G4S are employing Cognitive Behavioural Therapists to deliver “get to work therapy”

Here we have a Terrifying Tale of #G4 now employing people who “have experience of delivering #CBT”. Note there are NOT seeking to employ Qualified Therapists, so anyone whose read a comic on the topic and tried it on their 3 year old could then be paid to ‘Re-train the Brain of People without a job!! WTF


Background Last April, more than 400 psychologists, counsellors and academics signed an open letter condemning the profoundly disturbing psychological implications of the  government’s austerity an…

Source: G4S are employing Cognitive Behavioural Therapists to deliver “get to work therapy”

11 thoughts on “G4S are employing Cognitive Behavioural Therapists to deliver “get to work therapy”

  1. This is the most ridiculous scheme which will cost far more than it saves and will also do far more damage to vulnerable people than good. Of course it is not intended to do good, it is intended to support the ideology of those pretending to be in public service i.e., DWP, Osborne, G4 and the likes. It is time the European Court of Civil Rights dealt with these usurpers of common decency and put them in their place; which should rightfully be in SERVICE of the public.

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  2. Shocked!! I am a CBT therapist, let me tell you what that entailed training wise..1 year post grad in mental health interventionsSeveral years experience in mental health1 year advanced Cert in CBTExperience training and shadowing CBT2 years post grad diplomaOver 200 hours of observed and assessed CBT by an accredited CBT therapist That’s why I consider myself a CBT therapist. When you have worked with me you can say you’ve had CBT (very different to ‘CBT interventions ‘ )The role in this advert requires experience of delivering CBT, so this can be pretty much any ‘life coach’ type back, sadly the worse thing is that when it is ineffectual the person will believe that they Harvard CBT and it didn’t work and they will feel even more beyond hope, I’ve seen it a 1000 times. So angry

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