Rising From the Ashes, albeit slowly.

Many of you will know I live with depersonalisation, the way this manifests in me in through a detachment from feelings, an emotional numbness; this sits hand n hand with Depression.

In a desperate attempt to address this I’ve spent the past two years in psycho dynamic therapy, it has not been an easy or often pleasant journey; self analysis at the deepest level isn’t, all your darkest thoughts and ideas are brought out, but I believe it has been worth it. For the first time in many years I don’t feel as if death is the best or only choice, I have rediscovered a little hope that life is worth the struggle. There is a negative side to my recognition, the emotions I’m now feeling can be overwhelming; the rage I feel towards the injustices by the worlds Governments is terrifying. Now however I can balance that will the love I feel towards people and perhaps more importantly the peace I feel within myself.

Arriving at this point I decided to take a positive step which could act as a permanent reminder of how I feel today, so yesterday I gained my first tattoo. My amazing daughter Nicki designed it and as I’m so proud I decided to share it with you my Phoenix



This will act as my prompt when my depression/depersonalisation begins to drag me back to the place of no purpose.

I’ve not ‘got over’ my mental health illness and its unlikely I ever will, my Depression and Depersonalisation come from trauma which I cannot forget; but I’ve learnt to forgive those involved.

Therefore I’m hopeful that even when the days become dark, and the struggle to survive drags me down, my Phoenix will remind me that, that it I can Rise Again.


A Zionist helpfully explains why I am “the wrong kind of Jew”

aS #HAVETSTORM EXPLAINS “Zionists are not the victims in modern Britain, they are the aggressors in Palestine, and it is high time that the current establishment-narrative was exposed for the deceit it is”.

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

I have received a comment on the article I put up yesterday. I am unsure whether the person who posted it – an Israeli Jew and presumably a Zionist – was aware of the irony, but in posting it, he demonstrated precisely the point the article was making.

NB: I considered concealing the name of the commenter from this screenshot, but then I thought, “What would be the point? He was happy singing out his name when making the comment in the first place, and he hardly deserves his privacy to be protected anyway.”

zionist malice

(Where Jacobs says “he”, he means Jeremy Corbyn.) The Jews to which Jacobs refers were the group ‘Jewdas’ and the fact that he put speech marks around the word “jews” shows that he cannot tolerate the idea that ‘Jewdas’ are Jewish people at all. They are “the wrong kind of Jew”.

Then, there…

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The anti-Semitism fantasy exposes the hollowness of British anti-racism

“See? I got angry at racism, so I can’t possibly be racist, right?” Sums up this Excellent article from Martin Odoni @navetstorm Perfectly

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

The ridiculous furore over ‘anti-Semitism-in-Labour’ has been fuelled by wall-to-wall coverage. Any remotely objective assessment of the actual evidence would demonstrate that a mountain is being made out of a Labour molehill, while a molehill is being made out of a Conservative mountain.


Now, it is not the suggestion that there are anti-Semites in the Labour Party that is the problem for me. Of course there are. In a party of over six hundred thousand, there are bound to be a fair few who were not filtered out at the entry stage. Yes, they should be exposed and expelled, and yes, by law of averages, many of the accusations of anti-Semitism are certain to be genuine.

My frustration is on several levels though. For one, according to SKWAWKBOX, another investigation a little over a year ago by MPs, all of whom were outside the Labour…

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Humans redundant, not likely

via Humans redundant, not likely

Just a Taster – Go and READ, THINK, WEEP and then Just BE – Wonderful Post……

Are human beings becoming obsolete? Not likely. Are machine taking over? From what? Humans? That makes as much sense as mechanical bears taking over from real bears. If we think we are smarter than nature, we have another think coming, a very long hard think.

Before we do anything stupid and allow the machines we make to take over, other than in work, I rather think we would do well to rediscover what it means to be human and learn to simply enjoy life again. You know, that life which we are each inalienably born to and which is our human right.

Right now, that’s going to involve a struggle, we’re already in that struggle and it is costing many lives, but if we are to come through this very challenging time, we need to be as creative and engaged and playful as we can possibly manage.

Below are two videos, one on play, the other on creativity which I hope will drive into your synapses and fire you up and inspire you, because right now we, the human race, need inspiration because no one now knows what the future holds. It’s open to both good and bad ideas. We need the ideas that are life supporting and life respecting and urgently need to act on them for all our sakes.

