The battle is over…let the War Begin

Well I’m back home in one piece although parts of me don’t feel as if they belong. It was a wonderful day on Monday meeting the valiant  Debbie Sayers, the super people from  Ros from the Mirror and other campaigners Paula Peters & Chris Ball who both came with Cameras.

Aside from the day challenging my photo-phobia, it was fantastic that both Liz Kendall,Shadow Minister for Care and Older People & my MP and Kate Green Shadow Spokesperson for Disabled People took the time out to meet with us, receive the final 105,069 signatures on our petition & more importantly; both women actively listened to what we had to say.

The only thing that took a slight shine off the experience was whilst  we were in the gallery of the House of Commons there was IDS & McVey both up to their old tricks – spinning the truth or Lying as I prefer to call it. This desire for straight talking did lead to a slight change in the wording of the petition but I believe it made it stronger; the exact wording that was formally placed into the green bag on Tuesday afternoon read –

To the House of Commons.

The Petition of residents of the UK,

Declares that the Petitioners believe that Mr Iain Duncan Smith, the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, has used incorrect facts and statistics relating to the Disability Living Allowance; and further declares that an online petition demanding that the Work and Pensions Select Committee holds Mr Duncan Smith to account for his use of statistics has gathered more than 105,000 signatures.

The Petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons urges the Work and Pensions Select Committee to question Mr Duncan Smith at their earliest convenience to hold him to account on his use of statistics and further requests that the House requires Mr Duncan Smith to retract any incorrect statistics that may have been circulated in the public domain by his department.

And the petitioners remain, etc.

This now means that on December 9th when IDS goes in front of the Work & Pensions select Committee to answer to his misuse of statistics, 105,069 people request he not only is held to account but that he also RETRACTS his own lies and those of his junior minsters!

The day without doubt was a enormous success which I am extremely proud to have been a part of; now the question is What Next????


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      • One thing that would have been lovely to behold is if Jayne or Debbie had been able to get near Iain Duncan Smith or one of his underlings. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and if a shot got out of someone looking him up and down in the same way you might examine something nasty you found on your shoe… well, you can imagine how popular that would be.


      • sadly we were allowed nowhere near him – if only they would have allowed me to bring cameras into the visitors gallery to video the comments coming from Debbie, Paula and Jayne and to record their faces at hearing Iain Duncan Smith etc – would have been priceless! We were very limited to what we could photograph, so only the usual group shots allowed, mores the pity. I would love to capture such a shot as you describe.


  2. Reblogged this on Christopher John Ball and commented:
    I was delighted to meet both Debbie and Jayne, along with the indomitable Paula, on Monday and go with them to present the petition to the House of Commons. Liz Kendall MP was very attentive and seemed genuinely concerned about those of us who were showing signs of pain. Seeing and hearing Esther McVey, Steve Webb and the lamentable Iain Duncan Smith, from the visitors gallery, I was struck by how insignificant they looked and how desperate they sounded – how have we allowed such bullies to get away with it for so long? I hope this petition goes some way to correcting their lies. Besides having to cope with seeing and hearing the aforementioned incompetent but pernicious trio I had the misfortune to have the odious Philip Davies walk right past me – it took a lot of self control on my part, it really did. I would like to thank both Jayne and Debbie for all their hard work on getting this together, you are stars!


  3. Brilliant, Well done, the hard work and effort you have put in leaves me feeling small, Go for it..:)

    Would love to see him pinned to the wall over this but the cynic in me sees him ignoring it due to his belief he cannot be challenged, Ofcourse IF he does so, THAT should be taken note of in the media i hope.


  4. I cant see IDS saying anything or apologising for anything he is not that type of person
    the only thing he should be saying sorry to are all of the relatives who have lost one of their family members to negligence through a failed welfare reform policy

    i very much doubt he will even do that as to do so would leave him open to criminal charges in the high court


  5. Thank you for doing all you have and I truly hope that this brings answers and retractions from Mr Smith. He is not fit for his post due to the absolute hatred he feels towards anyone on benefits, his disdain for those who are below him on the “social” scale is captured in every word he says and every look he gives.
    I will never have anything but contempt for this “human being” or indeed, Ms McVey. The one thing I will say is that they have brought out feelings in me that I never thought capable of – for that, I will never forgive or forget!
    Please keep up the good work Jayne and company and to all those who signed the petition.


