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Two blogs in the past 24 hours, have both raised the issue of the newly elected Tory Government and it’s Ministers continuing to Lie, to the Commons, the Upper House and the People!

Joe Haleswood enlightened us about Freud, Lying to the Lords about the bedroom tax, whilst Mike Sivier over at Vox Political informs us how the IT system at Downing St deleting emails allows staff and #Cameron to ‘forget’ what has been said/written. Further to this, relating to Mike’s fight for DWP to reveal the truth, a petition to HM Courts & Justice, demanding them to publish the statistics of how many people have died after their benefits were stopped, has at time of writing gained 149,594 signatures.

Regular readers will be well aware of the #TRUTHCampaign, that Debbie Sayers & I have spent the past two years slogging on; this includes our own successful petition, to the Work & Pensions Committee to Hold IDS to account for his use of statistics.

The evidence of misrepresentation by Ministers is extensive, and I’ve watched as other petitions meet the requirements for debate in Parliament and are patronised and belittled, remember the response to the fantastic WOW campaign? The  issues around finding the Truth from this Govt. are growing exponentially, as is the support for finding the truth, the problem is the next stage, HOW to make the Tories take notice and STOP the Lies and unfair practice?

This is something I would normally expect the opposition to be doing as a matter of course, but past performance of the Labour party demonstrates we have no hope of this happening. However given this growing interest in finding the Truth, maybe a letter to the Labour Leadership contenders, signed by all of us Truth Seekers might persuade them that the public expect their Politicians Not to Lie and we expect them to champion for this?

As Jolyon Rubinstein states on his campaign  “If I were to lie in a court of law, I would go to jail. But it’s entirely legal for an MP to lie to Parliament. Doesn’t sound right, does it?”   We agree with that and, as we can’t get the Tories to Listen, maybe we can persuade the new Leader of the Opposition to do precisely this, and hold the Tories and their Lies to account – what do you think, would YOU sign such a letter?


32 thoughts on “TRUTH Seekers

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  2. Labour was not an oppositon but in a grand coalition with the Tories and remain Blue Labour.

    The sole anti austerity Labour leadership hopeful Jeremy Corbyn, only got there by a successful 38 Degrees petition.

    Another 38 Degrees petition has begun for the public to sign in big numbers, to encourage undecided Labour MPs to vote for Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader in the Autumn. This gives time for hundreds of thousands to sign.

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  3. Yes of course I will sign. The labour party are totally useless as an opposition. I have to wonder if some of them have been paid off by big business.

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  4. Politicians are allowed to lie. Police are allowed to slander. DWP personnel are allowed to lie. But members of the public are treated like criminals. Truth needs to be reinstated in all public offices.


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