More Evidence This Government Is The Killing STATE of #Tory Britain

Today the Observer View is around the imaginary reasons and victims of the Austerity Agenda. As I have continually said for the past 5 years the Tories have persistently developed and implements policies which actively discriminated against those who are most vulnerable, belong to minority groups and, or are the poorest.

The Observer states “Lacking a positive vision or plan, this is a government whose agenda is defined not by finding solutions, but scapegoats”. We Scapegoats are paying the price with our health, and with our lives; the time has to come when We say ENOUGH.

Two month ago I wrote a post with this name which I’ve left below as a reminder.Today further evidence of the discriminatory way Governments of the past ten years have treated Sick & Disabled people has been published “Sick and disabled Brits killed by the state – crime without punishment Successive UK Governments have restricted access to vital long-term sickness and disability benefits” by Welfare Weekly

It is time the attitudes and actions by Politicians towards not only disabled people but ALL individuals and groups not of the Elite; the disgusting treatment people labelled as  the #Windrush generation, the record number relying on Foodbanks to survive, the list goes on.

As the evidence Grows the words of Martin Niemoller haunt me

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist……Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Surely it is time to Demand the Government STOPS this and does so NOW; and if nothing else, remember you can make sure your voice is heard at next month the local elections, Use you vote to Say NO MORE KILLING

More than 100 women in Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre have gone on hunger strike over “inhumane” conditions at the facility.” This is a situation beyond despair, the last time I could find multiple women forced into going on hunger strike was in Northern Ireland in 1980/81 with three Irish women starving themselves to death. Before then we have to return to a Century ago; what have the three times in common – Tory Governments.

I’m making no judgement as to why these women were incarcerated, although Asylum seekers and other migrants are imprisoned without committing crime; nor am I suggesting all of the women are innocent. But I am committed to the idea people do NOT enter the ‘Justice system’ to DIE.

Further It is not only women who are suffering in our jails, two men have hanged themselves just in the past two days, one teenager arrested for stealing sweets! On twitter  tells of watching a man be convicted of a series of shop thefts…what became clear was that his family were on the brink of starving & his children malnourished. Hence the thefts which were only of essential items.

In appears the ‘justice system’ is not fit for purpose, and as readers will know this is not the only Government Department desperately failing people of the UK; today a series of articles from @johnpringdns  show the DWP is subverting justice’ at appeal tribunals along with a council being forced to launch an inquiry into the death of a terminally-ill disabled woman who total package of  personal care had suddenly been withdrawn just a few days before she died. And New revelations how our old adversary Esther McVey, had LIED AGAIN to fellow MPs. Pop over to John’s site for more evidence of failure.

The continuing and ever increasing articles containing the evidence and details of vulnerable people DYING  as a result of systematic Government Failure disturbs me greatly. As a life long depressive I have seriously considered ending my life on many occasions in truth I FIGHT these thoughts DAILY, I’m not admitting this for sympathy, I really don’t need or want it, I’m stating this because I Loathe being subjected into survival mode due to an uncaring, dysfunctional and bigoted Establishment. I GET why the women in Yarl’s Wood are risking their lives, it becomes impossible to flourish as a vulnerable person in the UK today; but I HOPE none of them end up life their male counterparts above nor the woman dying because her essential care was removed.

No one deserves the struggles and despair the people above go and went through – None of us, including myself should be forced to fight daily to survive because our Politicians Lie about the dismal state of welfare and justice in the UK today.

I’ll keep on Fighting until I can no longer do so and I sincerely Hope you’ll all join with me to rid the UK of this vile Killing Government

20 thoughts on “More Evidence This Government Is The Killing STATE of #Tory Britain

  1. It really is time people woke up in this country, those of us on the left have been saying this for years and still people look the other way, thinking they are somehow immune. We have to be blunt about it and tell them in terms they can’t fail to understand.

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    • As long as it does not involve inciting violence and criminal damage in supposedly peaceful demonstrations, as has happened elsewhere in the world. A person’s poliotical beliefs are no excuse for sedition. There must be an awakening and the real left dedicated to people rather than pollitical gain, should be the ones leading it. We must educate people on who the real spongers are and how they enlist our comlicity and make us pliable in order to truly get the message across and break the propaganda myths that people have been brainwashed into believing. Solidarity is only worthy if it is all inclusive of the majority, therein lies power to change.

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  2. I believe the problem is not just with the Conservatives, but with Labour as well. In Manchester, the totally Labour controlled council has been very quick to implement Tory policy, without any attempt to put their residents needs first. Also, with the Tories in the minority, why have they been able to bring their policies into force? Until, we have proportional representation, we will always a Government, Labour or Conservative, that looks after big business and shafts the poor. Even those in academia, who are part of the problem, are now beginning to fell the heat.

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    • Until the majority realize the Imperialist elitist mindset is prevalent in representatives both sides of the aisle, we will not break their hold. May’s husband made a fortune from the bombing of Syria(from Lockheed) and therefore, Mrs. May was never acting in the interests of the majority and should be impeached. Was she?
      PR is never going to happen – unless we force the issue. Too many politicians are serving their own interests and doing very nicely, than you very much, to allow real democracy a chance.

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  3. Hi Jayne,

    I am SO with you on everything you say here (including, between you and me, the suicidal thoughts driven back by the passion to fight!

    I have been asked to speak at the May Day rally in Reading and will probably use some of this to urge people to MASS PROTEST.

    Thank you for all your efforts, despite the encroaching despair.


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  4. Reblogged this on Worldtruth and commented:
    We bomb the crap out of Syria for alleged “Human Rights Violations” without any evidence but let our own British regime (as per UN special rapporteur) get away with it, even though it is well evidenced. WTF? Pot, Kettle, Black?

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  7. The New Economics Foundation has just posted an article:
    As it points out, Manchester, a totally Labour controlled council is the most deprived City in the UK. The council, has implemented Tory policies, ignoring the voices of the local residents. It has carried out social cleansing in Manchester, to enable developers, such as Tom Bloxham of Urban Splash to profit. To gentrify Manchester, building ever more empty office blocks, retail units and ‘homes-to-rent’ whilst tearing down council housing. It is not just the Tories who are destroying the UK. Remember who bailed out the corrupt and incompetent banks!

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    • Oh Patrick, how I understand this. I’m from Leicester where we have a Labour City Mayor and 52 of our 54 Cllrs are also Labour and yet…..we at the lower end of the economic scale, along with trees (our mayor’s pet hate??) have been subjected to ridiculous cuts in service and massive increases in local taxes for example I now pay £100 per month in Council tax – AFTER relief!

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  8. As a depiction of how unpleasant this country’s authorities are I just have to say Baby Alfie – jayne, would like to send you some material about this that you may not have seen but I don’t have your mail – are you able to contact me?


    • Hi Pete, I agree the situation with baby Alfie is a tragic one. However it is a tale I personally could not bear to read further details, this is due to it being a trigger for my mental health. I hope you understand


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