EXCLUSIVE #Disability Discrimination means Son is removed from Home?

The following true tale is the introduction into what will be a series of posts regarding a seeming miscarriage of justice and potential disability discrimination; names have been changed to protect the identities of these involved. The purpose of this post is to help the family concerned achieve real justice; please share as widely as possible.

Alison is a single parent of14 year old Adam, both live with various diagnosed and pending diagnosis health disorders including Fibromyalgia and Elhers Danos; Alison is also Autistic and symptoms suggest Adam is as well.

Due to Adams health, he found it difficult to cope with school from the beginning and despite special educational needs intervention, including one to one lessons he struggled experiencing bullying which resulted in him developing depression. These experiences became worse during Adams transition from junior to senior school, so much so that in 2015, Alison began to home educate him. Utilising her qualifications in Advanced Sports Therapy, Holistic Therapies and counselling, Alison along with other professional devised and delivered a programme of education with a wide variety of skills and healthy activities. This proved very successful wih two reviews from the LEA and feedback from the young carers project Adam attended, resulting in him showing a general improvement in mental capacity, attitude and general happiness.

However despite the improvements in Adams education and development the local social services were unhappy and persuaded Alison to undertake a psychological assessment. This transpired to be 4 and ½ hours of Rorschach testing and a further 3 hours of probing of her medical history, during which time Alison without an advocate, perhaps understandably became extremely agitated. The findings of this assessment, which interestingly Alison’s own GP deemed totally unnecessary, was Alison being regarded as having Somatic Syndrome Disorder and thus influencing Adam into thinking he has medical conditions.  The findings despite an array of medical, educational and other evidence to the contrary, was then used by social services to go to court, the outcome being Alison was found to be unable to care for her son and Adam was removed from home and taken into care.

The court when considering Adams future, refused to consider the historical  and educational evidence of Adams physical and psychological health and relied entirely upon Alisons psychological assessment. The miscarriage of justice transpired therein as it appears that the psychological assessor determined: Alisons willingness and ability to research the most appropriate consultants for her sons health, indicates she is only willing to work with selected professionals; further it seems Alisons knowledge that her personal diagnoses of autism and elher danos both have a genetic pre-disposition to health issues, was considered by the assessor as a desire to transpose these onto Adam.

Further the court found that Adam should be taken into care permanently and that contact with his mother would only be regulated once Alison shows no further concern for the health of her son.

The second post will follow soon.

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  3. Hi Jayne, The SS make more money from special needs children! In 1981 they made £7000 per Week by putting me in a Special School when I was 10yrs, at 14 they couldn’t pull it off so I was sent back to mainstream school, after losing 3 years of my education! I don’t know what the rate is now but she needs legal help immediately!!!

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    • Hi. Getting the help is the problem. There is no legal support for mothers in this situation due to the family courts and the way they operate. I know Alison personally and she is in a very bad place. She is unable to access the support she needs in order to get over any of the damage caused to her psychologically and is being expected to cope with Autism and physical disability virtually alone. Alison is suicidal and has been for almost 10 years as a result of NHS failings and mass problems in the socail care system. Alison is doing her best to survive but in terms of support, has been unable tio secure any constructive help on this situation or to help rebuild her life.

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    A story indeed and I await to hear further.

    On the face of it this appears to be a miscarriage of justice, as the assessment of Alison could be flawed, especially as she did not have an advocate present.

    The authorities have their point of view, but have they an agenda, for can you trust the authorities. They have the power and they use it, but do they use it in the best interest of those concerned.

    They are there as the experts, but experts can be wrong.

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    • It is totally financial, it has nothing to do with experts, at 10 yrs I had a reading age of 13, yet I was put into a special school for 3 years, there was nothing wrong with me apart from the fact that I was almost crippled by abuse, I never broke the law and never have since.

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  6. Disability is a huge multimillion pound industry, my daughter ,google finola moss for blog posts, was sent on threat of care order, to a National Autistic School paid £177,000 per year in 2007, now will be much more so at least £200,000 per year and no accountability for services.

    They are now increasingly private, and even if charitable the profits are recycled and given to managers head teachers.

    Disability via enforcement by courts and social workers, is making millions in profit and being bought up by US venture capital.

    They DISABLED at 18 for life, are then fed into ‘community living’, which is own by US Venture capital as it makes on average £7,000 a week for life and £13,000 if adult needs to be placed in one of their secure hospitals to drug to enable management Read finola moss blog.


