Whilst the Media Focuses on Private Renting Who Cares about #Social Tenants


“Between 2010 to 2018 median rent increases in England were social landlords 50% more than inflation and private landlords 12% less than inflation – facts that are undeniable yet run contrary to typical housing commentary which ignores these facts.”

Joe Halewood 

Social rents increase 70% more than private ones … but Who Cares?

One thought on “Whilst the Media Focuses on Private Renting Who Cares about #Social Tenants

  1. These Neo-Liberal politicians are clones busy converting society into a malleable mass ready do their bidding for little reward, because they are made to feel worthless.

    The problem is this a global agenda which most have not yet recognised, and working people everywhere are experiencing the same downward pressures, but with dangerous implications, which manifested in the conditions that created the second world war. Only the perpetrators think they are well insulated from the effects of their own agenda.

    Professor Mark Blyth puts this into context while explaining how Greece was treated by the EU and exposes the same agenda in Europe.


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