Gay Marriage is a Win for Equality, But … ?

I don’t want to take anything away for the brilliant news today that MPs voted in favour of Gay Marriage, it is another excellent date in the fight for equality… but; it also raises issues that bother me. Why do such a large majority  400-175 of elected Politicians feel it is important for approximately 3.6 million gay people to achieve equal status, whilst at the same time the dame MPs continue to damn approximate 11 million disabled people?

The news comes on the same day as the Metropolitan police’s deputy assistant commissioner declined to apologise to parents whose dead children’s identity was stolen to be used by undercover police. As a parent of a dead child, I NEED to know if Lee’s, who died in 1984, name and other details were abused in this way. Even the possibility that my son’s details were stolen and abused by a police officer involved in less than savoury ways is frankly, soul destroying; I’m firmly of the opinion that the names of ALL dead children purloined by the police should be made available to those of us who need to know, whilst protecting those who don’t.

Both of the issues above are personal, and are equally important to me and whilst they may appear totally unrelated, I view them both as issues of equality. I’m unsure if the ‘pink pound’ is deemed as more valuable by MPs than the economic contribution of disabled people,  or is this an example of the Tories clinging onto the old Sociology concept of the pyramid of oppression wherein different groups are presumed more ‘worthy’ therefore higher up than others?  I’m also unclear as to why someone thinks it’s better if I don’t know my child’s identity has been stolen; if it happened to his living brother it would be considered a crime and call for investigation. My son’s are equally important to me even if one only lives in my memories!

Whilst reading the various articles covering both pieces of news I was appalled by so many vitriolic comments in the online media. regarding both Gay Marriage and the Stolen Identities;  these zealots usually hiding behind pseudonyms, spill their venom making their bigoted views clear. I do recognise the fact I’m personally affected by both pieces of news make me biased, bit I hope I’ve also explained why I’m slightly underwhelmed by the one win last night when the very victory, highlights other areas where Equality seems non-existent?


4 thoughts on “Gay Marriage is a Win for Equality, But … ?

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