  6. Just a cheeky thought, how about a pettition for a “none of the above” option on the ballot papers at voting time….Would love to see how many votes the “none of the above” party would get….

    Joke though it may be, it might atleast make them think again….sorry just me being being daft….ignore….. Carry on the herioc effort.


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  9. What next? Yes. Well. If you are part of the Commonwealth then maybe question the Crown and ask them why it is that if you get hurt on the job in Canada you lose your medical and legal rights and protections? Then ask yourselves what would be the consequences of such legislation? What hope would you have of ever getting proper and timely medical care or financial wage loss if you are disabled? How can you if the insurance company says there is nothing wrong with you but all medical evidence states you are totally disabled from employment? How can you defend yourself if your medical and legal rights are taken and you know serious crimes such as fraud, theft, slander are committed against you daily and you can get no relief from the courts because you are forced to endure years of appeals within a system that is dong everything they can to deny your legitimate claim? Unfortunately many thousands in Canada have died of suicides, strokes, heart attacks, ulcers, all caused by not being treated for Chronic Pain and suffering unbearably , being forced onto welfare without any chance to retrain or start a small business, losing all they worked for, losing their rights to justice, all because they accepted Workers Compensation Insurance in Canada. The model with Atos and these Boards are the same. It is “Deny, Deny, until they die.” That should be there motto. I believe anyone not being treated properly, and are obviously mistreated, have the option to launch a civil suit against the Crown for discrimination and neglect. Maybe that is what comes next? A flurry of civil suits against the Crown perhaps? The problem as always, being disabled and disadvantaged, we can neither muster the financial or physical and emotional resources necessary to complete required lengthy psychologically abusive appeals processes, claim processes, other legal issues, creditors, mortgage, car and insurance payments, etc etc etc. We are left in such a state of 1. Pain 2. Poverty, 3 Stress, that it is impossible to concentrate on or successfully mount a defense. It does not help matters when the general public has been brainwashed by these corporations to believe most injured workers are frauds, liars, malingerers, fakers, and all sorts of nonsense spouted forth from the mouths of low life insurance agents and their accomplices who receive bonuses for cutting off medical and financial aid to the victim.. Now What is next? That is a big question.


  10. Can I ask all of the supporters of this campaign and the campaign organizers themselves, obviously, to also sign and show support for this one too, even though its on another website

    There’s a Facebook page dedicated to it too, where you’ll find other petitions and sources of evidence from the United Nations to back up the complaints against ‘the system’ which is fundamentally corrupt, as its never been based on our full complement of human rights.

    I hope you can help it reach 100,000+ signatures too as I believe that this could resolve all of the problems caused by every Government, of every ‘Political persuasion’ since 1948.


  11. I only hope that the committee doesn’t give IDS the answers within the questions as we have seen many times before when it is an MP that is being questioned. The MP’s on the committee don’t seem to drill other MP’s as hard as they drill taxmen, bankers, or journalists, especially as any member of the committee could be next to face a committee hearing. The conclusion will be as it always is they say “lessons have been learnt” and they find out where the corrupt person before them got caught out and brought before the committee so that laws can then be amended to make the corruption legal in the future, sometimes even making the amendment retrograde so that it applies even before it was made, thereby making the corrupt person before them, no longer guilty of any wrongdoing.


    • I understand your concerns but I also have faith in MPs such as Dame Anne Begg, Sheila Gilmore, Debbie Abrahams & Glenda Jackson, all who have demonstrated their willingness & ability to grill Ministers extremely well x


      • Would you mind re-evaluating my comment now as I feel that you belittled my comment and I am disabled and have been through almost every system in existence?

