Excuse Us, Mr Osborne; Public Assets are NOT Private Handouts

My last post concerned the rationale for Osborne continuing to slash the Welfare Budget whilst giving £93BILLION in Corporate Handouts; at the same time I also started a new petition on Change.Org  demanding the Chancellor STOP this practice.

Yesterday the man responsible for managing the nations money justified the sale of RBS at an initial loss of a further £1Billion and Today the Independent demonstrates how “Osborne wants to sell more public assets in 12 months than Britain has in last 20 years!

Basically if WE the people continue to do nothing the current Chancellor will make sure every Public asset will soon be in one of his buddies private bank account; Is THIS what YOU want?

If NOT join me in demanding these Private Handouts STOP NOW, and the money reinvested in Public Service


Martin Rowson from Guardian 07/08/15

Martin Rowson from Guardian 07/08/15

#PublicAssetsFORPublicServices  #NOtoPrivateWelfare


Weasels From the Amazing @juxtaposed – Enjoy

Half a ton of faecal advice
Half a ton of Sméagol
That’s the way the government goes
Outcrop of weasels

Fast and fat the parasites grow
Addicts love the treacle
That’s the way the hosts are betrayed
Blank cheque for weevils

In and out Conservatives rush
Sleight-of-hand and bluster
That’s the way the blue army goes
Tricks of a hustler

All along the concubine road
Turncoats lie spread-eagled
That’s the way the Lib Demmers go
Pimped and enfeebled

Here and there a ‘socialist’ squeaks
Scared of its own shadow
That’s the way the half-hearted play
Pop! goes an M. O.

Round and down the plug hole we go
Alice found a needle
That’s the way the money goes
Drained from the People

Everything the idiots bring
Is tainted, spun and crafted
That’s the way the weasels prey
Pop! we are shafted.


The REAL Agenda behind Benefit Fraud Campaigns – With Spending -UPDATE

In my original post on the topic I argued that given the DWP admit “It is only a small minority who commit fraud“ Freud 03/01/2014; so surely these campaigns, which given the fairly constant level of estimated fraud don’t work, seem to be a case of overkill? That is unless you take a slightly more cynical view of the whole situation – If the Government was truly concerned with fraud,  wouldn’t a different, more efficiently way of managing it, have been designed by now; and, wouldn’t we have actual statistics, rather than than over 8 years of  ’around £1 billion’  estimates??

I also discussed how much the DWP had spent on these campaigns over the past 3+ years, and how much the budget for this latest reinvention is; I’ve now received a reply to my FOI request :

Expenditure for campaigns                                       Year Campaign Total amount

2010/11 Targeting Benefit Thieves                                                     £26,118
2011/12 Targeting Benefit Thieves                                                     £82, 605
2012/13 none                                                                                      Nil
2013/14 Benefits. Are you doing the right thing?                                £188,003  (forecast only)

So from the FOI we presume in the past 3 years the coalition have spent £296,726?

Well No! The February edition of Touchbase the DWP Newsletter for ‘advisers, intermediaries and other professionals’ has this announcement “The Government has announced the launch of a single fraud investigation service (SFIS), to tackle all welfare benefit fraud…  investing an extra £140 million to deliver savings of over £2.3 billion by cutting the amount of money that is loss through fraud, error and debt”.

This is on top of the current forecast of £188,003, as the DWP was expressly clear this amount was for the “Are you doing the right thing” campaign only! Which, in REAL terms means an extra £140,000 over 18 months (Oct 16 -Mar 16)

This is a huge amount of money from a Government who persistently tell us, we as a nation are broke; so remember when you read in the press or the  internet, hear on the radio or watch on TV how this is to SAVE £1 billion ‘lost’ in the past year because other people are ‘cheating Stop & Think –  might this the is the same £1 billion that’s been lost for the past 8 years or more??

CHECK OUT the latest Data from ilegal.org  ‘Fit for work or fit to drop’, Over quarter of a million deaths relating to sickness benefit claims?

Oh Dear Rachel Reeves – You Got it Badly Wrong!!

So the new Labour Shadow Minister for Work & Pensions, Ms Rachel Reeves MP, turned to the Observer for her first interview in her new role; and in 822 words she managed to infuriate countless people!

There are already two excellent blogs outlining just what was wrong with Ms Reeves announcement of Labours approach to Welfare – ‘Dear Rachel Reeves‘ from Paul Bernal & ‘Sort out the tax dodgers‘ from Vox Political, and I encourage you to read both if you haven’t already; their excellent respective arguments focus on challenging the message & the content of the interview & I agree with both.

For me though the last paragraph of the interview was a direct quote – “I think it is right that those people who are in work do not feel that those who aren’t in work are getting something that they couldn’t dream of getting” and it is this that I want to challenge. I and others have spent the past year + fighting to get the truth about welfare into the public domain and it is this and other challenges that have led to IDS stating his words are true because he ‘Believes them‘; well this belief is not good enough, particularly when official statistics and real life examples prove it to be completely Wrong.

