Woman’s Safety worth £50 – yet steal meat and Go To Jail!

It says more about the state of the country than I can when stealing food and perfume sands you to jail but assault a woman – you attend a course and pay £50 !!

MrS (37),  was sent to prison for 12 weeks after pleading guilty to stealing four bottles of fragrance, worth £166, from Debenhams, Leicester, on December 12 and six weeks for breaching a suspended sentence. Ms F, , pleaded guilty to stealing meat and fish worth £66.24 from the Co-Op, Leicester, on November 29.She was jailed for eight weeks, plus four weeks for breaching a suspended sentence.

Mr M  (28), admitted assaulting a woman on November 30.He was ordered to take part in a domestic abuse programme, banned from contacting his victim or going within the boundaries of Ashby and ordered to pay £50 compensation

Can anyone tell me that #PovertyPrejudice isn’t  truly alive and kicking??

All Cases reported http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/undefined-headline/story-20426019-detail/story.html