Lets Talk – Challenging Oppression through Inclusion

Following the last post this is a short blog to clarify one thing, women2gether is a project started and lead by women but, it is NOT exclusive to women.

We welcome the input and support of any men who share our goals and, perhaps more importantly, understand and respect why women are leading this campaign; I’m not going to explain the history of reasons for why this is the case, as if you support us you’re already aware.

What is important is the need and desire for women2gether to be inclusive,  we define inclusivity as:

  • Viewing every life and every death as of equal worth.
  • Supporting everyone to feel that they belong.
  • Increasing participation
  • Reducing exclusion, discrimination, barriers to learning and participation.
  • Restructuring cultures, policies and practices to respond to diversity in ways that value everyone equally.
  • Linking learning, planning and action to local and global realities.
  • Learning from the reduction of barriers for women to benefit people  more widely.
  • Viewing differences between women and between men as resources for development.
  • Putting inclusive values into action

These values are based upon the  lifelong learning agenda and the ethos of Equality.

So, to ALL men reading these posts and sharing our ideals –  you are not isolated by gender only by ignorance



13 thoughts on “Lets Talk – Challenging Oppression through Inclusion

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    • Our position is we accept transsexual women as inclusively as we do anyone who share our stance, as the blog says – the barrier to inclusion is ignorance (and that ought to read wilful).

      We believe everyone is suffering from the White Rich Men Agenda, and acknowledge many of of experience this via multiple strands xx


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