Control of the People becomes Law

Quite simply a law to remove the soul from the non Elite – Social Control at its highest

Tomorrow in The Lords the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill reaches its report stage, the penultimate phase before before it gains Royal Assent, enacting it as law.

I understand how it’s got so far without a major discussion it has some powers which on the surface appear to “protect the public“; including forced marriage, sexual harm and illegal firearms used by gangs, what’s to argue with there?

But scratch the surface ever so lightly and you find the new  ipnas (injunctions to prevent nuisance and annoyance) can impose this new ‘community service order‘ on people who have committed no crime; it will allow tenants to be evicted for deemed anti social behaviour, it will allow the police, under the  dispersal power  to remove people from an area where their behaviour is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress, or is likely to contribute to the occurrence of crime or disorder in the area. I could go but you really do need to read these new powers for yourself.

It’s the purpose behind this bill that worries me most, personally I view this as no more than yet another form of Social Control, this Elite Tory led government has persistently introduced Reforms and Bills that have removed or reduced the freedoms of the lower classes; from economic control via Welfare Reform, which I and others have covered in great detail. to removal of access to justice which even our barristers protest about!

It is the fact this Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill makes illegal any behaviour that can be deemed as ‘nuisance’  or liable to cause annoyance that is my greatest concern; because it actually allows the police to arrest any group in a public place they think may upset someone!

Can you imagine what this will mean to us in practice – your children aged 10+ could by arrested and issued with an ipna for playing too loudly; you take up your right to protest peacefully and bang – you end up with a criminal record! These are REAL possibilities.

If this worries you at then I urge you to contact members in the House of Lords,  tell them why this bill concerns you and ask them to reject it; please use your own words because as it says “if more than six copies of the same email are received, all will be deleted”.

And, if you’ve not signed the petition – please do so –

This is our LAST chance to STOP the Tories taking away our Rights of Innocent before PROVEN Guilty!!

39 thoughts on “Control of the People becomes Law

  1. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    I realise that under the current government, the words “this is very important” are losing their meaning, because so much of their anti-social legislation – by which I mean legislation which is itself a danger to other people – needs to be opposed. Having said that…
    This is very important, people.


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  3. it is your RIGHT to protest individually or in a group, to have your say and be able to speak freely without fear of arrest unless it is to incite violence… but the new “law” would STOP you from excercising that RIGHT.
    To take it a little further it would also mean that ANYONE could complain about already established group activities they don’t like and have them stopped.

    Sign this IF you wish to keep your Civil Right to be free from oppressive laws.

    Personally I beleive this would lead to considerable violence before long if it was enacted, no way could they not resist abusing it and British people tend to be sleepy with a “whatever, leave me alone” attitude, This though would disturb the sleepy, get in their face, THIS is something that could anger them…….actually thinking about it……probably would be a good thing… but the law is still an atrocious attempt to control dessenters or groups thereof.


  4. I have been busy most of the day writing emails to the Lords and Ladies of the house. I’ve had to give up for a while as I’m absolutely exhausted!
    But I agree that this bill will have such a bad outcome if the police are not protecting us as they should but instead be looking for those who they feel like picking on!


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  6. As a result of social repression over centuries of oppression by the prevailing authoritie’s that govern the masses, taking the lid off and expecting the mass public to be of good will to all men, also the assets built up by the class that rules will be a disparity of wealth of some significance, so although a less regime of a militant style, will still up as being one sided, such as the wealthy are able to use lawyers and pay them to get off of charges against them.
    What one has to remember is the out come of violence from lower classes are a problem, of course the class above the lower class are also violent, in particular towards the lower classes or deemed lower class, what we need is teachers of wisdom to be recognized again, unfortunately this is unlikely, as a result of the sophistication and manipulation and structure of how the pantomime is now orchestrated.


  7. I have noticed the govt is simply starting to callously ignore petitions and dissent…free speech is ignored…People expect that as long as we can speak out then the totalitarian state is not upon us…. But I think they have craftily calculated that they can ignore us the people…


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