IDS Lies to Tory Party – Time for him to GO?

Warning – The post below contains swearing

Just what the Fuck has Iain Duncan Smith on fellow members of the Conservative Party? Thanks to John Pring at Disability News Service, we know this excuse for a man in charge of the DWP has LIED AGAIN.  This time not only to us the people and the media, but also to his own Party!

This round of Lies is regarding the ‘success’ of the Disability Confident Campaign which, claims” the government is working with employers to remove barriers, increase understanding and ensure that disabled people have the opportunities to fulfil their potential and realise their aspirations.” John, via freedom of information requests has revealed, contrary to IDS claims at last years Tory Party Conference that more than 1,000 employers” had ‘signed up’ to the campaign, the reality is fewer than 400 actually joined, and only 68, are currently “active partners”!! The article is a must read, exposing as it does many other examples of the Minister being extremely selective (to say the least with the Truth).

Debbie Sayers and I are fully aware of the length of time IDS has being getting away with lies and exaggerations, and as regular readers know, we have been running our Truth Campaign for over two years. From our open letter to Esther McVey (remember her), to our petition to the Work & Pensions Committee which went to Parliament, and we are still going, with our current petition IDS – TIME TO STOP THE LIES.

It is the breadth of Lies issued by each of the various Ministers under IDS along with his own, and if you’re feeling masochistic and want to read more, search Lies on this blog alone, that makes me ask the question I began with – what the Fuck has IDS over the Tories?

I fail to understand why, they tolerate someone who alone, demonstrates every reason why this Government can’t be trusted; further I can not comprehend why the public aren’t screaming about it either?

I am fully aware of how difficult it is to keep on fighting when you’re suffering. I’ve not written, or done anything other than the bare minimum, for almost 2 months, due to very poor physical health and an exceptionally dangerously dark state of mind!

BUT, I can not and will not stop, pushing to have the Lies of all Ministers of the DWP Exposed – it is these Lies and Spin that drive the Policies which, according to coroner Mary Hassell, Triggered the suicide of Michael O’Sullivan, and most likely many many more.

If this bothers you as much as it does me, please let’s have a HUGE push to have #IDS Indicted.  No matter how futile it would be to ask Kathryn Hudson the Commissioner for Standards to investigate IDS; gaining a large number of signatures should afford us with enough media coverage to help actually get rid of IDS from the DWP; and that would make me feel better, how about you?

SIGN IDS – TIME TO STOP THE LIES, Share it and keep on sharing until the mainstream media can ignore it no longer.

#IDSIndicted  #TRUTHCampaign 

32 thoughts on “IDS Lies to Tory Party – Time for him to GO?

  1. Reblogged this on TheCritique Archives and commented:
    ‘…”contrary to IDS claims at last years Tory Party Conference that more than 1,000 employers” had ‘signed up’ to the campaign, the reality is fewer than 400 actually joined, and only 68, are currently “active partners” ‘
    c/o Jayne Linney

    it absolutely astounds me when Iain Duncan-Smith is being interviewed on live television that the broadcasters don’t have a team of experienced fact-checkers on standby to investigate everything he tells them. Nothing he says in defence of his own work ever proves to be true, so the news broadcasters should have cottoned onto that fact by now and started preparing a lot more rigorously before speaking to him.

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    • The broadcasters have almost certainly caught on but as you know the BBC is under threat of removal their licence by the tories, they accuse the Beeb of ‘left wing bias’ can you believe it? They are well & truly under the cosh. Sky, of course is Murdoch owned and have always been heavily biased to the right as are 95% of our printed press.

      I used to think what the hell has IDS got on Cameron or Osborne (who is I think the puppeteer really), he may have indeed but he’s also too useful in the role he has. His utter brass-neck, ease of lying through his teeth, suitably rhino-skinned and total contempt for the poor makes him perfect for the job. I’ve no doubt that Dave & Gideon find him a perfect useful idiot so why not let one Tory fool take the weight of the blame? It flatters his ego and he’s way too thick to work out that they’re happy for him to take the flack.

