Time for ALL Survivors of the Hostile Environment to come Together

I’m not the first to say this, Leon  , has both blogged and tweeted as have others and I want to reiterate an belief I’ve written about before

I believe it is now time we multiple survivors of the ‘Hostile Environment, created and managed by those in power, came together. The  racist and discriminatory treatment of the people in the #Windrush generation has appalled so many, and I truly get it. 

We disabled people have spent the past eight fighting to survive as our lifelines have been slashed away and we have lost thousands of our community already as a result. But the discrimination, which I believe it is continues, just as it will for anyone considered unwelcome by the elite.

We who feel this way are no longer alone Kenan Malik in the Observer today considers how the working classes have been used by obscure the racism of the elite; Barbara Ellen raises the points of how the powers are continually abusing homeless people, and in a slightly older post Dt Frances Ryan links the Cuts and Austerity to those with low/no incomes face similar discrimination. These are by no means the only groups striving in this Hostile Environment, spare a thought for Refugees, those trafficked in modern slavery, Rape and Abuse survivors, EU Citizens, the groups are mind blowing.

I am sick of being kicked, threatened, intimidated and abused by the Discriminatory Policies and Actions of the Elite and if you feel the same, then what are the options? We come together to make the Statement of Enough heard , we continue surviving until we can no longer do so or we become as the German citizens did under the far Right; the Choice is Ours to make.

So again I ask is it not time or ALL of subjected to the prejudices of those in , and those who really hold the power came together to say ENOUGH, Change Must Come and it Must be For the benefit of us ALL.

The hows and means are for a later discussion firstly we must decide Together WE Can


From Leon (as above)

We should start using those two words (Hostile Environment) in all communications with the DWP whether that be over the phone, in the Job Centre or indeed its contractors who are contracted to create it

All you have to say is ” I feel discriminated with all this hostility”

The Last stand, Leicester August 2013, part of National Mass Sleep Out

Leicester City Council (LCC) currently has 54 councillors, of those 52 are Labour Politicians; given this, you would be forgiven in thinking City residents are protected from some of the most brutal Welfare Cuts for 30 years?

The reality is LCC have imposed every one of the Governments Policies at it’s fullest, and in order to show LCC precisely what this might mean, a group of local people are organising the Leicester mass sleep out on August 24th 2013.

This is part of a National movement which aims ‘”To gather in all main cities in UK and sleep on the streets, to raise awareness of impending mass homelessness brought on by bedroom tax.” Similar Events are going on throughout the UK, you can find your nearest group at http://occupylondon.org.uk/events/the-mass-sleep-out-24th-aug-2013

Lee Barney Weston, one of the Leicester organisers said –

“August 24th is going to be a great way of showing the government what it is really going to be like on the streets of Leicester with they way they are continuing with the austerity cuts.

Leicester is really the last stand – bastions in the fight against the cuts that the government are trying to make around the homelessness support services. Because at present Leicester city council are planning to shut two homeless hostels and end private hostels places starting from the beginning of October, to help support a protest around these planned cuts.

We are now going to also extend the event to include the 25th to 27th to show Leicester city council what it will look like if they close the hostel places down as they plan to; we are hoping that we can include activities through the event.

On the Sunday we are going to have a last stand picnic and would like it if people could bring food to share so that everyone gets a little food to eat, we are inviting speakers and musicians, spoken word artists, to get in touch that might be able to help support this.”

All I can add is, if you’re in or near Leicester, please come and support this vitally important event and if you’re not, visit our local sleep out, I’m sure they’d love to see you