From Terror Stricken to Rage – Thanks Theresa May

Imagine for one moment you have been subjected to the most draconian cuts in income, been subject to the most vile rhetoric from those responsible for supporting you and withstood being abused when you leave your home. Further more you have witnessed thousands of yours peers die as a result of these experiences; if you can do this you have a small idea of what my life, along with 13 million or more others disabled people in Tory Britain. And this is a mere snapshot of the ever growing pressures many of us find ourselves going through.

Much of these burdens began whilst a certain Iain Duncan Smith, with his loyal sidekick Esther McVey was in charge of the Dept for Work & Pensions; so imagine Awaking to the fact is BACK caused immediate Panic Attack.

An hour later the terror has settled and I’m now Furious and Disgusted, quite simply this  promotion for #McVile is the Biggest F”*K You @theresa_may could give people; and therefore I urge everyone to use their fear to galvanise them into ensuring 2018 sees the back of the Tories, because #TogetherWeCAN

There is a petition on 38 degrees –  you hopefully will support

To: Prime Minister Theresa May

Sack Esther McVey

Our Petition FINALLY goes to Parliament

On Monday Debbie Sayers & I Finally submit our petition to Liz Kendall & Kate Green MPs at Parliament; there is to be an Exclusive in The Mirror next week so look out for that.

I’ll try to keep you updated on Monday but…A Full Report will be posted upon Return.

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to ALL who signed & shared both the open letter to Esther McVey (back in April) AND the Petition to bring IDS to Account.

This is YOUR Success & I Promise to try and do you all justice on Monday xxxx

Mcvey still won’t answer us!

As many of you know Debbie Sayers & I wrote an open letter to Esther McVey back in April which 866 people signed; we are still awaiting a proper reply hence the following…

Dear Esther McVey MP

Further to your reply to our letter of April 14 2013.

Your response offers no answers to our questions, therefore we reiterate the following:

We ask you revise your statement of April 8 2013 where you claimed “At the moment the vast majority of claimants get the benefit for life without any systematic reassessments and around 50% of decisions are made on the basis of the claim form alone – without any additional corroborating medical evidence…The Personal Independence Payment will include a new face-to-face assessment and regular reviews – something missing in the current system”

We offered multiple examples of evidence which disproved the individual points in your statement; to save you time we recap – the vast majority of claimants get the benefit for life without any systematic reassessments is misleading as there never have been ‘lifetime awards – “In the past, the use of the term “Life Award” proved to be confusing amongst people who received Disability Living Allowance (DLA) It was taken by many to mean that once awarded, benefit could not be taken away. That is, and was never, the case” Source: DWP Central FoI Team 30/3/12

““around 50 per cent of decisions are made on the basis of the claim form alone” the contrary evidence for this is overwhelming but most tellingly on the DWP’s own site;

You also claimed in an interview with the Mail on Sunday that the introduction of PIP “ has produced an extraordinary ‘closing-down sale’ effect, with rocketing claims as people rush to get their hands on unchecked ‘welfare for life”; this is also unfounded as you can view by utilising  the DWP’s own  tabulation tool

Given this we believe a more fair and balanced statement including the facts should be simple enough? We request you respond to our individual points as laid out above.

What do YOU think about the Reply to Esther McVey’s


Yes it has arrived, 8 weeks after being posted we have a response to our open letter to Esther Mcvey, if you recall we demonstrated how the ‘Facts’ she had used to justify the closure of DLA were in reality not True.

Then on June 19th we suggested you to write to your MP and ask them to query with Ms McVey why she had failed to reply to the 866 people who signed the open letter; today Debbie received the following

“Dear Ms

Thank you for your correspondence regarding your Open Letter to Esther McVey MP. Government Ministers receive a large volume of correspondence and they are unable to reply personally on every occasion. I have been asked to respond and I apologies for the delay.

The Welfare Reform Act 2012 paves the way you’re a radical welfare reform programme designed to tackle entrenched poverty and end intergenerational worklessness. These reforms are urgently needed.

The Government has made it clear that employment and personal responsibility are fundamentally important in reducing poverty and is committed to ensuring the most vulnerable in society are helped to fulfil their potential while also ensuring that those who can work are also helped to do so. This is its clear policy objective.

The Department for Work and Pension releases a large amount of National and official statistics via its website, across all areas of its policy responsibilities, which can be accessed by anyone outside the Department. It is because of this open approach that politicians, academics, the media and wider public, are readily able to debate and interpret performance.

Yours sincerely

Head of the Correspondence Team”

As you’ll see there is NO response to any of our questions, and personally I don’t believe this is good enough ?

If you agree, please get back in touch with your MP and tell them WHY you’re unsatisfied and also asking just HOW is this a reply to our letter. 

Alternatively watch this space, as they’ll be another template letter coming soon to help.

I believe it is time our Politicians treated us with the Respect we deserve as adults and  remembered that we, as the Electorate, deserve the Truth about all matters of Government.

But only Together can we demand this and put Stop The Lies