received a home visit fairly quickly from a pleasant man, who after numerous requests as to his qualifications, reluctantly admitted he was a paramedic; when it came to him asking me about my mental health he decided it would be a good idea to tell me of his experiences of dealing with people who had taken their own lives. In truth all this did, was inform me where not to carry out my thoughts, and in no way made me feel any more positive; if anything it caused me to focus on my suicide plan even more.

Two weeks ago the dreaded brown envelope arrived with the decision; which along with the usual errors of the decision makers (DM) not reading the information, this unknown DM had in their wisdom, determined, because I am still on the waiting list for regular therapy, my mental health wasn’t too bad!

As if this wasn’t enough to deal with, the same day my daughter phoned and said she had also received a copy of my decision; I went ballistic. The whole reason for Tony, my partner dealing with everything was because I didn’t want my daughter knowing just how ill I was.

As this was a Saturday, I stressed until the Monday morning when Tony rang to request a copy of the assessors report, he also asked why my information had been sent out to another person; the call centre operative checked and apparently a decision maker had decided to change him as my rep and add my daughter instead?!!

A complaint was immediately written and sent off and we’re awaiting the response; so be warned, if you have a change in circumstances be prepared to go through yet another claim and hope your info doesn’t get sent to anyone else.

I’ll update this when the reply arrives.


63 thoughts on “Sickness worsening? Beware following DWP rules

      • No worries 🙂
        Also just want to say that it’s outragoeus that they contacted your daughter with very private information of yours; total breech of rules and data protection (if your daughter phoned them to ask questions about you she’d be quoted ‘no can do due to Data Protection’ and yet they seem to think it’s ok to breech their own rules when they so wish!
        Also, the length of time you’re waiting to be seen cannot be equated that you’re not ‘an important case’ but due to teh fact that the bloody Tories have squeezed and squeezed MH funding until it’s non exsistant and so waiting lists have grown! Doesn’t take a maths degree to work that out hey?!
        Finally (!) how on earth does a paramedic, no disrecspect to the amazing job they do, have the qualifations and experience to make a decision on your MH in a rather unprfessional and causaul way? I’m not trying to disrespect them in their role they perform everyday, but to assess someone like yourself (myself) is a job of a professional MH practitioner and for no one less; short changed very much here I fear as you well have worked out for yourself.
        Keep us posted on the progress with all the above, and take care. M xx

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  3. So sorry about this for you Jayne. If you’re already ill, then you become additionally ill, then surely you’re original status of being ‘too ill to work’ stands for something? Apparently not!

    I’m in a similar situation. As it was not known what was wrong with me, and I’ve lots of additional tests to go through, then I happened to get an ESA form, which I was expecting anyway, I decided to leave it until then to inform them. I’m just worried that they won’t accept me not telling them for a few months, but even the doctors thought that this new deterioration might be part of my original illness. I’m dreading actually informing them if I finally get a diagnosis for something else.

    You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t it seems.

    Hope that this stress lifts for you soon; it’s all that you need at present.

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  5. I’m so sorry they are mistreating you again Jayne. And all the same things are true re physical impairment. When I informed them that I no longer needed the lower rate of care for the impact of bilateral golfers and tennis elbow, they rang me wanting to re-assess my mobility! Luckily I think the lady who rang was secretly on my side and she dropped it. I know how they justify it to the public – who will believe anything, it seems – as in ‘Well you might need more from us’ but we know it is just an excuse to re-assess and take benefits away.

    On Tue, Feb 2, 2016 at 11:52 AM, jaynelinney wrote:

    > jaynel62 posted: “Before Christmas I attended an emergency interim > appointment with my psychotherapist, (I’m still waiting regular > appointments 2 years after referral); this was due to my continuous > depression and dissociation becoming dangerous, I was constantly fighting ” >


  6. Shocking Behavior.
    I myself have been trying to access a pip payment,i have told dwp and my mp that i am not consenting to be assessed by a healthcare professional, due to the use of NLP,a form of physiological warfare.
    Which is based on a discredited insurance company UNUM Insurance.
    i have quoted the Geneva Convention on Human Rights and gave them 10 days to respond,i believe that as this is statutory act and you dont need to consent to an act.
    Best of luck x

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  8. Ye Gods & Little Fishes, Jayne! What a complete “cluster-f**k”, as they say over here! I hope and trust that you are now feeling more positive – if I were in your shoes I think the prospect of blasting these jumped-up little petty bureaucrats out of the water would keep me going, if nothing else. Hugs and healing vibes to you, my friend. xx

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