Lets Talk – Challenging Oppression through Positive Action

This series of Lets Talk has instigated a new campaign, I had no idea when I blogged about prejudice that a fellow warrior would pick up the mantle, taking it one step further with her analysis of challenging oppression through Law and Evidence.

But that’s the beauty of  communicating and working together, it sparks new ideas about challenge and this collaboration has opened up a proposal or a new way of working; social media has allowed a small group of women from Cornwall to the Scotland to join forces, sharing our experience and knowledge to make a stand.

Women2gether operate on the basis of  Inclusion, Collectivity, & Collaboration allowing  participants to dip in and out of the project, both to share and develop our understanding in a safe environment. This does not mean it isn’t challenging, the nature of the project requires confrontation, but only ideals are questioned, never the person; and in this spirit we hope not only to achieve our goal, but also demonstrate an improved way of working.

We intend to demonstrate and submit a case to the ICC that their recent ruling on the case submitted by Olga and Tanya Yeritsidou – “It is alleged that the austerity measures introduced by Greece’s government constitute peacetime genocide and crimes against humanity” – is unlawful. We believe this judgement is not lawful as it condones and enables national and international economic abuse of women by failing to give our perspective equal weight and gravitas in coming to judgement; and it is around this argument we are building a case for judicial review.

We accept this project is immense and we also expect a variety of  negative comments, therefore we are aware of the dangers of subconsciously adopting the apparent logic of dissenters; in order to manage this women2gether is open to all women, and men who believe in and support the rationale of  an equal balance between the genders, on a national or global scale, depending on their particular areas of interest.

The principles of particular area of interest is the key to this project as previously mentioned; allowing individuals focus on their own areas, be that idea sharing, research, collation, report writing, speaking with ‘experts’ etc., without fear of being overburdened.

If anyone is wondering what is the point of this, or think it is a waste of energy, I’d like to share why I’m doing this  – I’m Sick to death of being afraid to live and I’d far sooner die trying, than yield to the current levels of injustice being enforced upon me. If you can relate to this, let us know through commenting here, or tweet, direct message us via @JayneLinney/@Wildwalkerwoman/@DebbieSayers; we would love to hear from you.

26 thoughts on “Lets Talk – Challenging Oppression through Positive Action

  1. Hi Jayne,
    I completely agree with you. None of us should be afraid to live, it’s a horrible feeling to have; and one many of us are having to deal with. We all need to stand together and fight back, in whatever way we can. If we don’t, then life is only going to get unfairer, due to the bastards in charge. We can be the antidote to that, if we are educated to what is really going on.

    I’ve put together http://www.therockandrolltimes.com to combat the deceit and propaganda spread by this government. It’s a news site, independently run bringing together bloggers and republishing blogs to try and level the playing field. Please feel free to use it as a platform by sending in any news articles you think are worthy.

    I’m trying to do my bit and this is the best way I know how…

    Keep faith,



  2. I have only one proviso to the above.

    I haven’t yet contacted Olga and Tanya Yeritsidou – I intend to soonest but find myself rather busy. Perhaps someone else in our web might like to make contact and ask if they have any objections to what we are intending.

    I intend to write to the Chief Prosecutor at the ICC as I believe I ‘may’ have found a formal enough route to open informal discussions her office, on an informal level, through the recent introduction of these two new ICC standards:

    Click to access Code%20of%20Conduct%20for%20the%20office%20of%20the%20Prosecutor.pdf

    Click to access OTP-draft-policy-paper-February2014-Eng.pdf

    I’ll keep everybody posted 🙂


  3. Reblogged this on pawprintsofthesoul and commented:
    One minor but important amendment (see my Comment) – it is a matter of personal respect to ask first permission to involve the work of others; otherwise we can stand accused of ‘mis-appropriating’ the very hard work of our sisters.

    We’re not allowed to do that in a ‘lawful’ society… imo, anyway.

    So until Olga & Tanya agree… we’re only talking about it until we ask.


  4. My particular area of interest is in the abuse of the disabled in the UK in the name of austerity. What I find so frustrating about the austerity cuts is that they all breach the Equality Act 2010 and Human Rights law..but because this government has made up their own statutes, they are ignoring the previously established laws and are seemingly allowed to do so….but I don’t understand WHY… I have been hoping and praying for a fab lawyer to suddenly pop his or her head up above the proverbial parapet and say that what they have done is illegal, that the killing of thousands of disabled people via Atos in taking away their means to life KNOWING they have no other means of survival is illegal, that taking away unemployment benefit via sanctioning for ridiculous reasons KNOWING that the result is food bank reliance and destitution is illegal, that removing the ILF from the seriously disabled is illegal, that forcing disabled folk to move from their specially adapted home because they cannot afford the bedroom tax on a room they need for their medical needs anyway is illegal, that placing a benefit cap on them is illegal…..and so it goes on. It breaks my heart to see such suffering and I am caught up in it myself (Atos victim) and I feel like screaming from the rooftops “WHY IS NO-ONE BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE???” They are atrocities, peacetime genocide as the two Greek ladies claim. WHY do so-called ‘Welfare Reform’ laws dreamt up by IDS supercede established Equality and Human Rights law ? The UK is officially signed up to Human Rights law as are many other countries. He would never have been able to unleash his reign of terror on the vulnerable if he was forced to uphold the requirements of both of these. I feel that the key to success against all of the governments enforcing austerity on vulnerable citizens who cannot survive them is LEGAL action. I so wish I had studied law, but I didn’t …I was a humble teacher until I became disabled and had to give up work in 2007. There must be someone somewhere who is a first class lawyer who knows how to bring these people to justice ? I cannot believe there isn’t….
    I think the group is a great idea and I wish the Greek ladies and all those they represent every success and I honour their bravery. I would love to be a part of it and kept up to date with events as they unfold. I can’t DO much in a practical sense from bed and wheelchair, but I can encourage and share info.
    Love and solidarity with all those who yearn for change and justice to be restored, Julia XXX


