Revealed: The next bill for the over 40s: Your social care tax

As David Henke says this suggestion was scribed by someone earning at LEAST £77.000 pa AND…
“they completely ignored the plight of 3.9 million 50s women. – many being forced to work for up to six years – and would now have to pay extra insurance or tax just at the point when they find it difficult to get a highly paid job.”

Westminster Confidential

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Without huge coverage MPs from two influential Parliamentary committees yesterday proposed a new tax system to pay for the burgeoning cost of social care.

The proposal could mean a new hike in national insurance contributions, some redistribution of money going to fund your local council, higher council, inheritance and income tax  and/or abolishing some of the existing universal pension benefits, like the heating allowance or cutting future state pension rises.

Significantly it includes making existing pensioners pay more tax particularly if they are still supplementing their pension by working.

This makes this the first serious policy proposal to deliberately tax people differently depending on their age – and exempting the millennials  at the expense of the elderly. In that it feeds into the current  and my view misconceived debate that millennials are being robbed by wealthy pensioners and the system must be changed…

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One thought on “Revealed: The next bill for the over 40s: Your social care tax

  1. after years of tory underfunding and cuts with trusts regurlarly being told they have to cut back there budgets by tory ministers while at the same time have a shortage of trained professionals, as well as the government flagship dwp centre for excellence medical cure facility which has put more people back into using services than any illness know, where does the problem lie neglect and negligence on the tory part or is it the people fault, when the tory creates a issue where people are not getting five a day because they rely on foodbanks, when the tory cuts free school meals for families with over 7k in money, when the tory plumbs money into third sector companies like Carrilllion, gives free dosh for negligence to companies like c/a and m to receive sub standard work that is not fit for purpose and has cost million if not billions to the taxpayer and the nhs, there a 70th anniversary for the NHS, that should be good thing to go to, however with the tory making such amess of the country will it be a 71st anniversary of the NHS or are we going to be faced with the new tory method of diagnosis, you can make a cup of coffee, your allright, you can load a front loading washing machine your okay, so what can we do, well let’s sell of the house of parliaments booze collection, get rid of there subsidies food and booze as well, overhaul attendance allowance ie not turning up in a taxi then leaving claiming attendance allowance, no second homes, houses owned by a separate body and rented out to mp’s they can also house share, travel, easyjet, Ryanair, no more first class, hotels, easy hotel or travellodge, not some five start fiddle, expenses in line with real world, taxation for big business, did someone mention panama and stop giving money to banks and financial institutions or greedy motor companies.get rid of incompetent mp’s now there a saving in itself and have a proper lord’s system not someone who can cut someone hair

    wow look at the saving or is that to complicated for even a tory to see, it to complicated, can someone supply pictures


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