UK Poverty IS a National Disgrace – For Everyone

This is an email I felt had to be wriiten, it was sent to Paul O’ Grady in response to his article on Child Poverty in yesterday’s Mirror – sent to him via his website email


Dear Paul

Further to your article in the Mirror today, whilst I totally agree with you, I wish you and others concerned with this disgraceful situation,would also acknowledge this problem extends to include Millions of disabled, elderly and other vulnerable people; in fact dozens of disabled people are dying weekly and to date the figure since the inception of Welfare Reform could be as high as 38,000+
I totally concur with your points that poorer children are more likely to have mental health problems, and again this is the position with all people in poverty;
and I agree the current position should be a national disgrace, particularly whilst the Richest prosper disproportionally in the UK. Embarrassingly whilst the treatment of disabled people is so severe, our media, in the main ignores it, and yet other nationalities agree it warrants reporting in their National Press press, I refer to this article in Le Monde
I hope you can find the time to read the links as I’m sure you will agree that Poverty in the UK is a Disgrace regardless of the people it affects.
Jayne Linney
I’ll let you know if I get a response

22 thoughts on “UK Poverty IS a National Disgrace – For Everyone

  1. Well done you! Paul is a down to earth, caring and compassionate person, but possibly has not considered the wider picture here. Thank you for pointing it out to him. He has the ear of a great many ordinary people in this country and his infuence could do a great deal of good.


  2. I really do hope he replies – he’s got a lot of power with the media and with the ordinary people – I don’t think he knows just how much power he has.
    I await a reply from him eagerly 🙂


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  4. You know it boils down to one thing the voters to blame for the state of this country as there the ones who voted the Tory SCUM in and with a bit of luck you will vote the scumbags out next year,oh btw good luck with that as my country will be independent from the UK,so i hope you will have lots of luck for the future.


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