    • Thanks Julia – I totally agree with your position & share it; this is why we’ve decided to approach the ICC but because of the Greek decision we’ve elected to take it with women as the focus – down to numbers xxx


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  6. totally agree and please count me in. I am sick of been thrown in to a negative field of thought that coping with my illness and going out side the house and trying to live my life means I am ‘guilty’ of trying to live my life and been a claimant. I dont want to be in poverty and a claimant but the attitudes of this society, and the way disabled people are treated and the way we are not supported, has led me here. i will not go quietly nor give in but I will fight and die trying to live…
    currently I feel that the level of benefit I am forced to exist on and the council tax I am forced to pay and the criminal record i have now been given for been in debt due to been disabled infringes my human rights as a disabled long term sick person – under EU and UN laws and I want to take the battle on but cant even get support or representation.
    This week, due to weight gain due to immobility due to disability, I needed new clothing, and I felt guilty for going shopping, buying new clothing I needed, and for enjoying a day out – a rare thing these days.
    Today a friend took me for a pub launch, and again I felt guilty for having a nice meal out with an old friend – we should not be forced into these mind frames by the government and society..I live in fear of winters and autumn as I struggle to keep warm and afford food and shopping and to cope with repairs and warm clothing and to heat the house and afford empty the septic tank of sewage – I should not be forced into this, we should be supported, we did not bring these disabilities on deliberatley and we nor the nhs can cure them, but we are penalised for been disabled, so lets fight this, I cant do it alone, but we can do it together


  7. This is a great post and a great cause also. I am in full agreement with you and if you need any help at all, then I will happily offer it. You have my 100% support on this. Solidarity to you all.


  8. I believe we need a fund raising campaign to initiate legal proceedings against all these reforms as mentioned above. I also believe we need to hold to account all those MP’s who have voted for and implemented these breaches of the ECHR and the UNCHR.

    It seems amazing to me that these human rights acts can be introduced as reasons for multi million pound lawsuits to prevent ill treatment / deportation of terror suspects and convicted criminals yet are blatantly ignored when it comes to the law abiding unfortunates in society. It would seem the legal profession is only interested in a quick financial outcome rather than the actual implementation of these laws.

    Workfare of any description is, by it’s very use and conditions, slavery, made illegal in this country more than 150 years ago. Sanctions also breach Human rights on many grounds including the rights to adequate food and shelter, apart from the right to a fair and impartial hearing.

    As with the Cat Reilly case we also have a government that is using retrospective legislation to make illegal acts legal, yet another breach of Human Rights.

    The reforms to legal aid and employment tribunals were not in response to “austerity” but merely preventative measures to avoid the possibility of anyone being able to challenge government decisions in the courts, well unless you happen to have a few hundred thousand in the bank along with your benefits, oh sorry only MP’s have that luxury. Millionaire bankers on the other hand are having millons of pounds in legal aid thrown their way by the treasury to avoid further taxes, again one rule for the rich and another for the poorer.


  9. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Jayne here reports the foundation of a group Women2gether, fighting for gender equality. In particular she mentions that she and they plan to challenge the ICC’s ruling on the case of Olga and Tanya Yeritsidou’s legal challenge to the austerity measures introduced by the Greek government. They believe this is unlawful, because it does not give equal weight to women’s opinion. This is an important point.

    Governments seeking to improve the lives of citizens in the undeveloped world since the campaigns to abolish slavery in the British Empire have noted the importance of including women, and their often overlooked economic and social roles. In the early 19th century, one of the policies introduced by the British government to transform the conditions of the West Indian slaves was the introduction of savings banks, and encouragement for Black West Indians to save to support themselves. In the official report, the government noted that this was taken up most fully by women. Development Economics also stresses the importance of including and focussing certain policies on women, not just to raise their status, but also because of their often overlooked roles in society. In parts of West Africa, for example, market trading is considered a woman’s role, and in many parts of Africa it is women, who tend the fields. Appealing to and developing policies for women is therefore a vital part of the work of aid agencies. Based on this considerable experience, in my opinion Jayne’s, Olga and Tanya Yeritsidou legal challenge to austerity in Greece is very valid.

    My guess is that women may also suffer increased domestic abuse from husbands, who feel frustrated and emasculated by the austerity programme. Shirin Ebadi in her book, Iran on the Edge, notes that in Iran there is widespread male unemployment. Women are therefore under pressure not only to support their families through their own work outside the home, but also to perform traditional women’s work at home, and are abused by their unemployed husbands if they fail to do so.


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