Together these Women Changed their Childrens World

This week we have witnessed a real example of the type of #Activism necessary to challenge the past decade of #Discrimination.  The group of mums who decided they were not going to tolerate their children been cut off from each other have shown us what it takes to create Change – Inclusion & Collaboration.

The story only broke this Tuesday with The Guardian’s ‘Too poor to play ‘  an article outlining how developer Henley Homes had literally isolated the children from playing in the ‘Home Owner Playground’.  In the following 4 days the mums, and I’m not assuming dads too, came together for the Rights for the children to mix and the barrier was literally opened.

These women have demonstrated in the best possible way of HOW to really make a difference; you come together forgetting all of your differences because the Goal is more important and you CAN create the Change you desire.

I am fully aware this may seem simplistic when comparing privet to Brexit,  #Disabled People Dying or ChildPoverty, or indeed any of the myriad if issues we survive today; and yet the basic principles remain the same.

I hope this example of True political engagement gives us something to hang on to when we despair and thin our Single Voice can not make a Difference – It Can and it Does

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