Gandhi was right – “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

KOG. 22 March 2018

The Killing STATE of #Tory Britain

More than 100 women in Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre have gone on hunger strike over “inhumane” conditions at the facility.” This is a situation beyond despair, the last time I could find multiple women forced into going on hunger strike was in Northern Ireland in 1980/81 with three Irish women starving themselves to death. Before then we have to return to a Century ago; what have the three times in common – Tory Governments.

I’m making no judgement as to why these women were incarcerated, although Asylum seekers and other migrants are imprisoned without committing crime; nor am I suggesting all of the women are innocent. But I am committed to the idea people do NOT enter the ‘Justice system’ to DIE.

Further It is not only women who are suffering in our jails, two men have hanged themselves just in the past two days, one teenager arrested for stealing sweets! On twitter  tells of watching a man be convicted of a series of shop thefts…what became clear was that his family were on the brink of starving & his children malnourished. Hence the thefts which were only of essential items.

In appears the ‘justice system’ is not fit for purpose, and as readers will know this is not the only Government Department desperately failing people of the UK; today a series of articles from @johnpringdns  show the DWP is subverting justice’ at appeal tribunals along with a council being forced to launch an inquiry into the death of a terminally-ill disabled woman who total package of  personal care had suddenly been withdrawn just a few days before she died. And New revelations how our old adversary Esther McVey, had LIED AGAIN to fellow MPs. Pop over to John’s site for more evidence of failure.

The continuing and ever increasing articles containing the evidence and details of vulnerable people DYING  as a result of systematic Government Failure disturbs me greatly. As a life long depressive I have seriously considered ending my life on many occasions in truth I FIGHT these thoughts DAILY, I’m not admitting this for sympathy, I really don’t need or want it, I’m stating this because I Loathe being subjected into survival mode due to an uncaring, dysfunctional and bigoted Establishment. I GET why the women in Yarl’s Wood are risking their lives, it becomes impossible to flourish as a vulnerable person in the UK today; but I HOPE none of them end up life their male counterparts above nor the woman dying because her essential care was removed.

No one deserves the struggles and despair the people above go and went through – None of us, including myself should be forced to fight daily to survive because our Politicians Lie about the dismal state of welfare and justice in the UK today.

I’ll keep on Fighting until I can no longer do so and I sincerely Hope you’ll all join with me to rid the UK of this vile Killing Government

AI is taking over, is there life after work?

The quote below from the author sums up my own thinking on this important question:

It isn’t people who are becoming obsolete, it is work. The notion that people will become obsolete is a complete and utter absurdity, we have always been greater than being mere workers, but what should be self evident, is being wilfully ignored. Are we really willing to allow life to remain subservient to a work and money model that is becoming obsolete? How narrow is our vision and who is dominating this discourse (or lack of) over the value of our lives, because it certainly isn’t you and me. Speaking personally, it’s an insult to my intelligence, my creativity, my dreams, hopes and desires, and above all, to my life and being“.

The rest of this amazing post is at AI is taking over, is there life after work?

Why ‘Hard Brexit’ threatens war

As the author Marton Odoni (@HavetStorm) states “It is almost impossible to find a solution that will please enough people, and is just one of the many reasons why the ‘Brexit genie’ should never have been allowed out of its metaphorical bottle. The Conservatives created this mess, largely for internal party reasons, so it is right that they should be the ones to have to clean it up. But it is also wrong that they are, because they show such profound inability to carry the process out in a competent fashion!. Hard #Brexit Threatens WAR

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

The European Union has every right to run out of patience with the United Kingdom over its meaningless negotiating position on ‘Brexit’, including the decidedly indecisive stance on the fate of Northern Ireland. Sure enough, the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, is drafting a formal ultimatum for the British Government to make a decision on what Northern Ireland’s relationship with the Republic of Ireland will be after Brexit. The lack of clarity or conviction from the British so far in negotiations has probably been the biggest sticking-point in the whole process, and is doubtless maddening to many in Brussels.

However, I am going to offer a rare moment of sympathy – or at least understanding – to our embattled Prime Minister, Theresa May, and her Brexit Secretary David Davis. In truth, the Conservative Party as a whole has brought the logjam on itself, but however one might…

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