#Housebound #ESA and Surviving #Coronavirus

I am one of an unknown number of people unable to leave their home for much or all of the time; I live with a number of Chronic conditions all of which mean I function on a High dose of Medication.
This is a person post outlining the problems I, along with doubtless many many others, are facing during the Corvid19 Crisis.
Before I begin I do want to say how very pleased I am to see self employed people and those who’s jobs are at risk, supported £ during this time.
However, I’m also Very Concerned for the number of #Sick & #Disabled people Surviving on #ESA, and maybe #PIP. Firstly lets look at Food & Household Essentials; how the Heck are we supposed to manage the Increase in aforementioned goods AND How are we Even supposed to Access the #Essentials??
The Supermarkets are talking well, with special shopping hours for Vulnerable people but; what use is that to those of us unable to get to these venues?
It has just taken me over half an hour to desperately struggle to unload my delivered shopping from the crates stacked on my doorstep, into my hall, all the while feeling the need to apologise to the delivery driver who stood watching.  I then grappled with the transfer of goods to my kitchen;  and then of course I had to put it away. Usually the drivers bring my goods into the kitchen and help me unload onto the worksurfaces meaning I do not have to bend; and with osteoarthritis of the spine, This is an Amazing help.
All the above took place without me receiving over 50% of my order, including potatoes, bread and mince; all of which were supposedly available last night?! So now I have to go over another week without basics before another delivery slot is available!
Is it too much for supermarkets to consider not only providing shopping Times for #Vulnerable people, to line up their online shopping sites with their stock and Prioritise #Basics for housebound Shoppers?
I am actually fortunate at the minute as my daughter, who is also disabled,  is braving the virus to help me and my 90 year old mum; but not everyone is as lucky.
The second issue is medication & Pain support, I have only recently been forced to wait for a week without one lot of my meds; and the withdrawal was sheer torment. The virus is causing problems with both accessing and delivering essential medication to us housebound folk and I am hearing NO support form the government for this. Further my appointment for steroid injections next week has been cancelled; I do accept this might seem petty to those who do not Exist in Chronic pain but, I assure you it is not. These injections are the ONLY respite I get; once a year,  for a while, I live without the feeling of constantly being stabbed in my neck.
I do get this is not a priority over those who are fighting to survive Coronavirus but they are one of lifelines.
Lastly for today the problem is surviving the issues my Mental Health problems are causing during isolation; like everyone else I’m inundated with often contradictory tales of what we should or should not do to manage the virus. Personally my chronic depression is really playing the ‘what is the point of life’ game; and the problems outlined above, along with the worries of financially coping are causing these thoughts to blow up expedientially.
I am turning to online learning, You Tube, and my lifesaving Kindle for ways to distract both the news and my inner voices.
If anyone is experiencing similar issues to me, and fancies setting up an online campaign about the problems of disabled, housebound people, or wants to sound off Please leave me a comment; a like minded bunch of people online is just what I need right now
Hoping you ALL Stay Safe and As Well as possible xx

9 thoughts on “#Housebound #ESA and Surviving #Coronavirus

  1. I absolutely can relate to every word. I have been housebound for two years. I feel for those who are now definitely going to experience what we go through. There will i am afraid be many lessons learned by the selfish and greedy. My solice but not my wish x Take great care of yourself Jayne xx

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  2. Hi Jayne
    I’m in! We are amongst the #forgotton. My Mister is currently doing my shopping while social distancing and so I have him while he’s well my #homecare had been slashed by over half as the agency are short of carers so he’s helping fill the gap there too. If he goes down and we’re both #selfisolating we will struggle as I won’t have care as they don’t have full #PPE. I have family but most of them have a health issue that is making them vulnerable to #covid19 too. I just hope if we all get it it happens at different times so we can at least support each other by dropping off shipping etc. The medicine situation worries me as pregabalin withdrawal is seriously bloody nasty and as I also have a bad neck I can imagine how your injections are a blessed relief and the thought of going without is affecting your mental well-being.

    I believe #disabled people #familycarers as well as #agencyhomecarers and #P.A’s paid for by #directpayments have been forgotten about. As a #familycarer there’s no special time for my other half to shop that allows for a little distance from others thus keeping him safe for me and by extension, keeping my home carers safe. I’m considering online shopping but having pretty full-on food intolerances (due to the cuts my GP surgery had cut down on testing so I was just told to avoid so if at any point I need to prove my need for dairy and gluten free food I can’t) I’m concerned about what will be available without someone I trust checking labels. Again, it will seem like a tiny thing to some in the greater scheme of things but if I’m ill from eating food I shouldn’t that impacts on my asthma and inflammatory reactions in my body that puts me at more risks from complications.

    The one advantage for me is I’ve spent 8 years as an almost constant shut in, for 2 years before that occasionally going out. I’ve been only going out for appointments and very special occasions. I can count my social interactions out of the house each year on two hands with fingers spare so I’m an expert at this. There are so many free courses online- languages, programming, cookery, crafts, anything you can think of. I’ve got a back log of Kindle books, and plenty of crafty supplies so that side of things is ok. I’ve done my own physio and exercise for years as way back I did an injury diagnosis & rehabilitation course for work so that too is a check. I’m clearly luckier than some I’m that respect. Fatigue also means that I am only need amuse myself for short bursts. I have Mister and hound too so I have to look at and appreciate the good things. I’m lucky I don’t have a #mentalillness as I can see how this virus worry would seriously exacerbate that. I’ve texted friends to say I can chat on the phone if they need me.
    Take care Jayne and everyone. Blogs like this will help people so much keep connecting with each other xxx

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