IDS and his Armed Bodyguards: Are the Police Arming themselves against the People

An intriguing post from Beastrabban which considers the issues of an increase in armed Police – Well worth a read, and if you agree, follow the advice therein!

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My blog post on the reports that IDS appeared before the Work and Pensions committed surrounded with bodyguards and armed policemen, who intimidated members of the public, including a group of disabled people and their carers, has attracted a lot of attention and comments. Some of the most significant and ominous have been made by Slugabed, Joseph Jesus and CAS.

Regarding the legality of police officers raising the guns at innocent civilians, CAS commented:

‘Police officers broke regulations if they pointed the guns at you and their fire-arms licenses should be revoked. They are trained to never aim a weapon at anyone, even one that is not loaded, unless those people pose an imminent threat and are being arrested. You should never aim a weapon at anyone unless you are willing to shoot them; this is basic firearms practice. Such a weapon may fire accidentally, even with the safety pin…

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ESA Assessments DO Have Targets?!!

At last, Kaliya Franklin,  has produced the evidence we all have been waiting for – Proof that ATOS & the DWP operate the ESA assessments against Targets!

This means People must both score the number of points required for benefit receipt and fall within the proportion of people the norms system will allow to receive the benefit. In other words it matters not how many points you might score if the target has already been met your claim will be denied!!

Read Kaliya’s post at – Benefit Scrounging Scum: and her full report here How Norms Become Targets

Interview with a Job Centre Advisor: sanction targets & corruption revealed

If YOU know anyone claiming JSA please show them this – a true account of life as a Job Centre Advisor; and how to ‘manage’ threat of sanctions.

A Taster –

 “Are the middle class jobseekers treated better than working class, unskilled or long term unemployed jobseekers?

Middle class, elder, all very rarely challenged on jobseekers allowance. 80% of sanctions come from young Britons. I can tell you too that not even 5% of foreign customers get sanctioned for actively seeking or anything else like that, why? Because its too difficult to do in the 10 minutes tops that we have with a customer. There is not enough support in my opinion for the unskilled person. nowadays you need pc skills, online cv, a licence for this, a certificate for that. Do you know you now need a certificate to be a cleaner???. Where do the unskilled start if thats the case?. its a bad circle that will not be broken until we treat people like individuals and not all as collectives.”


Interview with a Job Centre Advisor: sanction targets & corruption revealed.

Yet more DWP illegality – the DWP is built on Lies

Anyone who reads my blogs will be fully aware of the petition to hold IDS accountable for his Lies; Debbie Sayers & I are currently seeking a new date to formally submit this to Parliament.

This blog Yet more DWP illegality. from the excellent Skwawkbox, demonstrates how such Lies & Untruths seem to form the backbone of the DWP…

I’m tempted to call the DWP a maverick department. But that would be inaccurate. A maverick disregards the opinion and conventions of his/her peers, but the banditry of the DWP is entirely in line with the malevolence of the rest of the government toward any whom it considers lacking, or simply vulnerable to attack.

Over a year later, govt STILL hiding Leveson coaching and costs

MORE TORY LIES, this time from the Cabinet Office –

“Over a year ago, the CO withheld the information about preparation for testimony on the basis that it would be published once the first phase of the inquiry was completed – which more than 8 months ago…Whatever the details, this information must be deeply incriminating indeed for the Cabinet Office to go to such lengths of deceit, dissembling and evasion to – not to mention breaking the law about Freedom of Information requests – to keep it out of the public view”

Read more Over a year later, govt STILL hiding Leveson coaching and costs.

International recognition of what we always knew: ‘inherited mess’ = myth

Along with many others I’ve written often about the raft of Tory Lies, here there is independent evidence of Osborne’s rationale for the ongoing Economic Cuts to the Economy and perhaps more importantly “The ‘inherited mess’ – that most worn-out of Tory accusations against the Labour party – is a complete myth.

Here is the latest post by The SKWAWKBOX International recognition of what we always knew: ‘inherited mess’ = myth.


DWP: fake psych ‘test’ training given by unqualified ‘experts’

Have you been disturbed by the DWP using fake psychometric testing on people claiming Job Seekers Allowance?

If like me you find the saga distressing and disturbing read this –WP: fake psych ‘test’ training given by unqualified ‘experts’. another blinder from Swawkbox

Just when will this Government stop Lying to us and treating unemployed people and other benefits claimants as if we’re the one’s repeatedly telling untruths???

A Tory Success? – Real Poverty in the UK 2013!

I like most people I know was stunned by the latest revelation to come out of the mouth of Lord Fraud (Freud), denying any links between the scathing Cuts of Welfare Reform & the meteorological rise in the use of Foodbanks.

My thoughts & feelings on this vile man and his opinions, seemingly shared by the whole Tory Party are brilliantly described in this blog by Skwawkbox, Freud: Foodbank dunce – or devil?.

And if you still aren’t convinced by the argument there always Tesco’s own survey which finds “18% of people in the UK have suffered from some form of food poverty, including skipping meals” posted in the latest  Tom Pride blog aptly named “Third-World Britain” 

What terrifies me is attitudes and behaviour such as this by Freud have become commonplace; and the people forced to experience this debasement seem to have become literally petrified.

I can only hope that another favourite blogger is correct as she asserts people “in mercifully growing numbers, rail loudly in physical and etheric throngs, against all manner of Common and localised injustices” ; I so hope you’re as spot on as usual Juli.

Jarman: Leeds worst CHU in England! (Except for some others)

I don’t blog on the NHS, not because I don’t care – I DO I rely upon it but, because other bloggers know far more than I ever will about the Politics of it.

That said here’s one of the best, a real must READ if you want to see just what’s going on behind the scenes…

The BBC long ago abandoned any pretence of impartiality on the NHS, instead contributing with gusto to the disinformation on issues like the A&E crisis, or even virtually ignoring major stories like the almost unanimous condemnation of the then-NHS bill (now Health and Social Care Act) or the astonishing march of 51,000 peoplethrough the streets of Stafford in support of their wrongly-maligned and now-threatened hospital.

And so it continued with Friday’s ridiculous article on children’s heart surgery at Leeds General Infirmary (LGI), which quoted Professor Brian Jarman..

Full article  Jarman: Leeds worst CHU in England! (Except for some others).