Don’t Cut Welfare Cut Subsidies

It’s been a while since my last post, not that I haven’t scribed, there’s at least 4 unfinished blogs in drafts! I’ve been dragged down by a bout of depression that, as any sufferer will understand, debilitates you and makes you question your worth; hence I’ve not yet managed to complete a post.

Today however, I read a piece in the Mirror about the amount food in the Lords Restaurant is subsidised; and one line jumped out “The shock figures means each of the House of Lords’ 760 peers benefits from an £84 discount on their food every week”!!

I’m not a natural economist and I find the vast number of articles, blogs etc that focus on finance bewildering, but, an £84.00 a week meal subsidy I do get, it’s £13.00 MORE per week than someone on Job Seeker Allowance (JSA) gets!

There is also of course the £6 million subsidy to Members of the Commons, for their meals !

This leads me to question HOW DARE Cameron,Osborne Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond, Education Secretary, Michael Gove, and Home Secretary, Theresa May, et al, call for yet another £10 million cut to the Welfare Budget?

What gives then the right to abuse us verbally, bully us with threats and sanctions, penalise us via bedroom tax and determine spending by budget rather than need when, they’re spending £7.3 million to subsidise their lunches?

If this Government really does need to find more money to prop up their unworkable style of budgeting then fine take away the meal subsidy & let them eat cake; it’s more than most of us can afford!

If you feel similarly go to and sign the petition




8 thoughts on “Don’t Cut Welfare Cut Subsidies

  1. Never lose sight of any of the Pro-Cuts Parties and their Lackeys, We now see Grand Old Duke of York, Big Ben Len who always Chimes but never Strikes McCluskey has changed the UNITE Pro-Cuts Policy, Nothing to do with a Unite GS Election of Course!. Good Luck Jerry Hicks


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