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    • The interviewer just needs to ask the disingenuous jerk if those facts were as true as his studies at the University of Perugia.

      If he replies that they are, then we’ll know they’re not.

      He would probably try to answer in some other way, though, so the interviewer should copy Paxman and ask that same question, again and again, until either IDS admits that he never attended Perugia University, or states that his claims are perfectly true, in which case the interviewer can get him on the fact that he inly ever attended a foreign language school in Perugia which did not grant degrees.

      Either way, he’d be shewn up as a LIAR.


      • No, he is not “only obeying orders” – he actually wants to be in charge of the DWP.

        Don’t you recall that, some few years ago, there were rumours of a Cabinet reshuffle and that IDS was going to lose DWP, perhaps going to the Foreign Office or to somewhere else in the Cabinet. He duly marched in to see the PM and, shortly afterwards, marched out again, still running (and ruining) the DWP.

        Apparently, he’d told Cameron that, if he was moved from the DWP, he’d just quit from the Cabinet and enjoy his time on the back benches along with other, right wing Tories, who’d press for the UK to leave the EU and for the UK to return to using Capital Punishment, and so on.

        That’s why IDS is the Teflon Tory – cowardly Cameron can’t move him or sack him, because he’d be too much trouble elsewhere. Short of Cameron and Fallon calling up a drone strike in Finchley when IDS is holding a local “surgery”, he’ll be stuck there for ever.


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  3. I am so with you on this, l too am in a very dark place at the moment (have been struggling for months)) because of this despicable person, can’t call him a man as that is an insult to other men. My hubby has been retired disabled since the beginning of the 90’s so l gave up the chance to work to be his carer and now with this threat of losing his benefits makes each day a struggle and it also makes me feel l gave up my life for nothing, l wake up crying and go to sleep crying, we have no future to look forward to just struggles. Surely there is something we can do to get this evil being out of government and his boss of course. I have signed and shared.

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  4. Reblogged this on loopeyange and commented:
    Thank you Jayne for this blog. I would find it difficult to structure an article like this due to my own ill health, so I fully understand how hard it must have been due to your health decline. I wish you the very best.

    I will be sharing your blog and the petition. I just fails me how this man is still Minister for DWP. I think he will go down in history, all for the very WRONG reasons, and we all have our own words we would like to say to the man who has led a campaign that has caused fear, worry, worsening health, and the loss of life, for us, the disabled, and unemployed people – all whom which are at the hands of the state through NO fault of their own.

    Whilst I appreciate that disabled/sick can go through the assessments and be ‘awarded’ their ‘welfare’ – like me – it still doesn’t take away the FEAR of having to go through PIP and ESA assessements.

    The fiasco of Universal credit alone should have seen him removed…..not to mention sanctions, deaths, and now yet more news….incorrect statistics which he should have been fully aware of.

    Thanks Jayne

    Regards Ange

    #IDSIndicted #TRUTHCampaign 👍

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  6. IDS is useful to them. He’s doing exactly what they want and isn’t bothered by any bad publicity. Msm don’t hold him to account because it’s mainly owned by tory friends and family. The general public have swallowed the propaganda the msm have fed them and refuse to look any further because then they might have to make a moral choice of opposing the tories to stop the awful treatment given to anyone forced to claim benefits.


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  8. Totally agree, in fact I’ve also wondered many times what IDS has on CaMoron. Must be something truly disgraceful.
    Come on, karma, catch up with this pair of heartless bastards!


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  10. Hi Jayne, I haven’t tried to respond previously, like yourself my physical and mental health have been poor,I am in utterdisbelief that this Person can lie so blatantly to so many, I’m frious and flabberghasted. I just attempted to sign the petition, And I couldn’t open the link from here. Is there a reason for this? I hope you’re as well as can be….
    By for now.

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