Political Fury and Personal Responsibility

Once again I’m finding it difficult to sit down and write, I’m finding myself inundated with the appalling tales of life in the UK today; this week I’ve internally wept (there is a reason why only internally, but that is a tale for another day) as I read of IDS laughing  as a rape victim was forced to defend her right to feel safe in her own home as it was debated a PMQ. I Squealed when the DWP refuted hard evidence of people using foodbanks due to Benefit issues and this fury continued as the blogs I follow come in to my inbox daily with stories of people suffering or even dying.

Today we all got up to, unless of you stayed up to watch,  the news the UKIP have their second MP. I freely admit  I have a problem with this; I really do not understand why anyone would want a Government of a) the same as now but worse or b) a Right Wing Government many of our grandparents went to war to fight?

Why oh Why are people, often those detrimentally affected by the Policies and behaviour of the Coalition, not supporting the fight back?

As l regular readers will know I’ve spent my life, campaigning against injustice, prejudice and discrimination; I’ve also been responsible along with Debbie Sayers for the #TruthCampaign –  our efforts to have Iain Duncan Smith forced to answer for the discriminatory Policies of the Welfare Reform Act.

Last year over 500.000 people signed to have him held to account by the select committee, and he was; now we want more we are demanding Kathryn Hudson, the Parliamentary Commissioner For Standards,  investigate him for persistently misleading both Parliament and the Public, But…for some reason getting the signatures is proving problematic, I’m unsure if it is because people don’t get why it is important,  they think its not worth doing or they just aren’t bothered?

Whatever the reasons people are not signing IDS – TIME TO STOP THE LIES, I will keep pushing; I believe, an investigation of IDS would prove a catalyst for ensuring both the Tories and Labour to rethink their proposals for their Election Manifesto. If we can show Ministers will be held personally responsible for the fallout of  discriminatory, unfair and downright deadly Policies, I doubt they’d be as keen to continue to blame us.

If you agree with anything here, please continue to share our petition and let’s take some our of power  back.

Sign Up to the #TruthCampaign  Tweet #IDSTimeForTruth

27 thoughts on “Political Fury and Personal Responsibility

  1. Hi Jayne, I find myself trying not to watch the news too much now as it’s a big trigger for me whenever I watch it, like yourself I struggle to understand why more people haven’t signed the petition yet. I don’t know why, although, as you know, I struggle to understand people most of the time. I’m happy to share this now. All the best as always 🙂

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  2. “Why oh Why are people, often those detrimentally affected by the Policies and behaviour of the Coalition, not supporting the fight back?”

    I think there are three reasons for this:

    1. They are not aware a fight back exists, or have a lack confidence in their ability to support one.
    2. They do not believe in the tactics of activists.
    3. People are gearing up for the general election and not trying put their energy into changing rather than influencing the current government.

    Regarding the second point, my feeling is that the petitions have had their impact. I have signed all of them, and will sign more if they are created, however one needs to vary tactics. I believe the most effective major tactic activists could engage in would be to challenge the legal standing of the DWP. Baring that I’d predict a series of small skirmishes until the election.

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  3. I have heard ardent campaigners’ say what’s the point in petitions?
    Did the Wow petition make a difference?
    Did the sanctions petition re: David Clapson make a difference?
    I signed your petition & many others, to no avail – there’s no changes!
    Where is the UN report? What have the UN done about it?
    There are many other things I could cite.
    Please be aware: I am NOT against you (I’m a campaigner myself) I’m just getting long in the tooth campaigning.


  4. It really is a sad world we live in. So few interested in signing up to one the most important petitions we have had in a long time and yet so many deperate to cast their vote on I am a celebrity get me out of here!

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  5. Good luck with it all Jane i admire what you do and he does need to be held account but we all know he never will ever sadly Xx


  6. IDS laughing at the woman with a secure room forced to pay the bedroom tax was a new low point. I can no longer believe IDS to b a misguided zealot. What that makes him now is beyond any words I have. I have signed the petition but feeling also that it makes little difference.


  7. Another reason people dont sign up (i do if i agree with the proposed course of action) is that there are too many ‘small’ petitions.
    Its like people who use the ‘theres just too many charities to choose from’ to justify not giving to any.
    Another reason (im guilty of this one) is that calls for enquiries/investigations etc are seen as being the government policing themselves, we have no confidence in enquiries as theyre often just a way to take problems out of the limelight for a year or so, or till the next party get in and get the flak.


  8. The problem we have Jayne is, many of us are sick and or disabled and we have a vested interest in what happens in parliament, in as much as it affects our very lives. The policies the treasonous, corrupt, lying scum of the elite devise can and do drive us into destitution, hunger, poverty and despair, and that is our life not knowing from day to day what will come next. We can longer be blinded by all the spin because we have to follow closely, and we fight back anyway we can that is where the problem lies. Many of the benefit claimants are working, all the hours they can in underpaid employment, being run ragged many to the point of exhaustion, paying extortionate rents and council tax bills, fuel bills, food bills. They probably go for a pint or two at night and the last thing they want is politics crammed down their throats. Even if you do manage to get them to listen come the morning they have forgotten, and I speak through personal experience. I have friends who are sick and long term sick who listen to what I tell them but for some reason that’s as far as they go, even though it affects them their apathy is unbelievable, that and add the fact that many are simply luddites who don’t own computers and wouldn’t know how to turn one on if they did.


  9. Thank you Jane for all your endeavours. Even if many leave the hard work to people like you and don’t actually sign, I do think your attempts to get us moving are very worthwhile as they do draw attention to the injustices inflicted by this government and, when the time comes to vote at the next general election, they will have served a very useful purpose.

    Regards, thanks and good wishes,



  10. I am so angry with IDS and the rape case (secure room). I was a victim of rape at the age of 12 – I am now 56 and that rape has never, ever left me. It changed me from who I was supposed to be to who I am now. I know that. I wanted to join the QA’s (as they where then known), I knew I had to have good exam results and to stay in school ’till at least 18 – none of that happened because they (it was a gang rape), didn’t just take away a young girls virginity, they took away my confidence, my beliefs, my dreams and my hopes.
    I am absolutely blazing with that little ferret of a “man” and wish that the people of this country would all stick together and have this government overthrown, then take the bloody lot of them to the Hague on crimes against humanity. But it won’t happen because the people of this country don’t have the courage or the interest in their fellow men and women. I don’t know what happened over the years since the first and second world wars, but I do know that the people of this country are selfish and have no thoughts for others except themselves (obviously not those who are fighting like you Jayne).
    I am deeply ashamed to be a part of the UK and to be of the human race.
    I’ve signed and sent the link to everyone I know – I’ve done it already but I’ve just done it again.
    One thought: Do you think the title of the petition may be putting people off?


    • Thank you for sharing Jay, much appreciated, I was older than you but Empathy regardless. Re the Title, maybe but it s too late to change it now (I think – will check) As always lovely xxx


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