Equal opportunity, the eradication of the poor and cold blooded vengeance

This is another important piece from @KeithCameron5 , if Equality, in an issue that interest you this is a must read; as Keith says

I am beyond caring that the system is rigged against us, that’s a given, it is time for doing something about the rage that accumulates and rips away at us and to remember that revenge is a dish best served cold, exacted with cold blooded intent.”

Equal opportunity (in a pigs ear), the eradication of the poor and cold blooded vengeance

7 thoughts on “Equal opportunity, the eradication of the poor and cold blooded vengeance

    • Thanks for the ‘Like’ mate but it really needs sharing. I’ve been pushing out important information for years but most people find it’s too close to the bone or are literally too scared to share it.

      My view is that I won’t survive this government I have experienced everything talked about in this article and have struggled to put what I knew to be true into words then serendipitously came across this yesterday. I felt physically sick because many of us fighting to educate people to the truth and I’d found information that exactly put in words what I’ve understood for some time.

      Someone asked me recently if I wasn’t afraid to put out the information I do, that there could be consequences and I had to tell them ‘They’re already trying to kill me and there doing it in so many ways and from so many angles most days I don’t know if I’m on my arse or my elbow. Some people are beyond angry but are afraid, retreat and give in. I’m somewhere in the middle ‘I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore’ if they’re going to kill me anyway I have nothing to lose but maybe before they do I’ll have woken some people up. It’s part of humanities fight or flight response to danger.

      Many have been mentally, physically and emotionally locked down too afraid to put their heads above the parapet incase they’re seen and they will be targeted many know they are watched on facebook, twitter and other social media by DWP I’ve seen people lose their benefits entirely based on the fact they were able to spend hours on fb meaning they can type and concentrate so are fit to work which is part of the policy of fear. So I share on both my twitter and fb timelines and share as I have today anywhere I think someone will see and share too. Thanks for the like it’s proof that this is being seen


      • Hi Liz, have shared your post again to both Twitter & FB, I share your concerns with personal survival as you’ll possibly have read here. Any time you want to use this platform to share your work I’m more than happy to do what I can. All very best xx


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