Not only is #May over, any Tory replacement would be LESS popular

Source: Not only is #May over, any Tory replacement would be LESS popular



I can only support Gail in her comments ATOS… can rebrand as much as it likes, it doesn’t stop the DWP destroying disabled people’s lives when being assessed and losing their money, vehicles, jobs when they fail to be assessed correctly and leaving some so distraught their health actually deteriorates or they lose what income from working they had , and the worst case scenario is they are left housebound when they lose their mobility vehicles.


Toxic Atos are again having to rebrand claiming

Following an independent review of the PIP assessment journey claimants experience in December 2014, Paul Gray recommended a number of changes to claimant communications to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and Assessment Providers.
After consultation with DWP and reviewing our communications, we have introduced a new business name that better represents the work we do independently assessing PIP cases.
We believe Independent Assessment Services does this because: • It makes it clear that we are ‘independent’ providers, distinct from DWP • ‘Assessment’ explains the service we deliver assessing PIP cases more clearly than ‘healthcare’ does

It can rebrand as much as it likes, it  doesn’t stop the DWP destroying disabled people’s lives when being assessed and losing their money,  vehicles, jobs when they fail to be assessed correctly and leaving some so distraught their health actually deteriorates or they lose…

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Only Seven more days of Tory Lies and Promises? YOU CHOOSE

We are at last in the final week before the GE2017 and we finally learn that the Tories via Penby Mordaunt  Disability Minister, believe that there is “no group in society that is so discriminated against [as disabled people], whether it be the barriers of the environment, of attitudes, or the failings of the state”. Finally an admittance that as a community disabled people experience the largest number of hurdles, just to survive.

But before celebrating lets put this into context, Mordaunt made this statement at at a disability hustings event, where she falsely claimed “a legislative commitment to dismantle the work capability assessment” (WCA) is in the manifeso; it isn’t.

Further Mordaunt in a written response to questions submitted by disability united this week “the decision about whether to institutionalise somebody against their will is rightly a matter for medical professionals, and decisions should be made on the grounds of individual safety and health“. She did go on to acknowledge no one who should not be in an institutional setting is” but failed to recognise the desire of the individual in deciding where they should live.

This in the same week as John Pring (DNS) reports “The UK is one of the worst-performing countries in Europe when it comes to implementing the UN disability convention, being joint 11th out of 16 European Countries. Prings article outlines the Zero Project, which carried out the research and explains how the ratings are reached

So in the last 7 days it appears business as usual from the Tories with regard to disability, LIE, keep forcing sick and disabled people through the unjust and harrowing regime of WCAs,  without regard  or respect for the Rights and welfare of the individuals.  I urge you to remember this next Thursday.
#CripTheVoteUK #TrashTheTories #LiarLiar2017

Vote Labour – Policies uphold the rights of disabled people

Letter in The Guardian  today, PROUD to be a Signatory, please READ & SHARE:

For chronically ill and disabled people, recent years have been a disaster. The UN recently found “reliable evidence that the threshold of grave or systematic violations of the rights of persons with disabilities has been met” (Report, 8 November 2016).

We have been forced through a work capability assessment that the government’s own expert adviser described as “inhumane”, and which in 2015 was found to be associated with an additional 599 suicides.

Many needing help are now forced through another persecutory assessment – the personal independence payment – designed to reduce the numbers qualifying for help by half a million.

Theresa May says this is “focusing disability benefit payments on those most in need”; but it means removing support from many in great need. Over 50,000 people have lost their vehicle, with some losing their jobs. Last April’s savage cut was to “incentivise” for work – as if people are out of work not because of disability or huge societal barriers but because they’re idle layabouts.

Social care has been so savagely cut that some young disabled must wear incontinence pads for lack of toileting assistance. People can’t take any more of this.

Many disabled people are not party-political, but see Labour’s policies for disabled people as a lifeline – envisioning a society where people are treated as human beings deserving of respect, equality and a decent life. Please, don’t endorse recent human-rights abuses; endorse the human rights of disabled people by registering, and by voting Labour on 8 June.


Morning Star :: Pushed to the brink | The People’s Daily

Contains a segment I totally relate to – this happened to me too:

“I was made to feel incredibly uncomfortable throughout the assessment and there was no concern or compassion shown by my assessor. I was then asked if I had attempted suicide in the past and if so to provide details,” she recalls.

Kirby was also asked how often she thought about killing herself each week, and finally: “Can you tell me why you haven’t killed yourself yet?”

She was left absolutely distraught after the assessment and despite answering questions on suicide was not signposted to any services for further support.

“These questions were not necessary or relevant to my assessment, and my answers made no difference to the points I was awarded,” Kirby tells me, adding that she finds the behaviour of Atos and the DWP irresponsible and extremely unsafe.”

A Genuine MUST & massive THANK YOU Ruth 


Source: Morning Star :: Pushed to the brink | The People’s Daily