Its beyond Me – Children in the UK in 2012 go Hungry!!!!!

What a bloody situation we find ourselves in with this Coalition Government; we all know about the affects of the so called Welfare Reform Act, with its desecration of Benefits for those in lower income brackets .And I’m sure we’re also familiar with the impact of the potential demolition of the NHS; and so it goes on.

But today we have Duncan Smith, wanting to redefine Poverty, which will most likely ‘show’ how the positive impact the Last Labour Government made on the reduction of children living in poverty in the UK; now I’m not suggesting that Labour got everything right during their 13 years on Government; but I do believe this is one area where the policies were working.

The fact that IDS is announcing his intentions on the same day as OXFAM, yes the same charity known for its work in THE most impoverished countries in the world, have announced  “Britons are stuck in perfect storm of inequality” is sickening.

With this we also learn that “Thousands of children entitled to free school meals are still going hungry, according to the Youth Council and CPAG; because their cashless credit card are worth £2.00 per day and meals cost up to £2.75!

How on earth IDS even begin to want to play with statistics and petty Politics when this is the state of the UK?

Its beyond me that any MP should give a damn about anything else when children here, today are going hungry!!!

I call on the Coalition to STOP playing with the health and future of our Country, and I call on the opposition to CHALLENGE this NOW; we all know Hunt is a Liar and a prize idiot but he’s far less important than the UK’s children hungry surely?




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