For the Shadow Minister for Work & Pension to start her new role stating she “thinks” that employed peoples “feelings” are being hurt is fine; but not when this ‘Thought’ will define Policy, Policies which will then continue to create homelessness, immoral benefit sanctions and death.

Labour Policies, as should all such papers, be determined according to fact.fact borne out be genuine research & statistics and reflecting real life needs.

If you agree with this I urge you to contact Rachel Reeves MP via

email rachel.reeves.mp@parliament.uk;

Twitter @RachelReevesMP

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/rachelreeves10

or telephone 020 7219 7097 asking for the office of  Rachel Reeves MP

and tell her WHY it is WRONG to plan Labour Policy according to Tory Policy

Tory Lord Promoting Sham Employment??

Are the Tories so desperate to kill off those of us the DWP begrudgingly has been forced to concede are ‘Unfit for work’, ‘Unlikely to work in the near future’ & therefore are in the ‘Support Group’ for ESA; by tempting us to sign up to something that could technically put us in breach of our benefit ?

I’m one of the fortunate who successfully fought to be placed in the Support Group, so imagine my amazement when today I received a Direct Message on Twitter from a Conservative Lord –

Direct messages › with Sir Peter Bottomley



Curiosity overcoming me I clinked the link to find Sir Peter was personally recommending I pay to work from home?!

Indignant I decided to take a look at this ‘opportunity’; it seems I’m being invited to pay to participate in a scheme that actually guarantees me Nothing in return.

By becoming a member I would be agreeing to “For a limited time only, the cost of this product is $97.00 ( usual price $299.95 ) and every 32 days thereafter you will be billed the member’s only price of $9.95 for the monthly use.”  I suppose this seems a small amount to “basically make $6,000-$8,000 a month online”; and yet once I read the Earnings Disclaimer I noted “We cannot guarantee your future results and predict your future success. There are some unknown risks in as with any new business venture that COULD AFFECT YOUR RESULTS“. What a Surprise!

I suppose to a Conservative Lord and MP $97.00 is nothing but £60.68 is more than half I receive to keep 2 people, fed, housed, clothed and alive for a week; and this is with NO guarantee of a return. Further if I did elect to risk this money, surely I’m deciding I’m ‘Fit’ for work and therefore am no longer entitled to ESA??

I want to know, Why would a Member of Parliament be actively promoting a scheme to lose money & Why would a Lord of the Land be suggesting I put myself at risk of either losing my benefit or committing benefit fraud?

I thought I’d ask Sir Peter the question above, but apparently I wasn’t allowed to reply because he doesn’t follow me on Twitter; so I  tweeted “@PBottomleyMP Why are you sending direct messages to links for bogus employment?

Having little faith in getting a reply I also emailed him- Yesterday I received a Direct Message from you on Twitter…The link is a self employment working at home opportunity that requires me to pay $99.00 upfront to be guaranteed Zero return. Why are you promoting such?

I imagine I will receive many excuses and apologies for what will be called ‘an error’ and I’ll update any replies I do receive but, for me the real question is Someone physically used Sir Peter’s Twitter account to send this message and I want to know who is was and why they think sending bogus employment opportunities to people in severe poverty is a good idea??

International recognition of what we always knew: ‘inherited mess’ = myth

Along with many others I’ve written often about the raft of Tory Lies, here there is independent evidence of Osborne’s rationale for the ongoing Economic Cuts to the Economy and perhaps more importantly “The ‘inherited mess’ – that most worn-out of Tory accusations against the Labour party – is a complete myth.

Here is the latest post by The SKWAWKBOX International recognition of what we always knew: ‘inherited mess’ = myth.


A Tory Success? – Real Poverty in the UK 2013!

I like most people I know was stunned by the latest revelation to come out of the mouth of Lord Fraud (Freud), denying any links between the scathing Cuts of Welfare Reform & the meteorological rise in the use of Foodbanks.

My thoughts & feelings on this vile man and his opinions, seemingly shared by the whole Tory Party are brilliantly described in this blog by Skwawkbox, Freud: Foodbank dunce – or devil?.

And if you still aren’t convinced by the argument there always Tesco’s own survey which finds “18% of people in the UK have suffered from some form of food poverty, including skipping meals” posted in the latest  Tom Pride blog aptly named “Third-World Britain” 

What terrifies me is attitudes and behaviour such as this by Freud have become commonplace; and the people forced to experience this debasement seem to have become literally petrified.

I can only hope that another favourite blogger is correct as she asserts people “in mercifully growing numbers, rail loudly in physical and etheric throngs, against all manner of Common and localised injustices” ; I so hope you’re as spot on as usual Juli.

Austerity still won’t work in 2020: Stop the madness now

“If austerity isn’t working, why is George Osborne setting budgets until 2020, way beyond the term of parliament, and without an overall majority. By what democratic right does he seek to do this. It is about time politicians started listening to the People. It is, aver all, the people who are EMPLOYING them, not the other way around“…

Read the whole amazing article –Austerity still won’t work in 2020: Stop the madness now.

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