A Disabled #Hostile #Environment

There is an excellent article in todays Guardian wherein Martin Forde QC states #Windrush victims “should be compensated for the devastating psychological impact of missing funerals and relationships collapsing…who lost their jobs or homes, or were detained or deported “; further he says he needs to determine “what the impact has been – psychological and financial.”

I totally agree with this and I believe this thinking needs to be expanded to all victims of the ‘Hostile Environment’ created by Tory ideology, and for me this has to include Disabled people. I’m not going to try and compile a list of the multitude ways we have been subjected to attitudes and policies, which have impacted upon us both psychologically  and financially. We all have stories of the torment we personally have experienced and we all have felt the sorrow when so many disabled people paid the ultimate price, with their lives.

I tweeted this belief earlier this morning and the following reply from  sums up how I feel:

Working with disabled people I can confirm the ‘hostile environment’ is not just reserved for immigrants. Right from 2010 the language used was offensive (remember they began by equating benefits with drug & alcohol abuse) and the DWP became politicised as an ideological weapon.”

Because of this I constantly find myself searching for the one experience, article or project which would ignite a public response strong enough for the Government to seem to be “they are very, very anxious to be seen to be sympathetic” to our cause?


7 thoughts on “A Disabled #Hostile #Environment

  1. I was attacked on Facebook by a Troll. She blamed my illness on Alcohol. How she knew I was ill is a mystery and my illness was what I was born with which in turn, with the help of a Cox 2, caused HOCM . I had to block her she was absolutely vile! I encountered her on the United page during the first voting in of Len, from 2010.


    • Sorry to read this, our fellow humans are often quite despicable; I often wonder if their are not differing species within our race. People like her need jailing.
      I hope it hasn’t damaged you too much x


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