  7. They stuck me in a special school for three years rather than bothering to properly diagnoise and asses me. AT 31 they finally diganoised me with autsitum or aspergers syndrome. I was very behind in my education when I left that school. However I now have a university degree which I got in my early 20s and I lived away from home to do so, so stuff them.

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  8. She needs a ruthless attorney and as many people behind her as she can get! Her son will suffer irreparable psychological damage that not only will affect him mentally but physically also. I find it reprehensible that this kind of thing is going on, she should contact the media and try to get someone to publish her story on the news or the Victoria Darbyshire show and newspapers. I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers! xx

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    This post, by Jayne Linney, should be shared far and wide, so that society can see that the bad old days are truly back with us again, where officials can make up whatever they please, in order to get the result they want!

    It sickens me that, once again, the authorities are interfering in the lives of the disabled and, to take away this disabled lady’s son, while using such a spurious result as the test they put her through, and without allowing her to have any representative present when it happened, makes me feel as if we are going back to a time where the disabled had no say at all in what was done to them.

    I hope and pray that this lady finds an advocate, to help her fight this, so that her son is reunited with her as soon as possible!

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    The discrimination against autism and EDS families has to stop! Corruption in social services and the family courts has to stop! Shocking discrimination against an autistic mother AGAIN and prevention of diagnosis of her son. For what reason has he been removed? Precisely none as far as I can see. Disgusting system. Please all reblog this and spread this story to shine a light on it.

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  11. A disgrace.

    I can only suggest the following from having EDS myself and also lessons from when my disabled friend and her AB partner had their baby taken for no good reason. She attended special school as at the time no local mainstream school could (would IMO) cater for her powerchair or personal care needs. The deputy head who knew her well wrote a letter to confirm she was there for her physical needs only and as soon as she was old enough she went to college and got some GCSEs 10 years before. SS ignored this and insisted she be tested for autism! She was lucky to have support from quite a few of her ex teachers and myself, a former teaching assistant who did a lot of SEN work. SS tried every trick to keep that baby but thanks to getting the right evidence while all the while being agreeable despite great provocation they got their baby back after about a year. They little lass is now 4, bright, I’d even say ahead in her development for her age, speaks beautifully clearly (SS had concerns that my friends speech, only mildly affected by her CP would slow the child’s communication development… Obviously they were forgetting that her father, grandparents and other adults in her life did not have affected speech… What a bullshit excuse!), she is so well behaved and a lovely child to be around
    1. Medical evidence from as many sources as possible, GP, consultants, hospital letters, any and everything. EDS is very real (I know, it’s happily destroying various bits of me) and as far as I knew, Asperger’s syndrome does not disqualify you from being a parent! SS will KNOW people with Asperger’s will find certain things stressful and I think they’ve played on that. Doctors letters may mean laying out but it’s worth it.
    2. Anyone can advocate, a friend or family member if no local disability advocacy is available.
    3. Local MPs and councillors can be sympathetic and often aware of any dirty tricks some agencies employ
    4. Never give up, try not to get upset or wound up in their presence. All and every interaction can and will be used against you.
    5. At 14 the young man’s feeling and input should be considered. He has rights too.
    6. Contact EDS UK to see if they’ve heard of similar cases and whether they have any support they can give. The area co ordinator may be able to help. Membership is free and the site has great downloads explaining EDS to the layperson. Try other disability charities too, I think Scope looked into this a couple of years ago and may have something.
    7. Written statements from friends and family, giving details of her stregnths as a parent and a person, their observations on the boy, comments on how the issues at school affected him and what she did to raise his confidence again. Details of any clubs or activities he goes to. Keep it factual but if they want to give an opinion at the end keep it polite.
    8. They will threaten court orders etc if you don’t cooperate, find out what they can and can’t do and submit your own evidence to any hearing. Judges have seen this before and will side with a parent if SS are in the wrong.

    Basically, the more evidence there is from different people the better, it’s the old thing of the more eyes SS know they have on them, the more pressure THEY are under and the tables will turn.

    I pray for justice for them and wish them and their supporters all the luck.

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    • It is. The child now weighs at least 3 stone less than he did. He is not well but being ignored. Putting up and shutting up. The mother continues to be lied about despite having no contact with SS or her son since July 2017

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