        The following comment was made on a forum called written by JLR2

        “To add to what I was saying earlier, it is not only the likes of the Guardian that is changing ever so gradually its tone much the same can be seen in the way in particular the Sky News avoids having discussions on stories featuring on front pages where they show the government in a bad light where welfare benefits are concerned. As folk will no doubt be only too well aware IDS gave a pathetic response to his questioning  by the work and pensions committee but rather than discuss this the Sky presenter chose to rabbit on about how supermarkets are looking to sell odd shaped veg to consumers to avoid food waste.

        In part it is this preparation for actually being responsible for the welfare budget, and in so being responsible for making the deep cuts that will follow in 2015, that sees even Dame Anne Begg pulling the committee’s punches. As an example of the difference between what I would call soft inconsequential questioning of IDS and his DWP team by the Work and Pensions committee and a committee flexing real venomous muscle and hard, even humiliating questioning I would compare it with the recent questioning by Keith Vas’s committee when he all but drew blood out of the police officer in front of his committee answering questions relating to the ”Plebgate” row.

        It’s like a quid pro quo routine, Dame Anne’s committee doesn’t put IDS through the ringer as would be expected by any reasonable person but instead treats him as she would expect him in turn to treat her Work and Pensions Secretary of State post the 2015 election. In other words we, the claimants, have no one actually trying to look after the interests and welfare of disabled welfare benefit claimants.

        As both the Tories and Labour are in favour of UC, and no doubt PiP, we face a benefits changing world out there no matter who is in power come 2015.”

        « Last Edit: December 11, 2013, 10:14:09 PM by JLR2 »


      • You asked me to re-evaluate your comment and with hindsight – you were pretty much on the button; so I concede to your argument willingly, although with sadness xx


    • Have you voted for this campaign at

      I believe that everything you say exposes the fact that our MP’s have been corrupt since Jan 1949, when the then Prime Minister claimed that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights wasn’t legally binding on the UK, but that the Government would nonetheless “work towards it”.

      Neither that Labour Government or any successive Governments has even tried to work towards it, Indeed I’ve found papers that suggest they have always worked against incorporating it into UK Laws. The so called Human Rights Act of 1998 is just another example of how Labour have perverted the aims of the United Nations too.

      It was solely based on the 1950 European Convention, but it doesn’t even include all of the rights in that, which itself only included some of the Rights in the Universal Declaration. Especially Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

      But the ‘Appeals Tribunal’ system is also incompatible with Human Rights, as you don’t get any chance to a Public Hearing, or to challenge face to face anyone from the DWP, as they never show up. So why doesn’t the Tribunal simply allow all appeals,, if the system isn’t corrupt?


      • Thank you Jayne, I only wish it had been different…..

        J Wilson I have signed the petition and watched the film, I believe everyone should have the same rights, I have been through so many battles because government departments don’t want to supply what people are entitled to……good luck!!!


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  13. Aw I heard your news in my email today. It really made me smile. Well done to you too. I just hope they do not have this meeting as a tokenistic gesture and then brush it under the carpet. Id’s is offensive and incompetent. If I did in work what he did, I would lose my job. Ian Duncan Smith is an embarassment to himself and this country. Well done girls. Hugely proud of you.


  14. This came in my email and made me smile. Well done. Ids is both offensive and an embarrassment to himself and this country. If I did what he did at work I would expect to lose my job. I hope that proper action will be taken and that this will not be brushed under the carpet. The meeting needs to be more than a tokenistic gesture disciplinary action needs to be taken. You can’t just say what you want in work and make it up as you go along. He is clearly not fit for the job.


  15. Excellent piece and so glad to have my name tenuously linked to yours! 😉 My only concern is that when IBS (Iain Bunkum Smith) is called to account he will have had enough time to have his PR lackies spin some nonsense about “loony lefties” fudging figures on “fair” policies designed to help “hard-working people”! They have to be very careful here because if IBS does fall it’ll reflect on the party as a whole. There will be some heavy guns waving here. Fingers crossed.


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